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Wedding Expert Minute Tip 15 – How a Bride Can Follow Old Traditions

something blue

Some old traditions are also superstitions and for the bride that is following the “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,” mantra, there are ways that she can customize to suit her personality …

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Expert Minute Tip 15 – How a Bride Can Follow Old Traditions

  1. If we do not foolow some of the family traditions, we may be thought to be weird. We have to do both things then. Follow the trend and at the same time follow traditions so that we can satisfy both sides.

    1. What do you mean Catrine? How can we follow traditions and at the same time not to do? I didn’t get your idea.

  2. Hi Lily!

    I meant that we can be traditional in following some of the traditions such as veiling. However, we can be also modern in terms of doing our wedding party, our musicians and even in the food we prepare for our guests. That is, we should not totlly forget about our traditions.

  3. Excellent clip. Many couples are unaware of the history of many wedding traditions and this is a good primer.

    I love when brides put their own unique spin on traditions. I worked with a bride who had her grandfathers’ wedding bands incorporated into her bridal bouquet. Her fingers brushed the rings as she held her bouquet. A very sweet and touching gesture and a nice nod to the “something old” tradition. On my wedding day I wore my mother’s blue garter – and killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Every wedding presents many opportunities for couples to take traditions and make them their own. It’s the blending of new and old that makes every wedding special.

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