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Mori Lee Logo

Mori Lee Bridal Collection
In Mori Lee you will find exquisite Bridal Gowns, Informal gowns, newest look in destination wedding dresses, high fashion Bridal dresses, and formal gowns.
Wedding gowns in the Mori Lee Bridal collection are very beautiful, romantic and elegant. Visit Best for Bride Bridal & Evening Wear Boutique to see the newest designs created by Mori Lee. You will fall in love with the look, feel and quality of this line!
Price Range: CAD $343- CAD $1378
Available Sizes: 2-28
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  NEW! Mori Lee gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Alfred Angelo Bridal Dresses

Alfred Angelo Bridal Collection
Founded during the 1930s, the Alfred Angelo bridal gown design company remains a world-renowned choice for today's most discerning and fashionable brides-to-be. The stunning and elegant wedding dresses created by this American firm continue to dazzle and inspire, year after year. Romantic, feminine and expertly tailored, each exquisite, affordable bridal dress from Alfred Angelo is designed to highlight your natural beauty and show off your wedding-day radiance to absolute perfection.
Available Sizes: 0-30W
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  NEW! Alfred Angelo gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Jasmine Wedding Dresses

Jasmine Bridal Collection
Jasmine Haute Couture and Collection lines provide you with wedding gowns that will make you gloriously shine on your special day. Jasmine gowns feature unique detailing of crystal beading and elegant embroideries in the highest quality fabrics, finely draped into the perfect style! Jasmine stylish silhouettes have been designed to enhance every bride's figure.
Available Sizes: 4-28
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  NEW! Jasmine gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Sophia Tolli Logo

Sophia Tolli By Mon Cheri Bridal Collection
No one understands how to dress a woman better than another woman, and that's why brides-to-be all over the world embrace the unparalleled fit and beauty of Sophia Tolli by Mon Cheri wedding gowns. Designed to provide ultimate fit for an affordable price, these bridal dresses are truly second to none. Dazzle your wedding guests and your handsome groom-to-be by wearing one of these sophisticated frocks as you walk down the aisle.
Available Sizes: 0-28
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  NEW! Sophia Tolli By Mon Cheri gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Alfred Angelo Disney Logo

Alfred Angelo Disney Bridal Collection
For women who wish to turn their wedding days into romantic fairy tale celebrations, bridal dresses from Alfred Angelo Disney will be ideal choices. These romantic designs evoke the beauty of Disney's most memorable animated heroines, such as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. If you dream of feeling like a princess on your big day, why not treat yourself to one of these gorgeous wedding gowns?
Available Sizes: 0-30W
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  NEW! Alfred Angelo Disney gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

B4B Bridal Collection Logo

Exclusive Designs Best for Bride Bridal Collection

At Best for Bride, we are proud to employ a team of talented and experienced house designers who create stunning bridal dresses that are certain to dazzle your wedding guests and your groom-to-be. These exquisite designs feature the most luxurious fabrics and embellishments, and they are tailored to fit you like a glove.
Our affordable, exclusive Best for Bride wedding gowns are romantic, feminine showpieces that offer the highest standards of quality and beauty. You may order our bridal gowns online or try them on at our Etobicoke/Mississauga, Toronto, or Barrie retail outlets. When you choose our special, in-house designs, you are choosing the very best.
Sizes: 2-28
Delivery time: 2 month
Rush order: 1 month
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Bridal Gowns
bridal gown bridal dress
  NEW! BEST FOR BRIDE gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Jai Logo

Jai Bridal Collection
Best for Bride is a bridal store for bridal wedding gowns that features a complete line of wedding wear. This Toronto collection includes accessories, veils, headpieces, jewelry, gloves and tiaras. You will find dresses embellished with sparkling swarowsky crystals and lined with stylish crinolines. Browse through its online bridal shop and experience it for yourself.
Sizes: 2-28
View Bridal Gowns bridal gown bridal gown
  NEW! Jai Bridal gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Richman Group Logo

Madison, Cassidy Sarah and Fabulous Formals Bridal Collections
Every girl dreams of the perfect dress, but every dream dress is unique. With an elegant mix from ultra modern to classic romance, the Madison/Cassidy Sarah/Fabulous Formals Collection has flawless designs with world class quality to offer your dream!
View Madison Bridal Gowns
View Cassidy Sarah Bridal
View Fabulous Formals Bridal
bridal dress bridal gown wedding gowns
  NEW! Madison, Cassidy Sarah and Fabulous Formals gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Plus Size Logo

Plus Size Bridal Collection
Best for Bride is a bridal store for bridal wedding gowns that features a complete line of wedding wear. Please check our plus size collection.
Sizes: 16-30
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  NEW! Plus Size Bridal gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

My Lady Logo

My Lady Bridal Collection
The My Lady design team under the direction of Mr Haim Bar have been handcrafting bridal bodices and gowns for many years using ageless corsetiere knowledge mixed with the latest sewing technologies and materials. Each handmade bodice can take up to 100 hours to make by highly skilled seamstresses, dressmakers and jewellers using the finest fabrics and materials to give a bride the ultimate fit and look on her special day.
Sizes: Custom made
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Angelina Faccenda

Wedding Dresses by Angelina Faccenda
A stunning new collection of bridal gowns by Italian designer Angelina Faccenda. The beautiful dresses are made in fine silks and embellished with crystals. Available in ivory, soft golds and pinks, these gowns are sure to take your breath away.
A collection of simple sophisticated silk gowns. Gowns cut in an updated style that epitomises femininity. Drapes, folds and layers of mouth-watering silk shantung, silk satin and silk taffeta adorns the curves of the body to emphasise her splendour. Natural and pale gold are the colours of choice in this amazing collection.
Available Sizes: 2-28
View Angelina Faccenda
Bridal Gowns
bridal gown bridal gown
  NEW! Angelina Faccenda gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!


Madeline Gardner Bridal Collection

With its own distinct style and flare, the Madeline Gardner collection is for the bride who wants to make a fashion statement on her wedding day. There is a dress for every body type and a design for every taste, so you can choose to have a dress with simple straight lines or frilly laces. You can even choose to have the traditional wedding dress with the train trailing behind you! Accent it with a full-length veil, and make everyone remember your most unforgettable day, as well. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be the talk of the town long after the wedding is over. This line uses unusual combinations of fabric elements and design. The outstanding influence of sumptuous fabric, embellishments, daring skirt lengths, and interesting details makes this premiere bridal line very attractive.
Available Sizes: 2-28
View Madeline Gardner
Bridal Gowns
wedding gown wedding dress
  NEW! Madeline Gardner wedding dresses are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Jade Daniels

Jade Daniels Bridal Collection
Best for Bride is a bridal store for bridal wedding gowns that makes weddings in Toronto extra special. This online bridal shop allows you to browse through a vivid display of luxurious gowns and jewelery. You will find a complete line of bridal attire-dresses, veils, accessories, headpieces, gloves, tiara and swarowsky crystals. Be stunned by the beauty and elegance of the selection. Whether you are looking for a Formal Bridal gown or Informal Wedding Dress you can find your dream dress in this new, beautiful and sophisticated line. This Bridal collection combines finest fabrics, gorgeous designs and finest quality to achieve beauty and elegance in every dress.
Sizes: 2-28
View Bridal Gowns bridal gown bridal gown
  NEW! Jade Daniels Bridal gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!

Mori Lee Logo

Quinceanera/Vizcaya Mori Lee Bridal Collection
Quinceanera Dresses or Quinceanera gowns, Quinceanera sweet 15, Vestidos de Quinceanera, Quince Anos, La quinceanera, collection debutante, Quinceaneras. It's the only time you get to wear this stuff, really. I mean, now, you could go out in a pair of jeans and a beaded tank top. But it's not the same as putting a ball gown on, beads sparkling all over the place Mori Lee Vizcaya Quinceanera - Quinceanera collection featured sparkling beaded ball gowns for quinceanera celebration, (la fiesta de Quince anos), Browse gorgeous quinceanera Dresses and quinceanera gowns for your special day ( Fabulosos vestidos de quinceanera)
Available Sizes: 2-28
Quinceanera/Vizcaya Bridal bridal gown bridal gown
  NEW! Quinceanera/Vizcaya gowns are now available for rent at very attractive prices!
* The wedding gowns shown here represent just a samples of the selection available.

Wedding Dresses - Style and fashion guide

Your wedding dress is the most important part of your wedding day ensemble. This magical garment will transform you into the bride you always dreamed of being. The perfect dress will not only fit your vision of how you always wanted to look on your wedding day, but it will also play up your best features and match your style and personality.

Wedding gown fashion is constantly evolving, and a bride has thousands of dresses to choose from. However, you should remember that not all bridal dresses look equally good on every bride. You have to find a dress that drapes well on you, makes you look like a better version of yourself, and feels comfortable in every way. To find such a dress, it is important that the to-be bride knows about the available wedding dress silhouettes and also recognizes which dress styles are best for her body shape.

Let us look at this in more detail. We will begin with the different wedding dress silhouettes available and then move on to dress selection based on body type.

Types of wedding dress silhouettes

There are five commonly seen wedding gown silhouettes, and they are the following.

Ball gown: Typically associated with the princess look, ball gowns feature a fitted bodice, that flares into a fully layered skirt from the waist. The distinguishing feature of this style is the voluminous skirt, that hides the lower half of the body entirely.

Ball gown wedding dress silhouette

A-line: Like the name suggests, this silhouette resembles the structure of a capital "A", and is narrow from the top to the waist. From here, it flares out softly and flows towards the ground.

A-line wedding dress silhouette

Trumpet: This silhouette closely follows the natural body shape all the way from the bust to the waist and hips, and it flares out at mid-thigh, in a trumpet shape.

Trumpet bridal gown silhouette

Mermaid: Also known as the fit-and-flare style, this silhouette is similar to the trumpet , except that the skirt flares out below the knee. It is a tight-fitting style, that shows off the natural curves of the bride wearing it.

Mermaid bridal dress silhouette

Sheath: This style drapes over the bride's natural curves all the way from the bodice to the skirt, and doesn't flare out at all. The sheath is also called the column.

Sheath wedding gown silhouette

Now, let us move on to identifying the different body types and learning about the best dress silhouettes for each of them.

Wedding dress selection based on body type

The first step to identifying your body type is to measure yourself around the shoulders, bust, waist and hips, and note down these measurements. Then, compare these four sets to determine which of the following body types best describe you. We will simultaneously also look at silhouette suggestions for each of these types.

Inverted Triangle or apple shaped

In apple-shaped body types, the shoulder measurement will be significantly greater than the hip measurement. Here, the upper body measurements are typically at least 5 per cent greater than the hip measurements.

Recommended silhouettes: Dress styles that flare out beyond the waistline, can best balance out the slighter proportions of the hips. A-line dresses with a bodice that pulls in the upper half, so the waistline is emphasized are good choices. Ball gowns can also be considered for this body shape.

Avoid: Fit and flare styles like the trumpet and mermaid, since these dresses emphasize the wider measurements of the top and do not camouflage the thinner leg measurements.

Rectangle or straight

This body type is defined by almost equal measurements for the shoulders, bust and hips. When the three measurements are compared, you will find that the three numbers will be within five per cent of each other.

Recommended silhouettes: Since this body type lacks curves, the right dress type should create the illusion of curves where there are few. The sheath is a suggestion, as it creates a more curvy appearance. The other recommendation is a ball gown, that emphasizes the slender waist and flares into a thick skirt, thus creating the illusion of a curvy figure.

Avoid: Fit and flare silhouettes and straight A-line dresses which lack a defined waistline

Triangle or pear-shaped

Pear-shaped body types have hip measurements that are at least five per cent more than the shoulder and bust measurements.

Recommended silhouettes: Dresses with textured bodices that balance out the upper half, pinch at the waistline and then flow away from the hips and thighs without clinging, are the best choice. Ball gowns can hide the lower body and A-line skirts in fabric that don't cling to the body can achieve this.

Avoid: Sheaths, since they add extra inches to the lower half. Trumpets also should be avoided, as they accentuate the stomach and hip area.


For this body type, the shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and the waistline is very well-defined. Here the waist will be at least 25 per cent smaller than the rest of the measurements, while the hip and shoulders will measure within 5 per cent of each other.

Recommended silhouettes: Brides with hourglass body shapes can carry off any silhouette with ease. This is the best body shape to flaunt fit and flare gowns like the trumpet and mermaid, though they will look good in any of the other silhouettes also.


Plus size brides have body proportions that are larger than average. Their dress size typically corresponds to the regular dress sizes of 14 and above. Generally, these women have a significantly curvaceous figure.

Recommended silhouettes: A-line dresses and sheath silhouettes with empire waistlines are particularly forgiving for the plus-size bride. It is best to choose a dress that plays up the natural shape. If the dress drapes loosely, it will add the illusion of extra pounds and add bulk to the bride's overall look. Dresses with empire waistlines or those that pinch at the thinnest part of the waist are also suggested.

Avoid: Sheath gowns as these are not flattering because of the loose drape that will add extra pounds to the overall look. Also avoid fit and flare style dresses, if the waist and stomach area are thicker. Fabric also determines the overall impact. Structured fabric like satin or fabric with a stiffer base are better.

Our Plus-size wedding dress collection at Best for Bride specifically caters to the curvaceous bride, and features various stunning designs that are just right to bring out the best features of your natural shape.


Petite women are shorter than average, and have a smaller stature. These women have heights less than 5'3", but have a well-balanced overall figure with a defined waistline.

Recommended silhouettes: Trumpets, sheaths and A-line gowns work well for this body type. By lifting the waistline to above the natural position, it is possible to add the illusion of a few extra inches. Details should be small as it can otherwise look overbearing.

Avoid: Voluminous ball gowns as this can swallow the petite bride. Also avoid dresses with dropped waistlines, as this can make the short bride look even shorter.

Our petite size bridal dress collection features a selection of wedding dresses specifically created for petite brides. It contains both trendy and classic designs, that are just perfect for the beautifully petite bride, without compromising on looks or quality.

Other factors to consider when choosing your wedding dress

Finding the right silhouette is only one of the many steps to finding your perfect wedding gown. Once you know what looks best on you, it makes the task of sorting gowns easier. Nevertheless, there are many more factors to consider, to find your dream-worthy bridal gown. Let us briefly touch upon each of them.

Budget: Wedding gowns come in different price ranges, from few hundreds of dollars, to several thousands! Shopping without a price range in mind is risky, as you may end up falling in love with a gown that you cannot afford. Have a realistic price in mind, so you can zero-in on the best choice, within minimum time. Also remember that you will have to set aside a part of the budget for accessories, alterations and taxes.

Have a clear idea of what you want: Apart from the dress silhouette, you should also have a clear idea of the style, fabric and look you want. Take cues from the venue of the wedding, the weather at the time of your wedding and the formality of the ceremony to decide what features would be appropriate in your choice of wedding gown.

Consider your venue: Knowing the place, time and date of your wedding can help you narrow down your choices. Depending on your venue and weather, you can find a dress that will be both practical and comfortable on your wedding day. While a ball gown is a great choice for a formal indoor ceremony, it may not be a great idea for a modern, beach wedding. In this case, you would be better off in a lightweight wedding gown with fewer embellishments.

The inputs from your bridal consultant: Bridal consultants are seasoned experts in the world of wedding fashion, and can guide you well. Share your ideas with them, and they will help you find the dress you want. Wedding dress consultants have the talents to identify a dress that may not have hanger appeal, but would look good when tried on. So, give their suggestions a go, even if you don't think you like what they put in front of you. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you see when you actually try it on.

Shop at the right time: Shopping for your bridal gown should be a priority task, as it takes time to complete the shopping and alterations following it, so your dress fits you just right. However it should be done no earlier than a year before your wedding, as only then can you make use of the latest offers and choose from the latest collections. Ideally, your bridal appointments should be scheduled at least six months before your wedding, so everything is completed in time for your wedding day.

Buy the right size: Do not tempt yourself into choosing a dress that is smaller than your actual measurements. Although you will most likely lose your extra pounds in time for your wedding, we suggest buying the dress in your current size as you can have it altered to fit your actual measurements, closer to your wedding date. In case you are unable to shed the extra weight, you will still be able to wear the dress you bought, as it will correspond to your actual size. On the other hand, if your dress is too small, it will be very difficult to add extra fabric to accommodate your size, and this would compromise your look.

Finding the right alteration services: It is highly unlikely that a dress picked off the rack will fit you exactly. You will have to find a good seamstress to alter your chosen dress to your measurements, after you buy it. Getting good quality alterations is just as important as picking the right dress. This is because wedding dresses are complex garments, and only professionals who are experienced in handling these dresses can alter it well. At Best for Bride, we offer in-house alteration services that will allow you to get your dress perfectly sized in time for your wedding. You can find out more details about the prices for each service, as well other details on this page.

Finally, you will know it when you finally find your dream dress. Brides who have found their dream wedding gown immediately know that they have made the right decision and don't have any reason to look further. At Best for Bride, we make this dream a reality. Our seasoned staff guide brides through our extensive dress collections from top-class world designers, bringing brides the perfect arrangement to find the ideal bridal gown with minimum effort. Drop in at your nearest Best for Bride store, or call us to enjoy the shopping experience for a lifetime.

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