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Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Types And How To Choose The Most Fitting One

Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Types And How To Choose The Most Fitting One

Long after the day of your wedding, your engagement ring will be a continuous reminder of your relationship. If you’re looking for an engagement ring for yourself or your fiancé-to-be, it is recommended that you choose a design that complements your style. We will guide you through the different ring types and help you select the perfect one.

Engagement Ring Types

Choosing the right engagement ring for your fiancé-to-be might be difficult with hundreds of various materials, styles, and center stone combinations. While some styles come and go, the essential aspect of any engagement ring is that it compliments and fits your unique style. Below are some of the most popular engagement rings you can choose from.

Solitaire Rings

A solitaire engagement ring is an excellent option if you want your fiancé-to-be to have something captivating, elegant, and stunningly simple.  The single diamond is the show’s star with this type of ring, which can come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular solitaire shapes are round, princess, and emerald, but you can choose any form you think your fiancé will love.

The great thing about solitaire rings is that they are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit. A solitaire ring is definitely the way to go if you want something that will really stand out. 

Solitaire engagement rings are the most economical since they do not include pavé or channel-set stones. Therefore, this would be the best ring for you if you are on a budget.

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Halo Rings

A halo ring is surrounded by a circle of tiny, often round diamonds. It’s a modern take on a classic style, and it looks great on everyone. If you’re looking for a unique and classic engagement ring, a halo ring is a perfect choice. This circle of diamonds and other stones draws attention to the focal stone while making it look bigger and brighter. 

The halo set offers a classic and beautiful appearance. A halo ring is perfect if you’re looking for an engagement ring with a bit of extra sparkle.

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Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé engagement rings are named after the French word for “paved,” which is fitting because they are covered in tiny diamonds.  If you’re looking for an engagement ring with many sparkles, a pavé ring is a perfect choice.

Pavé engagement rings have one or more columns of pavé diamonds – tiny diamonds placed on the ring’s base. The pavé diamonds are usually set in a metal band and can be made with any gemstone. 

Pavé engagement rings are available in many styles, from classic to modern. The most popular pavé setting is the half-pavé, when the pavé diamonds cover half of the band. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can also find pavé engagement rings with different shaped pavé diamonds, like square or rectangular.

Pavé engagement rings are perfect for those who want a little extra sparkle and glamour. The pavé setting is also very versatile so that it can be used with any gemstone.

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These little diamonds can draw attention to the central stone and offer the ring a much more beautiful, traditional look.

Channel-Set Rings

A channel-set engagement ring has a line of diamonds set into the band, similar to a pavé ring. The difference is that the diamonds in a channel setting are held in place by metal channels on either side of the diamond band. This creates a smooth, sleek look perfect for the modern bride.

The channel setting is secure, so you don’t have to worry about your diamonds falling out. However, diamonds in a channel setting can be challenging to clean, so you’ll need to take extra care of your ring.

If you’re looking for a classic engagement ring with a modern twist, a channel-set call is a perfect choice.

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Three-Stone Rings

A three-stone engagement ring features three diamonds, usually of different sizes.  The stones are typically set side by side in a line but can also be nestled in or elevated above the band. Three-stone rings are popular because they symbolize the couple’s past, present, and future. They can also be a beautiful way to incorporate family diamonds into the ring.

When choosing a three-stone ring, it’s essential to consider the size and shape of the center stone. The center stone is typically the ring’s largest and most prominent diamond. It should be proportionate to your fiancée’s finger and taste. The side stones should complement the center stone and balance the overall look of the ring.

Consider a ring with diamond accents if you’re looking for a three-stone engagement ring with a bit more sparkle. Diamond accents are small diamonds that are pave-set (or flush-set) into the metal around the center stone and side stones. They add extra brilliance and can make the ring look more extensive and more glamorous.

How To Choose The Most Fitting Ring

There are so many ring types, and they all look like precious gems, making it quite challenging to find that particular ring for your loved one. Because engagement rings come in multiple popular ring types, you must take your time shopping around. So, to make your life easy, try to keep the following suggestions in mind to pick the most fitting ring for your finger:

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Finger Area

When comparing rings, weigh the width and length of your finger and the total size of your hand. If your fingers are thinner, picking a more delicate ring might be a good idea. And if you have large knuckles, you might want to go with a chunkier design that will fit more comfortably over them.

Band Width and Size

The band makes the ring wearable, so you’ll want to ensure it’s comfortable. The average width of an engagement ring band is 2.2-2.5mm, but some women prefer a narrower band while others prefer a wider band. 

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If you have small hands, you may want to choose a narrower band so the ring doesn’t look overwhelming on your finger.  If you have large hands, you may want to choose a wider band, so the call looks proportional.

Setting Style of the Main Stone

Next, you’ll need to decide on the setting style. The most popular setting styles are prong and bezel.

Prong settings are the most common setting style for engagement rings. They are also the most versatile, as they can accommodate any size or shape of a gemstone. 

They are simple and elegant, allowing the diamonds to sit close to the fingers, making them look bigger. There are usually four or six prongs holding the center stone and two or four prongs holding the side stones.

Bezel settings are growing in popularity as they offer a more modern look. In a bezel setting, the metal band wraps around the gemstone, holding it in place. 

Bezel settings can be made with any gemstone, but they are especially well-suited for oval and Marquise-shaped diamonds. They are also a good choice for those who work with their hands, as they offer more protection for the gemstone.

Bezel settings can also make the ring more comfortable to wear, as no prongs are poking into the fingers.

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Time of Measurement Matters

Your ring finger measurements must be ideal. Warm temperature causes our fingers to expand, while cold weather causes them to shrink. Before measuring, avoid salty eating meals, drinking hot beverages, or engaging in physical activity, as these can all cause your fingers to swell. You should measure your ring size in the middle of the day. 

Pick the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring

The metal you choose for your engagement ring should complement your skin tone and wardrobe. White metals such as platinum, white gold, or silver will look best on you if you have a cooler skin tone with blue undertones. Try yellow gold or rose gold if you have a warmer skin tone with yellow undertones. 

Similarly, if you tend to wear a lot of silver jewelry, a white metal will help tie your look together. If you prefer yellow gold, go for that metal to avoid a mismatched look. You can always have your ring plated with a different colour if you change your mind later.

Some suitable metals to keep in mind are gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, and tungsten.

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Finger Type is The Key

If you have a tapering ring finger, it spreads downward toward the base, where the ring would fit the tightest, so choose a snug fit. Knotted fingers, on the other hand, have the knuckle in the center of the finger, being the broadest area, which the ring must fit over, for which you should add beads in your ring.  A petite ring finger is typically slender, with a small circumference. This type of finger looks excellent in simple bands, as they don’t need any added bulk. 

With wide fingers, you can carry off almost any style of ring.  Just be sure that the proportions are in proportion to your finger.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring makes all the difference. It is, after all, a symbol of your love and commitment. So, there is no need to rush into a decision. Instead, take your time and choose whichever ring you think will suit you or your partner the best.

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