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How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses That Flatter Different Body Types [2024]

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses That Flatter Different Body Types

As wedding season approaches, planning isn’t complete without tackling the task of finding bridesmaid dresses

Selecting a style that flatters everyone can be a difficult challenge – there are so many types of figures your bridal party is likely to have! 

Choosing one design that works on all body shapes might seem impossible. But fear not – this blog post will give helpful tips and tricks to make selecting the perfect dress for your ‘maids easy and breezy! 

Keep reading to discover how to find flattering bridesmaid dresses for every type of figure, no matter their size or shape.

Consider the bridesmaids’ body types

Identifying their shapes and sizes can help you narrow your choices and pick something that will flatter everyone in the bridal party. 

For example, if some of your friends are petite, opting for an A-line style might be best, while if they’re tall, a maxi dress could be more flattering.

There are several types of shapes; let’s look at the most common ones:

  • Apple body type: This is characterized by broad shoulders and a wide torso, with the waist being the narrowest part. Choose bridesmaid dresses with an empire waist that widens under the chest to emphasize your figure.
  • Hourglass body type: This figure looks stunning in almost any dress style thanks to its balanced proportions and lush curves. To emphasize your curves, choose tight-fitting silhouettes that are narrowed at the waist, such as the mermaid or trumpet.
  • Pear-shaped body type: If you have a pear-shaped body type, you should choose a bridesmaid dress that disguises your wider hips, drawing attention to the upper half of your body. A-line and flared dresses are great options for balancing the lower body and creating an hourglass silhouette.
  • Straight/rectangular body type: For ladies with a straight or rectangular figure, choose bridesmaid dresses that give you extra definition at the waistline while still leaving room for movement in all other parts of the body. Pay attention to styles such as empire or princess cut, which will add curves without restricting movement.
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How to determine body type?

It takes three minutes to determine your body type. So arm yourself with a measuring tape, and let’s get started. It is enough to take three measurements:

  1. Chest: measure it with a bra but without a push-up. Choose the most significant point of the breast for size;
  2. Waist. We need the narrowest line of your figure. It can be just above the navel or right under the ribs if you have a “high waist”;
  3. Hips. As with the chest, we need the widest point. We measure them in underwear but without pants, etc.

Important: the tape should run parallel to the floor, and measurements should be taken in the morning, standing with your arms down.

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So, now you have three numbers, and according to them, you can determine the most successful proportions in clothes:

You have an X-shape or hourglass figure if your waist is 20-30 cm smaller than your chest and hips.

If the waist and chest are more significant than the hips, you have an O-shape or “apple” figure.

All measurements are approximately the same – this is the H-silhouette or “rectangle.”

Your chest is much larger than your hips – you have a V-silhouette, also called an inverted triangle.

If the hips are much larger than the chest, this is the most common figure type, the A-silhouette, triangle, pear, or even a drop.

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Choose a style that flatters different body types: 

  • Apple Body Type: Look for bridesmaid dresses with an empire waist that flares below your bust to flatter and balance your figure.
  • Pear Body Type: A-line or fit-and-flare dresses draw attention away from wider hips and create an hourglass silhouette.
  • Straight/Rectangle Body Type: Choose bridesmaid dresses with some definition at the waistline while still allowing movement room in all other areas. Consider princess cuts or empire waists for a flattering look.

Talk to the bridesmaids before making any decisions 

Before you make any decisions, talk to them and ask them what colours and styles they are comfortable wearing. Be sure to get their honest feedback. 

In addition, discuss options like mix-and-match or varied colour palettes to create a cohesive but individualized look for your bridesmaids. 

bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaid dresses

Find a balance between fashion trends and classic styles

Start by considering the look you want for the bridal party and select timeless pieces that won’t go out of style. 

You can then add personal touches with on-trend items for a modern twist. For example, selecting an off-shoulder dress in a beautiful hue with a timeless silhouette, then accessorizing it with statement jewelry or shoes makes an impactful yet timeless look.

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Shop around for deals at local stores and online retailers – compare prices to get the best deal possible

Shopping around for the best deals on bridesmaid dresses is a great way to get the most value out of your purchase. 

If you’re looking at local stores, consider taxes, shipping costs, and any other fees that might be added on when making your purchase. 

With online retailers, consider if they offer price matching or discounts for bulk orders for multiple bridesmaids. Additionally, researching different brands can help you find the best quality fabric and design options for your desired look.


You can also use these tips:

  • Research different brands to compare quality and design options
  • Shop around at local stores and online retailers for the best prices.
  • Consider taxes and shipping costs when purchasing in-store
  • Compare prices for bulk orders if buying multiple dresses.
  • Look for price matching or discounts offered by online retailers.
  • Utilize coupons, loyalty programs, and rewards cards.
  • Try second-hand items to save money.
  • Look out for promo codes & special offers.
  • Try rentable dresses as an option.

Don’t forget about accessories!

For an apple body type, look for long necklaces or pendant earrings that draw attention away from the midriff. 

If you have an hourglass figure, use bold statement pieces such as hoop earrings and cuffs to enhance your curves. 

Choose chunky necklaces with exciting shapes and details for a pear body type to add definition and draw attention away from your hips. 

Straight or rectangular-shaped women should go for delicate pieces such as shorter necklaces or thin bracelets that emphasize their features without overpowering them.

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After considering all these tips, you and your bridesmaids will be ready to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. 

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No matter the body type, there is sure to be a flattering style that complements everyone’s shape. When in doubt, embrace simple silhouettes and bold colours since these can create modern yet elegant looks that all your bridesmaids will appreciate. 

If you still need help picking the perfect dresses for your special day. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from family, friends, or even a professional tailor. 

With the proper knowledge, you’ll walk down the aisle with graceful and confident bridesmaids who will make your wedding ceremony even more unforgettable!

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