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Combining Sterling Silver and Moissanite to Redefine Love in A Ring

Combining Sterling Silver and Moissanite to Redefine Love in A Ring

The last few years have shaken the world, leaving a scar on many and providing the energy to move forward. New ideas and new attitudes have replaced the traditional and staid. The old ways no longer hold sway, creating new vibes and styles essential. With jewelry, this sense is more vital than most. One of the most remarkable recent trends is combining sterling silver and moissanite to redefine the meaning of love in a ring!

As one ring to stand above them all, a moissanite sterling silver ring can be the ultimate engagement token, a special gift, or the perfect wardrobe accessory. Fusing two precious ingredients proves a narrative almost unmatched by any other metal and gem combination.

Moissanite: Sparkles Like a Diamond

This heaven-sent clear stone can battle all others and come out supreme. With physical attributes that almost match diamonds, it has class and style. 

A moissanite stone has 90% of the hardness of a natural diamond, with a Mohs score of 9.25, compared to a diamond with a score of 10. This is not the only close similarity with the refractive index (the ability of a transparent object to bend light), of being 2.42 (moissanite} and 2.65 (diamond), respectively. 

Indeed they are so similar that it is difficult to tell them apart, even using a jeweller’s loupe (eyepiece), with heating them or using electrical current being the most feasible way. 

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Cutting and Polishing

An evident and flawless stone, it can be cut, polished, and shaped in precisely the same fashion as a diamond. When polished and mounted in precious metal, it sparkles and glints like no other, making it a statement stone.

Diamond finishing tools are, however, required to finish the stones, with their hardness and other property similarities meaning available tools won’t do. Although this can add to the overall cost of a moissanite ring, it leaves some of the allure that diamonds possess with the cut stone without the moral problems diamonds have attached.

Environmental Benefits of Moissanite

Mining methods used for sourcing and recovering new diamonds present several significant environmental problems that have begun to change a new generation’s desire to own them, with many now placing higher store on moral value than financial worth.

Soil erosion. Subsidence and the destruction of water sources are probable in the underground mining process, through which most diamonds are recovered. When you add to the energy costs and the extensive carbon footprints created, substantial damage is caused to both the local ecosystem and the global environment. All the carbon offsets in the world can’t hide that mining them is unnecessary, based solely on economic considerations. 

With the advantage of being grown in a lab, Moissanite can instead provide the perfect environmental statement. Unlike other precious gems, it makes it ethical and sustainable, with the added benefit of being incredibly affordable

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Ethical Issues and How Moissanite Resolves Them

Environmental issues are troubling enough, but there are more substantial moral issues with modern-day diamond mining, subjects even those who do not share the majorities environmental concerns may blanch at!

Blood diamonds is a term you have probably heard of but may not completely understand. Most modern diamond production in the world is centred on the African continent. Unfortunately, many of the states rich in diamonds are war-torn, with the mining of diamonds becoming a central prop for financing conflicts. Each diamond brings with it the blood of future casualties.

Even if the mines are outside conflict zones, further moral questions arise. Mining in some poorer states amounts to little more than slavery the working and pay conditions are subhuman. Moissanite breaks free from the ethics involved. Without the need for a mine, it spills no blood; no labourer must go hungry. 

Sterling Silver, the Perfect Accompaniment

Having looked at the many reasons for choosing moissanite as your engagement stone, it pays to be just as attentive to the precious metal that will act as its mount. There are many choices, such as yellow gold and rose gold, but a clear stone demands a white metal, so white gold or platinum have been the go-to choices. The metal that has until recently been overlooked is sterling silver, a white metal that can provide the ideal mount.

You need a stunning precious metal to set and do justice to a beautiful gemstone. Sterling silver is clean and sharp with colouring that neither white gold nor platinum can match, is a perfect choice. Forged out of seams that run through the earth, it represents the veins of your heart and provides access to your soul. It is the perfect metal from which to build your ring.

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The Benefits of Sterling Silver

Abundant, inexpensive, and perfect, sterling silver is one of the most fashionable metals you can choose. Sterling silver is the master of being understated as it allows the moissanite set within to give off its bright brilliance without distraction from the mount. 

Environmental concerns are significant in determining consumer choice, so sterling silver is deemed the best selection of precious metal today. The world’s most heavily recycled precious metal makes it a far more sustainable option than any other.

Sterling silver’s image, availability, and price allow it freedoms you would not contemplate with other metals. Wild experimentation can be carried out with failure, not the end.

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Telling Your Love Story in a Unique Way

Born from the stars, when two objects collide, the birth of moissanite creates the ultimate love story you can complete by choosing the stone for your engagement ring. 

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First discovered in a meteor that had struck the earth, moissanite is a rare gemstone with the perfect narrative to demonstrate love and commitment.

Moissanite, combined with sterling silver as an engagement ring, is as unique as your love story, creating a union as beautiful and everlasting as the one you and your partner will soon enter into.

A Unique Engagement Ring

With only diamonds being a more rigid material, moissanite represents love, strength, and longevity, two components a future couple will need to traverse the hazards that life can throw at a relationship. 

Setting this perfect stone in precious metal such as sterling silver over gold will ensure the engagement ring will look as good in a hundred years as it does today.

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The Perfect Gift

Declarations of love or displays of affection don’t have to result in an engagement. Life is fickle; pet sometimes passes through us like a wild river. Impulsive and chaotic, our feelings can veer as we engage in that passion. 

Demonstrating these feelings with the perfect gift is a skill, as finding the right product is not always easy. The old staples of flowers and chocolates convey a lack of imagination, a sense that this relationship is nothing special. Are they worth going the extra distance and giving something special?

Giving the moissanite sterling silver ring can provide that sense of uniqueness and the message that the other person is unique. Whether you want to be understated or overstated, there will be a design that tells your story. 

Wardrobe Accessory

Sterling silver oozes class in a way other precious metals can’t. Long a staple of counter-culture youth movements, it has become mainstream as one of the most desirable fashion accessories. Being considerably less expensive than other precious metals, it lends itself to experimentation. Buying a piece that doesn’t work with your wardrobe or the image you want to portray won’t set you back financially. 

Moissanite can provide the perfect design accompaniment when you want more glint and glamour in your fashion design. Sterling silver combined with moissanite in a ring can speak of understated class or represent the pure devil in you. 

Combinations and styles are endless. Whatever image you want to portray or counter-culture you might belong to, the rings and designs available will speak to and for you. 

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A glimmering light sent from the heavens to frame the love of one person for another, moissanite is truly the ultimate gemstone. Beautiful, it glints like no other in the light yet is attainable by all, not just those with deep pockets.

Diamonds, therefore, are no more a ‘girl’s best friend!’  They have become as desirable as the use of ivory for a piano key, marked out by the ethical cost and environmental damage caused by their mining. On the other hand, Moissanite comes with all the properties of a diamond without the rape of the land and spilling of blood in tow, making it the more considered choice of those with a conscience.

Bound in a ring of sterling silver, it can provide the ideal narrative for you and your partner’s love story. It makes the perfect engagement ring but also can be used as a gift, a spontaneous act of love, or merely as a wardrobe accessory that defines your class and style.

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