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Best Wedding Hairstylists in Toronto and GTA 2021

Best Wedding Hairstylists in Toronto

Bridal Hair is a beautiful and meaningful art. Every bride-to-be wants to look beautiful and confident on their wedding day. We want to help you find the perfect wedding hair stylist for you. We have compiled a list of the best wedding hair stylists in Toronto and GTA. As each one has their own style and preference, the list is in alphabetical order. These are the Top Wedding Hair Stylists in Toronto and GTA nominated by Best for Bride. Enjoy exploring and admiring their beautiful works of art! We have also included Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Stylists at the bottom of the post.

Antonella Cumbo

I have been practicing my craft for 14+ years, I strive to give each individual a unique personalized experience. And always keeping up to date on trends and fashion. 

I started my career as a co-op student right out of high school. At the time I didn’t know I wanted to do hair for a living, until one day I sat in on an “updo” class and absolutely fell in love with the art of styling. It was then when I realized that I wanted to make woman feel and look beautiful. Over the years of hairstyling, woman have been afraid to get updos for the fear of not liking it, or ending up with the dreaded “prom hair”. I made it my mission to make sure I offer a unique style of consultation that includes vision crafting, and face shape analysis to determine the best look for their face and body type. This always works. And most often they end up wearing it for a few days!


Alexis Ibero

5 years of experience in the world of hair has launched me into a romance with styling, educating, & expressing myself through the art of what I love most.

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