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Here’s Why Every Bride Needs a Ring Keeper – Six Activities that Can Cause Premature Wear and Tear on Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Engagement Ring Keeper

Your engagement ring and wedding band are significant symbols you carry with you from your special wedding day.

Whether you’ve spent years dreaming about the perfect engagement ring, or your spouse surprised you with the rock, you have it and you want to show it off! 

However, now that you have this permanent symbol fixed to your finger, it is important that you keep it safe, sparkling and in perfect condition. 

Why Every Bride Needs a Ring Keeper - Six Activities that Can Cause Wear and Tear on Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Life is busy! Few people realize that their everyday activities can damage their wedding and engagement rings.  It is important that you know what types of activities can cause daily wear and tear on these sentimental pieces and how you can protect them. 

From affordable brass to precious platinum, rings are made from a range of different metals.  Each type of metal has its advantages and disadvantages.  Gold and silver are very malleable and are commonly used in the making of wedding rings.  Ring makers will often combine them with other metals to help make rings more durable; however, abrupt impacts or bumps over time can cause them to deform.

While the diamond is the world’s hardest mineral it is still vulnerable to damage, just like many other gemstones used in rings. Damage to gemstones is often caused by a series of dings, scratches, chips, and snags.

Purchasing insurance and taking your ring in for routine maintenance (cleaning and inspection) at the jeweler are two important steps to ring care. However, there are many times throughout the day when you should consider removing your rings and storing them safely.  Below are some daily activities where you should consider removing your rings. 

Wedding Band Keeper


Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. If your exercise routine involves lifting weights, joining a spin, yoga or Pilates class, going for a jog, hike or bike ride, or enjoying a sweat session on cardio equipment, your salty sweat and the equipment you are using can all cause damage to your rings. 

Playing Sports:

Playing both team and individual sports often involve the use of equipment.  Even though our wedding rings might be hidden in protective gear, like a baseball glove, abrupt or continuous blows from balls, clubs, sticks and rackets can cause sudden changes in the shape of our rings or deformity over time. 

In the water:

Whether you love the beach, enjoy the pool, or like to relax in a hot tub, your rings do not like to be exposed to saltwater or chemicals. These can be harsh and cause discoloring, dulling, tarnishing, and may even cause the metals to breakdown over time.  The cooler water in oceans, lakes and pools can also cause the blood vessels below our skin to shrink, causing rings to easily slip off in the water without us even knowing.

When applying products:

All of the lotions and potions we apply to our bodies can get stuck in the crevices and prongs of rings making them hard to clean. The leftover film increases the chance that dirt and other particles will collect. Products can also build up under stone settings causing them to loosen over time.  Whether you are putting on lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, or other sticky substances that can coat or build up on your ring, consider removing your ring first.


Most of the cleaning products, solutions, and chemicals we use to perform daily chores can be very harsh on our rings. These substances can cause rings to dull, weaken, or crack as they break down the metals and finishes. Cleaning activities can also cause us to knock our rings up against porcelain toilets and tubs, snag them on household furniture, or scratch them on dishes.


If you have a green thumb and love to get your hands dirty in the garden, it is important to remove your rings. Dirt, sand, rocks, clay pots, and common gardening tools can cause serious abrasions to your rings. Small particles can get stuck between the prongs or in the crevices causing further damage. 

So, where exactly is the best place to store your rings when you need to remove them? If you are at home, you should put them in a cloth lined dish or the box that they came in. But, what about when you are not in the comfort of your own home?

wedding ring protection

We often find ourselves needing to remove our rings when we are on the go! This could be while at the gym, on the volleyball court, at the spa, at work, before a round of golf, or while sanitizing our hands at the mall.

Our usual methods of tossing these sentimental pieces into the bottoms of our purses or beach bags, our wallets or change purse, or even our pockets, can often result in heartbreak and worry as our jewels get lost in the black hole within, or even worse, they go missing all together. 

We want to wear our rings when we are out and about. We want to show them off when we can and if we are leaving them at home, what is the point of having them?

The Ring Keeper

If you are looking for the best way to stash your rings when you are on the go, you need to check out the Ring Keeper! It is the easiest, most compact and beautiful way to keep your rings safe when you need to remove them.

best way to stash your engagement rings

The Ring Keeper is a leather, zippered mini-case (only 4cm in diameter) that features an anti-tarnish fabric lining and two elasticated internal pockets that keep your rings safe from being scratched, pulled, or otherwise damaged. The lobster clasp secures your Ring Keeper to your purse, keys, belt loops, or backpacks so your precious finery is never hard to find.

If you want to keep your rings safe, sparkling and in perfect condition, you need one of these beauties!  Take a peek here to see the colour options and order yours today!

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