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Choosing Bridal Jewellry that Complements your Dress

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The big day is coming up and there are a lot of things that need to go into planning an amazing wedding.  Brides and girlfriends get to have fun with shopping and bridal showers.  The mother of the bride get to venture out to wedding stores to find the perfect gown, and there is also a lot of blending get together from both the bride and grooms family.  With all of the heart pattering that goes into the wedding, most brides stay focused on the wedding gown, and fail to remember the jewelry that will complement the dress.

Strolling down the aisle on your wedding day looking stunning is not an option; this is what all your hard work went into from the beginning so you want to look amazing on your wedding day.  The goal is to turn heads as you glide down the aisle as the most beautiful woman in the room.  Because so much attention will be on you and your dress, choosing your bridal jewelry must always complement your beauty and your dress.

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The selection of jewelry that you select differs from beach or summer weddings to traditional chapel weddings.  Choose pastels and bright colored jewelry to complement the summer wedding theme.  Many brides are even able to wear elegant sea shell accessories for beach weddings and they look great with the overall theme of the wedding.  The beach isn’t for everyone, but you can enjoy a summer wedding browsing the color options of glass pearls or even fancy Swarovski crystals.  Glass pearls are now available in so many styles and shades that you will have no problem matching your wedding color swatch with your bridal and bridesmaid jewelry.

If you decide to take a more elegant approach with crystals, that can also be found in different shades to match your wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses.  Swarovski creates amazing jewelry perfect for any time of the year as they add a great deal of “pop” and sparkle that come in different shades for any time of the year.

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Winter and fall season are a fun time to tap into deep rich colors.  Bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry will really stand out with the right colors depending on the choices that are available.  Again, glass pearls are a great piece and can be found in warm colors.

It really doesn’t matter what time of year that you decide to get married.  No matter what, you’ve invested time and money getting what you want for that perfect day that you have been day dreaming about your whole life.  Matching your jewelry with your bridesmaid and the overall theme of your wedding will make you look good and make everyone feel good.  You want to have a good time, and you want it to be memorable.  One day when you look back through photos, or sift through your jewelry box, you will have that smile when you see your elegant jewelry from your wedding day.  The memories will flood through your mind.

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4 thoughts on “Choosing Bridal Jewellry that Complements your Dress

  1. Some of these suggestions must follow. I want to plan my wedding very careful I really want my selections look spectacular in my wedding day cause I waited this special moment for a lifetime memory!

  2. I wish you the best of luck Dorothy! Just be carful because there are some styles of wedding dresses that do not fit with some jewellry. I advise you to ask an expert on that so that you get the best choice of you jewellery!

    1. I agree with Domingéz. There are even some dress styles or designs that do not go with any jewellry and they still look beautiful and catchy.

      1. My wedding dress was an open backed, and MY family suggested that great way to show off a backless dress is with a bridal choker with a hanging embellishment on the back. Embracing the classic and elegant look!!

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