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6 Tips To Help Make Your Hair Shine On Your Special Day


For every bride and groom, having a wonderful hair day is essential. As your wedding day approaches, you should begin to pay more attention to your skin and hair. You may have lustrous, beautiful, and healthy hair without breaking the bank if you follow some professional advice and use efficient home treatments. There are techniques to make your hair shine no matter what texture it is. You may apply a shine-boosting hair mask and then style it to maximize the shiny effect. Follow hair care routines that maintain your hair healthy and strong for the shiniest results. As a result, here are a few simple ways to help you get the hair shine you desire.

Use the Right Shampoo

Instead of a harsh shampoo, choose a soft and gentle one that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Styling products are fantastic for achieving the ideal appearance. However, product buildup after a few days of style may turn your hair from spectacular to drab. To rejuvenate and increase shine, use a detoxifying shampoo at least once a week to refresh your hair.

Using chemical products to wash and style your hair might cause damage over time. Chemicals in many shampoos, moisturizers, and styling treatments may be exacerbating the problem. Look for items that are all-natural and don’t include the following ingredients:

Shampoo frequently contains sulphates. They are strong cleaners that remove natural oils from your hair. 

Conditioners and leave-in shine treatments frequently contain silicone. They accumulate in your hair over time, making it seem drab. Instead, flatten gaps in the hair follicles that make your hair look frizzy using a mild daily hair conditioner. Leave-in conditioners make hair easier to maintain, detangle, and volumize. Apply it twice a week when your hair is moist, and your hair will shine like crazy on your wedding day, making you a lovely bride!

Remember that too much heat can cause hair to lose its sheen, damage the follicles, and seem lifeless and drab. Apply a little conditioner just after you get out of the shower and rinse it off with cold water. It not only seals the cuticles but also adds gloss.

Gel, hairspray, and other hair products may also include alcohol. They cause your hair to dry out over time.

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Trim Regularly

Trim your hair on a regular basis. Frayed split ends can be removed to give your hair a shinier appearance. Request that your hairdresser refrains from using chemicals or high-heat styling products on your hair. Also, make sure he or she is using high-quality hair trimming shears of a good brand to guarantee that the delicate hair cutting procedure goes as easily as possible. It’s worthless to have long hair if it appears fried and frizzled. Damaged hair will be hanging on by a thread, and as a result, you will likely have a lot more breaking. Trim your hair on a regular basis to keep it in the greatest possible condition.

Avoid Shampooing Too Often

Washing your hair too frequently depletes sebum, the natural oil that protects and nourishes it. Hair that has been stripped is prone to breaking and appears dull and dry. Shampoo your hair no more than once or twice a week to maintain it shiny.

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Your hair may take two weeks or more to even out and adjust to being washed less regularly. Try to wear your hair up for the duration of the shift.

Dry shampoo may be used to refresh your roots in between washes. This collects oil without depriving your hair of its natural oils.

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Be Mindful of Your Diet

Because your hair reflects your health, eating a well-balanced diet is the first step toward having glossy, beautiful hair. Consume lots of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, and supplement with a multivitamin to fill up any nutritional shortfalls. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated may also make your hair seem rich and shiny. Make sure you receive at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables might also help you stay hydrated. Melons, berries, apples, cucumbers, and lettuce are all good choices. To stay hydrated, drink herbal tea or other caffeine-free tea.

Protein-rich foods include fish, cattle, chicken, eggs, beans, and other legumes. Hair is made up of protein, and if you don’t get enough, it will suffer instantly. Combining energy-dense carbohydrates with protein can be extremely helpful.

Nuts and avocados are also high in healthy fats that give your hair a fuller, shinier appearance. Plants that are nutrient-dense, such as leafy greens, including spinach and kale, are particularly good for hair.

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Try Out Hair Serum

The term “serum” refers to a product created expressly to bring shine to your hair. Silicone and other elements in shine serums make your hair seem instantaneously shinier. The majority of shine serums may be used on wet or dry hair.

Using a shine serum on a daily basis may have the opposite impact of what you want. Silicone, which makes your hair shine, accumulates in your hair over time, making it seem lifeless. You may wish to keep serum for only exceptional events.

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Look for a serum that doesn’t include any alcohol. Hair might get dry as a result of consuming alcohol.

Invest in an excellent quality hair serum for shinier, healthier, and sleeker hair. It quickly transforms your hair from drab to spectacular while detangling it. Apply a pea-sized quantity to your hair while it is still moist. Always remember to begin at the bottom and work your way up. If you think your hair needs more hydration and shine, go ahead and apply some more. In this manner, you’ll aid your hair’s recovery and restore the shine you’ll need to stand out on your big day.

Hair Oil

A softening, glossy hair oil will nourish extra-dry or damaged strands. Smoothing on a couple of drops of hair oil mixed with natural oils like argan will leave your hair soft, silky, and shining. Hair hygral fatigue, or swelling and drying, can be reduced by oiling it on a regular basis. Oils protect the follicle from irritants by filling the space around cuticle cells.

The following oils may be used: coconut, sesame, jojoba, almond, jaborandi, argan, olive.

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Some Extra Tips

You must take care of your skin and hair to avoid your hair not appearing beautiful on your special day, especially if you are a bride. You may simply use DIY products to keep your skin and hair in good shape. If you’re looking for some handmade hair tips, have a look at the information below and learn about a few of them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a common plant that may help your hair get the lovely shine to amaze everyone on your big day! Cut it apart to get the jelly-like stuff within the aloe vera. You may apply it to your scalp and hair strands to encourage hair development, and keep it lustrous. Aloe vera provides your body with a wide range of advantages, and hair shine and recovery are definitely the ones!


Your hair will benefit greatly from the use of an egg. The yolk adds moisture to your hair, preventing it from becoming dull. The white helps to clarify your hair by removing any buildup. The egg also contains protein, which helps to build your hair. After just one treatment, the hair appears to be incredibly lustrous. This is how you do it:

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  • In a small bowl, whisk one egg.
  • Make sure your hair is wet.
  • Pour the egg over your hair and brush it to the tips with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for it to rest in your hair.
  • As usual, shampoo your hair. To get the best shine, rinse with cold water.


Avocado has natural lipids that nourish and brighten your hair. It will be simpler to distribute the mixture into your hair if you use a ripe avocado. When your hair is dry and needs to be moisturized to look gorgeous on your most important day, try an avocado mask.

  • Using a fork, mash one avocado until it is completely smooth. You may also process it in a blender.
  • Make sure your hair is wet.
  • From your roots to your tips, apply the avocado.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for it to rest in your hair.
  • As usual, shampoo your hair. Rinse well with cold water.

Coconut Oil

Apply some warm coconut oil to your hair to make it shine like a diamond. It’s crucial not to overuse this treatment or your hair may get oily. Coconut oil can help preserve your hair’s proteins from the natural wear and tear it endures on a daily basis, such as exposure to the sun and wind. Warm the coconut oil in a skillet or in the microwave until it melts completely. Applying heated coconut oil to your hair is not a good idea, so wait for a few minutes for it to cool down and then apply it to your hair.

Weddings are often full of joy and pleasure. Even in the midst of all the rushing about, you want to appear immaculate! Your hairdo, in addition to your clothes and cosmetics, must be absolutely stunning. Hair that is dull and dry will not suffice. The goal is to have shiny, silky hair. Fortunately, recovering your hair and getting back to its young shine isn’t unattainable — simply follow the tried-and-true methods listed above to get the healthy, bright, and lustrous hair of your desires.

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