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Buyers’ Start-To-Finish Guide To The Best Oval Engagement Rings

Buyers Start-To-Finish Guide To The Best Oval Engagement Rings

Have a fascination for oval-cut diamond rings? Planning a proposal with an oval engagement ring? We don’t blame you! In the last few years, oval diamonds have gained immense popularity because they are unique, elegant, and brilliant. 

But, how to find out if an oval diamond is real? Is there any way to buy the best oval engagement ring worth your money? 

Of course! This article will share tips to help you identify the ‘real’ oval diamond amid the fake or low-quality ones.  

Read on. 

What Is An Oval Diamond Ring? 

An oval diamond ring has a slender, elongated shape with extraordinary brilliance and fire. Their body makes them look bigger than diamonds of the same carat weight. As a result, it often makes the wearer’s finger look slimmer and more beautiful. Also, since there are no sharp edges in their shape, oval diamonds are less prone to chipping. 

Oval diamonds are ideal for those who like a rounded shape but want a center stone with more character. 

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History Of Oval Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds aren’t recent; they have been popular for centuries. Oval diamonds were first known in the 1300s. However, they were first literally described by name in the 1800s. 

In 1957, Lazare Kaplan, a Russian diamond cutter, mastered the oval cut process. He had a passion for turning rough stones into beautiful diamonds. It was his technique that significantly enhanced the brilliance of oval diamonds. It is his process that diamond cutters use to date to create oval cut stones. 

Because of their brilliance, oval diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes. 

Why Choose An Oval Diamond Ring?

Confused whether to buy a round cut or an oval cut diamond? Oval engagement rings are not just loved for their shine and classic look, but so many other reasons make them so popular. 

First things first! Oval-cut diamonds have a traditional feel with a contemporary twist. While a round stone can be seen on many fingers, an oval diamond has its personality. 

In addition, opting for an oval shape over the round-shaped diamond means your stone will appear more prominent. This means more brilliance and lustre. Even if the stone is similar to another cut in carat size, the oval diamond will look bigger physically. What else? Oval-cut diamonds are less expensive than round ones. 

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Best Settings for Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Do you know what makes oval-cut diamonds so popular? It’s their versatility! And because of this, they look fantastic in just about any setting.

The six prongs setting is the most common as it showcases the shape of the diamond. Besides, oval-cut diamonds also look good in bezel settings. Oval-shaped engagement rings with three or five stones commonly have four or six prongs for the center diamond and a bezel setting to hold the additional diamonds. 

If you want to make your oval-cut diamond ring super chic, you can design it in any setting, from side stone to vintage. Below are the best locations you can create your oval-shaped diamond ring in. 

  • Solitaire Setting – An oval-cut engagement ring designed in a solitaire setting looks classic and simple, allowing the center stone takes over the stage. A solitaire oval ring never goes out of style, whether you choose yellow rose gold or red rose. 
  • Halo Setting – An oval-cut diamond ring radiates even more in a Halo setting. It is because of the small shining diamonds surrounding the center stone. Also, regardless of the carat weight, a Halo-setting oval diamond boasts plenty of character.  
  • Pave Setting – This setting brings additional character and lustre to any oval-cut diamond. You can choose different styles of pave settings for your oval ring, ranging from solitaire-style Pave settings to twisted bands.  
  • Side-Stone Setting – Whether you choose a three-stone or multiple stone setting, the extra diamonds add elegance to the overall ring style. 

Oval-Cut Vs. Round-Shaped Diamonds 

While oval-shaped and round-cut diamonds share standard features and may look alike at first glance, they both have a lot of differences. 

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Oval-Cut Vs. Round: Shape 

A round-shaped diamond will always be ’round.’ While they may slightly differ in length to width ratio, all round-cut diamonds have either a perfect or near-perfect round shape.

On the contrary, oval-cut diamonds come in various shapes, including regular, slender, or wide. The condition varies depending on the length-to-width ratio of each diamond. 

Oval-Cut Vs. Round: Brilliance

Both oval and round-shaped diamonds have immense brilliance, with the same number of facets, which is precisely 58. 

However, a round-cut will have a slightly higher brilliance than an oval-cut (with the same carat weight). Please note that the difference will be very subtle, and both diamond shapes will offer the same brilliance and fire. 

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Oval-Cut Vs. Round: Size

Since the oval cut shape is elongated, it looks longer than its rounded counterpart. This makes an oval-shaped diamond a better option for those looking for a bigger diamond for their engagement ring

Oval-Cut Vs. Round: Price

Because of its shape, a round-shaped diamond is the most expensive cut per-carat basis. Wondering why? A round-cut body requires discarding a large amount of rough diamond during its cutting and polishing. 

On the other hand, an oval-cut diamond is comparatively affordable per carat as it uses a large amount of rough diamond. 

All in all, a round cut is nearly 40% more expensive than an oval-shaped diamond. 

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Top Considerations To Buy An Oval Cut Diamond 

One can never go wrong when buying an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. However, certain things to consider when choosing the best oval-cut diamond. 

Pen down!

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Oval-Shaped Diamond – Cut

One of the essential elements when choosing a diamond is the length-to-width ratio of the cut. This element impacts the brilliance and beauty of a stone. 

Regarding oval cut diamonds, choose the one with a ratio of 1.35-1.50. Choose a diamond on the higher end of that ratio for an oval ring with a side stone setting, making it appear a bit thinner. This is, however, not mandatory when choosing a solitaire setting for an oval-cut diamond; you can stay with a lower end of the ratio, so the shape appears a bit wider. 

Oval Cut Diamond – Cut Quality Recommendations

 ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor
Excellent Very Good GoodFairPoor
Table %Table%53-6352 or 64-6551 or 66-6850 or 69-70<50 or >70
Depth %Depth%58-6256-57.9 or 62.1-6653-55.9 or 66.1-7150-52.9 or 71.1-74<50 or >74
GirdleGirdleVery Thin – Slightly ThickVery Thin – ThickVery Thin – Very ThickExtremely Thin – Extremely Thick 
CuletCuletNoneVery SmallSmallMedium>Medium
Length/Width RatioLength/Width Ratio1.35-1.501.30-1.34 or 1.51-1.551.25-1.29 or 1.56-1.601.20-1.24 or 1.61-1.65>1.20 or <1.65

Bow Tie Effect

Another factor to consider regarding the ratio and cut of the stone is the bow tie effect. The dark or dead space stretches across the center of the fancy stone. Almost all fancy diamonds have a bow tie effect. However, the ratio and cut impact the visibility of the bowtie. 

For instance, an oval-cut diamond within the ratio of 1.35–1.50 will have a minimal bowtie effect, giving you the most brilliant diamond possible. Further, look for stones with a symmetry rating of Excellent or Very Good to get the most minor and least likely bowtie effect. 

So, make sure you don’t choose an oval diamond with a dominant bowtie effect. 

Oval-Shaped Diamond – Carat

Although it’s suggested you choose a diamond on the high-end of the clarity and colour scale, you don’t have to go overboard with the weight of the diamond. Luckily, oval-cut diamonds look more significant than other shapes—even round brilliant stones. 

A one-carat oval cut diamond has a surface area that is 10% larger than a one-carat round diamond, so it will look much bigger even though they’re the same weight. Of course, you can go for a slightly smaller carat weight without sacrificing the size, but this might mean getting that better colour and clarity for a truly stunning stone.

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Oval-Shaped Diamond – Color and Clarity

Colour and clarity are other crucial factors when choosing the best quality stones. For example, some oval-shaped diamonds may show inclusions or hints of colour more than different stone shapes, such as the round cut. Hence, you must be careful about the clarity of the oval-cut diamond you want. 

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The GIA Clarity Grades from Best To Worst

  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 – Very Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VVS2 – Very Very Small Inclusions 2
  • VS1 – Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VS2 – Very Small Inclusions 2
  • SI1 – Small Inclusions 1
  • SI2 – Small Inclusions 2
  • I1 – Inclusions 1
  • I2 – Inclusions 2

Also, to avoid slight inclusions or colour hints, consider buying a stone with an H colour grade ( or beyond) and a VS1 or higher clarity grade.

Buy The Best Oval Cut Diamond Online 

Your engagement ring is as unique as your bond; hence choose it as wisely as you choose your life partner. Consider all the above aspects when selecting an oval engagement ring; you won’t regret your decision later. 

Also, it’s easy to shop for an engagement ring nowadays, as many jewelry stores are online. However, buy your oval engagement ring online from a reliable jewelry store. Happy Shopping! 

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