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Long Distance Marriage: 10 Tips to Create a Strong Connection [2024]

Long Distance Marriage: 10 Tips to Create a Strong Connection

Marriage takes commitment, trust, love, communication, and fidelity to work. After getting married, you may have to spend some time away from your spouse due to work. And you may wonder if your marriage will survive the distance.

We are in a digital era, where couples can face time, eliminating the distance obstacle. Due to internet dating and work travels, long-distance relationships and marriages are rising. They say distance makes the heart fonder. Let’s look at several tips you can use in your long-distance marriage.

Spend Time Together

You forge a deeper bond with your partner by spending quality time together. And just because your spouse is not with you physically doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together.

When you are in a long-distance marriage, you should set aside time, maybe each evening, to catch up and update each other about your day. You can also set a date night once a week, mainly during the weekend, as it’s when you are both free. You can opt to have dinner virtually while you chat. Or stream the same show while talking on the phone.

The best thing is that with the introduction of apps, such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Google Meet, you don’t have to spend a dime to make international calls; you need data, which most people have installed WiFi in their homes.

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Stimulate Your Partner’s Senses

People in love live in a state of stimulation, especially if they live together. For instance, whenever your partner passes by, their scent and dress code appeal to you. And you have more chances of touching, kissing and talking.

Although your partner is not there physically, you can stimulate their senses virtually by sending a picture of yourself in lingerie and that dress he likes to see you in. You can send them an audio file with his and your favourite music. Or surprise them with food delivery from their favourite restaurant. This stimulates their senses, helping you create a stronger connection.

Sign a  Prenup

A prenup doesn’t mean you’ll end up divorcing; it’s a way of protecting your interests if both want to separate. It ensures that you won’t end up with anything. You can get a prenup after marriage or before; it’s for you to decide as a couple.

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Intimacy is a must in marriage, and you should not allow distance to put a damper on it. With technological advancements, couples can connect on a deeper level, as the internet has created avenues where they can express their sexual desires.

And with the development of new and better sex toys that help couples connect and enjoy intimacy despite the distance. Get creative with your partner, engage in phone sex, sexting, and send surprise images wearing lingeries. Apart from connecting intimately, it helps you yearn for each and look forward to your reunion.

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The challenging part about long-distance marriage is feeling like you are not part of your partner’s life. And this feeling of disconnection could lead to severe issues. 

Make your partner feel close to you despite the distance by sharing your day; even the nitty-gritty details matter. For example, tell them about what you ate for lunch and bought when shopping; you can even take them along via video call.

You can also be transparent with your partner by sharing your passwords. People tend to be so secretive about their passwords that even the phone has a passcode. Share your social media passwords and ensure you know each other’s phone passcode. When you start being secretive, you invite trouble in your marriage.

Practice Healthy Boundaries With Friends

Just because your partner isn’t around doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hang out with friends. However, you must spend this time rediscovering yourself, learning new things, and knowing who you are outside your marriage. Because only when you are whole can you make a good partner.

However, while hanging out, practice healthy boundaries with your friends and respect your partner. For instance, don’t hang out with people you wouldn’t dare if your partner were around. Also, have boundaries on what activities you can do with your friends, and ensure that they support and respect your union.

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Care Packages

In a long-distance marriage, you must keep surprising each other. Be creative, check what they don’t have in that region, and customize a care package to be sent to them. This will show them that you care and are thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; it’s the thought that counts.

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Visit Them

If your work is not as busy, you can visit them. This will allow you to see where they work and how intensive their work is, thus, helping you be more understanding. It will also give you a chance to hug, hold each other’s hands and be intimate.

Address Issues both Virtually and in Person

If you have a pressing issue, you might be tempted to keep it to yourself until your partner returns. This is unhealthy as it can make you overthink things and blow things out of proportion.

So, if you are not comfortable with something, voice it during your conversation. It might spark an argument, which might be pretty easy to solve.

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Switch up Modes of Communication

Seeing your partner on the other side of the phone is exciting and diminishes your yearning. But what about sending a letter? It’s the oldest and most romantic mode of communication between lovers. So why not send each other love notes, letters, a scrapbook full of romantic messages, or an album of your latest pictures?

Final Thoughts

Long-distance marriage takes both you and your partner’s efforts to work. Please don’t listen to people who only have negative things to say about long-distance marriages as they may affect your thinking, focus on the positives. Create time to do intimate and non-intimate stuff with your partner to fortify your bond.

Are you in a long-distance marriage? What are you doing to make it work? Share your tips and experience in the comment section.

FAQ – Long Distance Marriage

Do distance marriages succeed?

They most certainly can! A long-distance marriage may succeed like any other kind of relationship if both partners are committed to it, fight to maintain it, and sincerely care about each other’s happiness.

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Why is a long-distance relationship challenging?

A survey found that feeling disconnected from one’s spouse’s everyday life is the hardest problem long-distance spouses confront. This distance causes less intimacy, which over time weakens the bond in the partnership.

How widespread is long-distance union?

There are currently 14 million long-distance partnerships between couples. Couples are split apart by job, school, and military commitments.

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