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17 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids That Everyone Will Love

17 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids That Everyone Will Love

Do you feel that every responsibility has fallen on your shoulders as the wedding day approaches? On the one hand, you have an opportunity to arrange a wedding from your dreams, all according to your preferences and desires. 

On the other hand, every last detail counts – especially when it comes to a group of friends that have accepted a bridesmaid’s responsibility. Each of them deserves a token of gratitude, but your head is buzzing from all the wedding information you need to keep on your mind twenty-four-seven before you dash for that altar. 

Have no fear! Here are some neat gift ideas for your bridesmaids to get your imagination going!

Two-part pendant

Ultimately, whether it’s a gift for a bride or a bridesmaid, it is all about celebrating friendship. The idea is about originality and meaning rather than cost. With that in mind, it might be prudent to kick off this list with a two-part pendant. Now, these may come with whole necklaces, but it is the symbol that counts.

You’ve probably seen a lot of couples that gift each other heart halves designed to be conjoined into one, and while this is a ubiquitous type of two-part pendant, it is hardly the only one. You can have a pretty good time just searching the internet for ingeniously designed two-part pendants that are appropriate for friendships.

For example, if a bride and her bridesmaid are best friends that perfectly complement each other, you can purchase (separate) yin and yang pendants, but don’t limit yourself to such symbols. Instead, check out Pinterest and Etsy for an impressive range of BFF pendants!

Personalized bracelet

We’ll be covering jewelry because it is always a good idea. If chosen correctly, it is timeless and elegant. However, since little trinkets and accessories are ubiquitous in an oversaturated market, you need something with that extra oomph to add uniqueness and value to the gift. This is where wonderfully personalized bracelets come into the picture.

It is a simple yet elegant styling choice that offers you more options to be playful than you’d initially imagine. There is a whole range of engravings to pick and choose from, and no, it’s not merely about names, statements, and letters. There are pictograms to add to the combo as well. For this reason, you can easily create a wholly unique, personalized gift that will forever be treasured.

personalized bracelet wedding jewelry

A framed photo

Beautiful memories are food for the heart. Since you are celebrating love and, simultaneously, creating an exhilarating future memory for you and your friends, a framed photo is the ultimate thematically appropriate gift.

You can turn to numerous websites that have streamlined this process. Delve into your galleries and choose photos that perfectly capture the best moment with each of the bridesmaids and email them to websites that will print and send the pictures in the framing of your choosing.

Bridesmaid boxes

Various gifts for different bridesmaids can put you in a tough spot. Such gifts might single out only too much who you consider a closer friend. This can lead to hurt feelings, but if you consider it’s the best solution to treat everyone equally, there’s an easy fix for that – bridesmaid boxes!

Such chic little bundles are thoughtfully crafted tokens of gratitude that come in many shapes and forms, depending on the retailer or a brand you choose. They can contain toiletries, durable edibles, trinkets and paraphernalia for the wedding, and they are typically assembled with economically sensible preconceptions. After all, the idea is to purchase such boxes en masse for a group of bridesmaids.

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Emergency cosmetics set

You can tell your bridesmaids to breathe easy – each of them gets an extra stylish emergency cosmetic set that covers all the basics (some call mini-emergency kits). It is not unheard of that bridesmaids shed tears of joy during their friend’s wedding, which renders such a gift perfectly appropriate.

Plus, you can custom-craft it yourself and mix up a few essential cosmetic tools and necessities with a modest scent set that includes perfume, body milk, a shower gel, and a nicely wrapped soap.

Personalized initial ring

For the lovers of minimalism at its finest, discreet personalized initial rings are beautiful options. Each bridesmaid gets a ring with their initial letter twirling in gilded joy, which also serves as a top-notch demonstration of how you appreciate each bridesmaid individually.

This little jewelry can be an excellent addition to their simple confection. Its utility goes way beyond the wedding itself, as well as friendship as such. In a way, it is a perfect gift.

You can even take this a step further and place the rings into customized ring boxes that have a friend’s initial pressed or printed on the top. This is a prudent option if you’re planning to purchase the same type of ring for all bridesmaids.

personalized jewelry box

A jewelry box

Every girl needs at least one jewelry box in their vanity; two if need be, three, four or five just in case. So if an idea of a timeless little treasure trove that holds your bridesmaids’ belongings has been rattling in your mind, you should know that this is a very safe, practical gift.

All that you have to worry about is the design. Purchasing a different jewelry box for every bridesmaid might be too hefty a task – you are, after all, too busy with all the wedding shenanigans – so you’ll have to go with the ‘designed for everyone’ approach. This is neat because this frame of mind will usually steer you towards more timeless designs, less idiosyncratic styles and flourishes.

Minimalist types, Bauhaus appeal, glass-made magic boxes – there’s an exciting world of opportunities, and you can find some genuinely tasteful and magical models.

A cashmere shawl

If we are talking about utility, cashmere shawl wraps with bows and thank you notes on top are an excellent choice if you want to bestow gifts that are helpful way beyond the context of the wedding or your friendship with the bridesmaid.

It’s a gift that pays off in the long run and leaves a mark if you choose your colours suitably. The bridesmaids won’t be able to stop wearing it; it can quickly become one of their favourite everyday accessories. Plus, it can also keep them warm during the wedding if the weather is somewhat fickle after the sun goes down.

Wedding umbrella

The bridesmaid gift, such as the wedding umbrella, can be fun. It doesn’t have to be a rainy day; you can go with those old-fashioned Victorian-style sunshades. But, primarily, it is a stylistic choice more than a regular gift.

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The idea is to choose a collection of umbrellas that mesh well when grouped. You can go as simple as a range of different primary colours or assemble prints that tell a story when grouped – though this latter suggestion works well in a photo session, it is not as satisfying.

It wouldn’t go amiss to give your bridesmaids something that can keep their painstakingly arranged hairstyles dry in the off chance the rain does fall.

A hair clasp

Once you’ve all settled on a particular colour and style of bridesmaid dresses, consider a hair clasp that blends seamlessly with their outfits. A tie bracelet is a cost-efficient option, but a clasp looks classier, and it’s not that big of a financial stretch.

Just put yourself in their shoes – the day goes on and involves a lot of physical activity. A perfectly-arranged haircut begins to wear off, and strands of hair start to stick out. Most ladies will already bring along a hair tie or a clasp anyway, so why not simply purchase the ones that will come in handy and retain aesthetic consistency with the outfits?

Clutches all around

clutch wedding

Now, you can beat the girls to it in every sense of that word and place some essentials (hair clasp included) into appropriate vintage clutches. You can go with disparate patterns, so every bridesmaid gets one of her own, or you can fall back on aesthetic consistency.

Either way, great vintage clutches are pretty affordable these days, even the ones that appear to be on the more glamorous side. You can even hire a local craftsperson or designer to fashion custom-made models exclusively for the wedding. If you have such an option in your reach, it is a perfect combination of unique and financially feasible.

Yoga mat

Yoga is one of the most prevalent activities that balms the mind and soul. The stigma surrounding it has all but dissipated, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that neither one of your bridesmaids will find a yoga mat gift problematic. Still, ‘feel out’ your audience and check just in case beforehand. Then, if everything’s a go, you can encourage your friends to get their Zen on with this thoughtful gift.

A travel set

Are you out of ideas? Do your future bridesmaids already own most of the things mentioned above to a certain extent? Practical gifts are your ultimate safety net – something that they will appreciate no matter what. A neatly packed collection of an eye mask, a cozy blanket, a pair of socks and a vanity case is not only a handy travel set but also an encouragement for your friends to travel more often. It sends a positive message.

makeup wedding

A set of classics

Ask yourself what is consistent with all of your bridesmaids? There must be a specific lining that connects you to all of them. For example, a natural bookworm will often forge friendships with people with similar sensibilities. This leaves you with an attractive option for a gift that may not be for everyone but holds great value and represents something meaningful to your group of friends. Consider a collection of classics.

Now, the options for such collections are astronomical so you can consider two broad choices. First, you can purchase specifically designed supplies of feminine classics that contain a Bronte, an Austen, a Montgomery and an Alcott. On the other hand, if you and your bridesmaids already share a specific love for certain books, you can do something even more exciting – create your custom-made collection of four to five novels that are meaningful to every bridesmaid.

Druzy necklace

Druzy necklaces have become a trendy gift for bridesmaids. This is probably due to their joyful, sparkly nature. The explosion of gleaming gemstones on a pendant sends a beautiful message about your perspective on life, friendship and the nature of everyone’s involvement – a festive opportunity full of positive energy and stamina. Plus, it is easy to fall in love with druzy necklaces and wear them all the time – another gift whose utility extends far beyond the wedding!

A cute personalized tote

One does not own enough tote bags, ever! These affordable bags are a peak of practicality due to their handiness on every occasion. They work as shopping spree bags; you can use them for trips and beach outings. They can even serve as gym bags if need be. Appropriately, they also work as a gift for bridesmaids, especially if they are personalized like rings and bracelets.

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However, since we are talking about a ‘broader canvass’ in the form of the material, you can let your imagination run wild here. Each bridesmaid gets a tote bag with their initials. Still, you can also ‘frame’ that initial with an exciting and unique visual flourish that, according to you, perfectly captures the personality of that particular bridesmaid. Imagine the choices!

Spa candle

Spa candles are usually integral parts of other gifts – like cosmetic kits, sets and bridesmaid boxes. However, they are also singular items in such packages that can efficiently serve as monumental personalized gifts.

candle gift wedding

Chances are, you are already familiar with the tastes and preferences of your bridesmaids. In that case, you can choose a distinct scent for each and even browse spa candles with specific textures, accompanying fragrances, petals, fruit peels, and other aesthetic flourishes.  


The most important thing is that you consider your choices carefully. The best kind of gift for bridesmaids is the one that shows that you care, and if you’ve put thought into specific decisions, it will show! Whether each gift is personalized or not, the underlying message needs to be about friendship bonds and love that conquers all. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to find perfectly affordable gifts that show appreciation, adoration, and harmony. 

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