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8 Unique & Creative Bridesmaid Gift Ideas on a Strict Wedding Budget

8 Unique & Creative Bridesmaid Gift Ideas on a Strict Wedding Budget

Most brides rely on their bridesmaids for a variety of tasks leading up to the day of the wedding, including helping with the planning and running of the hen party. The fact that so many women want to show their appreciation for all their hard work is understandable. In most situations, brides want to give their best gal friends a thoughtful and cheap present that could bring back pleasant memories of the big day. Bridesmaid gifts may range from handcrafted and personal to expensive and complex. This list of the most creative and economical bridesmaid gifts includes a wide variety of items that may be personalized with the bride and groom’s initials or wedding date.

When your bridesmaids know you’re on a budget, they won’t expect you to skimp on the quality of your bridesmaid presents. Not only are our Bridesmaid Gifts elegant and one-of-a-kind, but they are also reasonably priced. Everything from jewelry to handbags to personalized tote bags is here for your shopping pleasure.

But first, here are some things to think about while selecting a bridesmaid’s present.

What to Get Your Bridesmaids for the Wedding?

There is no right or wrong time to give the bridesmaids their gifts. A personalized purse, for example, would be a thoughtful present to give your squad on the morning of the wedding. Gifts for the bridesmaids might also be given out at the rehearsal dinner. On the night of your nuptials, there’s nothing more romantic than a sincere “thank you.”

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses


Budget brides are very aware of how when it concerns bridesmaids’ gifts, the cost may easily become a key consideration. As a general guideline, I recommend spending at least $50/maid or slightly cheaper than you paid for the dress you selected for them to put on. The A $300 dress will cost at least $150 as a gift for the honour of all your bridesmaids. Understandably, you’d like to express your appreciation specially and sensibly without having to sell your most precious organs on the illicit market. You must keep your bridal party small and not expect the bridesmaids to spend exorbitant amounts of money on dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair/makeup, and costly bachelorette party activities as well as bridal showers if your wedding fund is a sticking point. If you have paid for the bridesmaids’ clothes yourself or had the misfortune of hiring a deadbeat bridesmaid, this argument is invalid.

You should not save money on your bridesmaid’s thank you gifts if the estimated price of becoming a bridesmaid is currently more than $1,500. You, my gorgeous budget brides, are the focus of my attention. When thanking someone for the substantial time, money, and effort they will put into honouring and supporting you on your big day, a free monogrammed canvas tote is not a suitable or heartfelt way to do so.



When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, don’t feel forced to personalize each one for each of your friends if it’s going to give you needless stress. It’s typical to get your Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor something exceptionally costly or completely different, even if you’re trying to locate unique bridesmaid presents. This is to minimize unintended episodes of envy or comparison between gifts.

guests and audience


There are a few breakable, liquid, or heavier objects on my list of creative bridesmaid presents; but you must choose something appropriate for your situation. If you’re being married in an exotic location or if any of your guests are flying in from afar, this might be a major concern. If this is the case, use common sense and avoid giving them anything that will be difficult to transport, such as a hefty object or one that contains shattered glass.

Landfill Potential

Pinterest is awash in the same old stale purses and chintzy cups when you search for “creative bridesmaids’ gifts.” As a rule, I prefer to make sure that if I give someone a present and it comes out to be unsuitable, they may either return it or exchange it.

Luxurious Bridal Bonus Package - Wedding Dress
  1. Auctioned off on eBay
  2. Be re-gifted to someone who is better suited to receive it
  3. Be the hottest ticket in the White Elephant gift exchange at the workplace

As much as I’d like not to offend anyone, my advice is to stay away from personalized gifts. They’re just not my cup of tea. Traditional monograms are an outdated technique, and they don`t have the same appeal anymore.

Keep in mind that a wine glass engraved with “Tim and Lucy Forever” or the name of one of your bridesmaids, or even the phrase “bridesmaid” is so precise that it won’t play well the moment your wedding is over. This is a great idea for a bachelorette party, but it won’t match your bridesmaids’ current or future wine glasses, so it’s likely to end up behind the cabinet for a few years before it’s sold or given away at a yard sale or a Goodwill shop.

bridesmaid wine bottle

To be fair, the divorce rate is so high that I can’t even begin to comprehend how many personalized drinkware items wind up in landfills as a reminder of broken relationships. Then, I’m confident that you and your boyfriend will be able to weather the passage of time thanks to your well-equipped boss lady skills. To accommodate wedding guests with differing budgets, couples are sometimes encouraged to include a wide range of items on their registry at places like Amazon or Target. Look at the registry if one exists. Along with the top-of-the-line coffee machine and new dinnerware, there are a surprising number of smaller, less expensive items.

Create a small goodie bag for the happy couple by combining a handful of the registry’s lower-priced items. Spending less money and getting more of what the happy couple wanted are both possible outcomes of this strategy. It’s a win-win situation because some visitors may overlook these modest gifts in favour of larger ones. To get started, most registrations provide online access, and the list may typically be sorted based on price.

Candles That Match the Theme

Choose this “Let’s Toast” candle, which has aromas of grapefruit, apple, and champagne grapes, as a wedding-day gift for your bridesmaids. Thank them for always being your besties by writing a beautiful note behind the glass jar. Add Sugarfina champagne-flavoured candy bars or sugar lips to make the gift sweeter for your recipient.

_Let's Toast_ candle

Customized Promise Rings

The customized promise rings are a sort of ring that is worn by a pair to signify their undying devotion to one another. It is customary for couples to exchange promise rings as a sign of their long-term commitment. Pre-engagement rings, in a sense, might be considered promise rings because they are given before a marriage proposal is accepted. If you exchange rings, it could be a sign of a future engagement, or it could just be a statement of your undying love for one another. If you’re in a relationship, a promise ring might signify different things to different people. For example, it could mean that you’re engaged or that you’re planning to get married soon.

engagement ring

One-on-One Meal or Dessert

Even if you’re strapped on funds, adding a few thoughtful extras to a generic present can elevate it to something special. Just like the customized promise rings are worn by a pair of two, so is the dinner for 2 or dessert for 2. This might be a simple and adorable gift idea. Non Perishable ingredients and some bling or gadgets that fit the theme are all that’s needed.

There are many different options when it comes to a supper basket – Dried spaghetti in a package, A can of tomato-based spaghetti sauce, Colander. Bread can be purchased with a $10 or even a $5 gift card from a nearby bakery or supermarket shop.

Bridesmaid Dresses Special Offer

The following can be included in a dessert basket:

  • Brownie mix in a box
  • Stainless steel spatula
  • Measuring cups and spoons included with the set

A Pair of Bowls for Mixing Things Up

Using a dish or colander, place the goods and then wrap them in clear cellophane, attaching the ribbon on top. Even if the present is only $30 or $40, it will mean a lot to a newlywed couple just starting to know that you’ve thought of the essentials they’ll need following their honeymoon.

Framing a Wedding Invitation or a Collection of Family Portraits

Using the invitation you received, you may design a shadow box that the couple will treasure. For creative ideas on how to assemble and enhance your wedding invitation, check out Pinterest. You can make a thoughtful gift for a couple for less than $25 in materials and an afternoon of your time. Framing images of loved ones can be an affordable but meaningful gift for those who don’t have the time or finances to make their shadowbox. Frames can be found in a variety of price ranges, from the basic black of the dollar store to the more complex or classic patterns found in a home decor store. Alternatively, you can fill the frames with photos or words to mark the event.

photo frames wedding registry


There’s a farmhouse aesthetic going around right now. Look no further than an Anthropologie or a Pottery Barn store for inspiration. Instead of splurging on a reproduction of an antique, opt for an authentic antique as a wedding present instead. There are many great finds to be had by shopping at flea markets, yard sales, farmers’ markets, and estate sales. An ancient sign that has a location or slogan that is relevant to the new pair can be a thoughtful, unique, and special gift for the newlyweds, no matter what kind of vintage it is. Before you wrap an antique, be sure it has been cleaned and cared for correctly. A well-chosen antique may be a charming complement to a new home, even if it takes a little time and effort to restore it.


Wedding gifts for your bridesmaids don’t have to cost a fortune; there are plenty of economical possibilities. Jewelry could be a treasured keepsake for your daughters if you choose it carefully. You can buy every one of your bridesmaids a separate piece of jewelry if they all have different preferences if you adhere to the same budget for each.

bridal diamond earring

Crowdfunding Gifts 

Start a crowdfunding campaign if you’re low on cash but want to provide a significant present. With this money, they might save for their honeymoon, lessen their financial load, put something down for a new house or just get some money started in the bank. To avoid the hassle of packing and moving, couples who intend to relocate shortly may consider crowdfunding their wedding gifts. Taking the initiative to start their crowdfunding campaign may be seen as bad manners by some. In this case, you can provide the profile’s setup, administration, and advertising as a present to your friends and family.

How to Choose & Buy Bridesmaid Gifts?

Gift-giving must always be deliberate and attentive. My advice is to do so in a way that will help your wedding party to feel special while choosing the proper presents for your wedding party. If you want to make your bridesmaids‘ gifts more special, consider customizing them, finding something that speaks to their personality, or putting together thoughtful gift baskets filled with practical or indulgent items. Also, you don’t have to buy identical things for everyone on your list. Depending on their interests and personalities, give each participant of the group a unique present.

Summary: Creative and Economic Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

  • Brides rely on their bridesmaids for various tasks, and showing appreciation through thoughtful and affordable gifts is common.
  • Bridesmaid gifts can range from handcrafted and personalized to expensive and intricate items.
  • Considerations while selecting bridesmaid gifts include budget, audience, portability, and landfill potential.
  • Budget brides should spend around $50/maid or slightly less than the cost of their dress.
  • Personalize gifts for the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor to avoid envy or comparison.
  • Choose portable gifts, especially if guests are traveling from afar.
  • Avoid personalized gifts and opt for items that can be returned or exchanged.
  • Consider candles, customized promise rings, one-on-one meals or desserts, bowls for mixing, framing wedding invitations or family portraits, antiques, jewelry, and crowdfunding gifts.
  • Choose and buy bridesmaid gifts thoughtfully, considering customization, personality, and individual preferences.

FAQ – Bridesmaid Gifts

How much should a bridesmaid present cost?

As a general guideline, each bridesmaid should cost between $75 and $150. This will ensure that you select something really unique and high-quality as a present for them.

Why do you give bridesmaids gifts?

A bridesmaid present is a means of thanking your bridesmaids for their participation in your wedding. When you’re a bridesmaid, you put a lot of effort, time, and money into making the bride’s wedding flawless.

Huge Bridal Clearance Sale

Is it customary for bridesmaids to bring a gift?

Yes, bridesmaids are expected to provide the couple with a wedding gift. Some bridal parties decide to go in on this jointly so that they can give the couple a larger gift, while others opt for individual gifts.

Is it customary for the bride to offer presents at the bachelorette party?

Giving a bride a present at her bachelorette party is customary, although it is not needed. Unlike the wedding gift, this is a one-of-a-kind gift for her, so choose something emotional and/or enjoyable. Because this gathering is more lighthearted and high-energy, joke presents from party shops are frequently exchanged.

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding shower gift?

The average cost of a wedding shower present is between $50 and $75. Expect to spend at least $25 if you’re invited to a wedding shower but aren’t very close to the bride. If they have the funds, regular friends, coworkers, or distant family members should consider spending up to $75.

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