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A guide to bridal hair accessories and hairstyles that flatter different face shapes

No two women are alike. So, what looks good on one bride may not be the best choice for another. This explains the diverse choices in fashion, since there should be something to suit everyone.

Most brides understand the importance of choosing a wedding dress silhouette that flatters their body shape. Just as you focus on finding a dress that flatters your best assets, it is important that you find a hairstyle and accessories that enhance your facial features.

You may fall in love with a hairstyle you see in a magazine or on the internet. However, the design of your dreams should suit your facial structure and features, for it to work properly. Unless you find the right hairstyle and accessories for your face shape, you may not look your very best on your wedding day.

The first step to getting this right, is to identify your face shape. Certain face shapes are easy, like round, square or oval. If you can quickly identify yours, you are welcome to the first step. However, if you aren’t so sure, this article on Wikihow suggests two different ways to determine your face shape. The first method is to trace the outline of your face on a mirror and identify the shape that it resembles closely.  The second method uses precise measurements of your jawline, cheek-to-cheek width, forehead and length of face and compare it to the given list to decide your face shape. Choose either of these methods and identify your actual face shape.

Common face shapes and their characteristic features

Eight different face shapes are widely recognized. These are the following:

Oval: Oval faces have more length than width. The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw and chin areas, and overall the face structure is symmetrical.

Round: The cheekbones are usually wide and similar in proportion to the overall length of the face. You will have a small chin area without sharp angular features, and the forehead will be small.

Oblong or rectangle: These face types are longer than they are wide. The measurements are similar for the forehead, jawline and and cheeks.

Heart: The chin is narrower than the temples and cheeks. Forehead and cheek measurements are similar and upper facial features are soft and rounded.

Square: The difference from the oblong face is that square faces are about as long as they are wide. The jaw is characterized by sharp angles, as is the forehead.

Triangle: Triangle-faces are similar to the heart-shape. However the angles are sharper and the chin is generally more pointed.

Diamond: As the name suggests, diamond faces are widest at the cheeks and taper towards the forehead and chin region. This type of face structure is usually symmetrical.

Now that we’ve looked at the different face shapes there is, let us find out what hairstyle and accessories suit each type best.

Suggested hairstyles and accessories for each face shape

Oval face shape

The oval face shape is one of the easiest types to accessorize. Since the facial proportions are symmetrical, it is relatively easy to balance. Whether you have long, tumbling tresses or wear your hair short, there are a plethora of options available when choosing your wedding day hair. For some hairstyle inspiration for this face shape, take a look at this article on the Marieclaire website

If your face is really long, it is a good idea to pick a hairstyle that breaks the length of your face. A chignon or a fringe would work well. Also consider a bun at the nape of your neck or pull back your hair loosely into a ponytail that shows off your face shape. A side-part will add more width to your face, if it is long. Avoid hairstyles and accessories that add height at the top. Instead, choose hairstyles that add fullness to the sides of the face. Headbands look good on oval faces, especially when they simply encircle the crown. All the different types of veils, from birdcage veils to long-flowing ones are suitable for this face shape.


When your face is round, pick a hairstyle and accessories that create the illusion of length. This will help your face look longer, and resemble an oval. Layered bangs and long hairstyles will elongate this otherwise full shape. Women with round faces can slim down their faces using hairstyles with texture and bounce. Deep side-parts tend to reduce the fullness of the face, and are a style you should consider. If you choose a layered hairstyle, ensure that the layers are graduated and give the neck region a longer look. Visit this post on the She Knows website for more ideas on hairstyles that work best for this face shape.

When choosing your wedding day hairstyle, consider a sleek, side-parted ponytail for an elegant and classy look. Another option is to wear a hairstyle which adds height at the center and balances the proportions of your face. Hair accessories that add height, such as a tiara in a triangular fashion are the best. It is also a good idea to add some volume at the area under your veil, so the face doesn’t look chubby. Your veil should flow along the sides of your face, thus elongating it.


For this face shape, we suggest hairstyles and accessories that add width, but not length. Side-swept hairstyles, especially those with tumbling waves soft curls add a delicate, feminine quality to this face shape. Avoid long, straight and sleek styles that further accentuate the length of your face. Instead opt for short layers or fringes along the sides that will add more volume to your face. A side-swept updo or half-up half-down hairstyles will also look amazing on you.

Find a veil with plenty of layers that fall around your face. For hair accessories, ornate combs or dainty hair pins that add sparkle to a side-swept hairstyle work well. You can also wear floral headbands to add texture to a side-swept hairstyle.


Heart shaped faces are wider at the forehead than the chin, and look good with hairstyles that draw attention to the cheekbones and shift focus from the angular chin. Fringes work well with this face shape. Add more texture or volume to the area near the ears and cheek with hairstyles like textured bobs. If you want a gathered hairstyle, consider an off-center part that takes the hair away from the face, but breaks up the width at the top. Refrain from making a center part or pulling your hair back without a part, as this will only make your forehead appear wider.

Explore the options in combs and hairpins to accentuate your wedding day hairstyle. Avoid wearing flat tiaras or headbands that add width to your forehead, unless you also wear a side-swept fringe with it.


Hairstyles that conceal or shift attention from the fullness of the jaw and forehead are ideal for square face shapes. Since the corners are rather sharp, they can also add volume to the face. Long, straight hairstyles with soften this look. Off-center parts are also suggested as this will open the face up and not enhance the effect of a broad jaw. Similarly, oversize buns with wispy curls around the face conceal the forehead and balance out the jawline. Bouncy, graduated curls are also a good way to shift attention from your angular jaw.

Choose headpieces with asymmetrical details for best results. Do not wear it in the center. Instead, wear your headpiece to one side of the face. Details like twirls, floral elements, delicate details that add sparkle to the hair and feminine curls are suitable. Voluminous veils are good for this facial shape.


The most prominent feature of a triangle shape face is the jaw with its greater proportions in comparison to the forehead. When you choose your wedding day hairstyle and accessories, aim to balance out the proportions of the face and shift focus from your pointed chin area. For this, add width to the jaw area with a suitable hairstyle. A chignon or bun tied at the nape of the neck with a vivid side-part will achieve this effect.

Headpieces that broaden the forehead and widen the width of this area are suggested. Wear it close to the temple, instead of placing it near the crown. Delicate and dainty headpieces with plenty of detailing will draw attention to your eyes and forehead. When choosing veils, look for ones that do not end near the jaw line, or have layers in that area. Your veil should preferably fall towards the back.


If your face has the shape of a diamond, you are likely to be blessed with sharp, chiseled features. Although your chin tends to have a pointy look, it can be camouflaged with a suitable hairstyle. The hairstyle you pick should ideally reduce the length of your face, and balance out its lean look. Basically, aim to shift attention from the center of the face. You can achieve this with hairstyles that add a side-part. Layers work well, as these add volume around the face and give it a fuller effect. If you have side-swept bangs, leave them open. Avoid hairstyles that fall flat and straight as this will highlight the contours of your face.

Choose hair accessories that simply enhance a side-part for your wedding day. You can also experiment with hair clips and combs that add the right dose of sparkle to your hairdo. Avoid tiaras and crowns, unless you leave your bangs open. Never pair this with a sleek updo or pull your hair back on all sides since it will highlight the actual shape of your face. Oversize hair accessories like floral crowns are another great option as this can disguise the actual shape of your face and give it a fuller look.

Other factors to consider

While your face shape is an important factor to consider when choosing your hairstyle, there are other factors to consider as well. For instance, your hairstyle should match your dress style and it should be formal or casual based on your wedding style. The accessories you wear on this day should also go well with the rest of your outfit. All these factors can make it rather confusing to find the right combination of hairstyle and hair accessories that go together seamlessly.

If you are unsure of what to choose, you can always ask your bridal dress consultant for suggestions for suitable accessories. Experienced bridal fashion consultants can usually suggest suitable accessories for each dress style, and you can make your pick from what they recommend. Also, consult your hairstylist. Discuss how you want to look, show her pictures you like and ask for inputs on what would look best on you. Have a trial hair and makeup session ahead of the wedding, and you can see if it comes together properly and make suitable adjustments as necessary.

At Best for Bride, we have a range of bridal hair accessories to suit every bridal dress style. For ideas on how to plan your wedding day look, browse through our gallery of wedding dresses. Also, don’t forget to visit this link to our accessories page to find out more about what we have in our inventory. From veils and tiaras to headpieces, jewelry and shoes, we have everything you need for your special day. We also offer the flexibility to buy or hire these articles, as well as your wedding dress as per your preference. Visit Best for Bride today to make your wedding day dreams come true. 

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Perfect Pairings—Matching your wedding dress style to your venue

Your wedding venue and wedding dress are very important factors, where the wedding theme is concerned. When you choose the right dress for the venue, the cohesive effect makes it all come together. This is beautiful as you will look like you belong there.


The wedding gown should look good. Nevertheless, it is equally important to be comfortable for the chosen venue. The weather and location are both relevant factors to make sure your dress is appropriate for the venue.

Fortunately, there is enough variety in wedding dress styles, to satisfy all these factors. Plan your shopping well, so you will have enough time to explore your options. You can then zero-in on a dress that ticks all the boxes.

Today, we will look at dress suggestions that are suitable for various types of venues. But before that, there are two main rules to keep in mind for an easy and practical dress search. Let me tell you what they are.

#Rule 1: Always go dress shopping after finalizing the venue

Begin your wedding dress shopping after you choose the venue, not before. This is because your dress should be comfortable as well as practical in the chosen setting. If you pick your dress first, there is a bigger risk of the dress not being suitable. This is especially if you have to choose a different venue, which can cause several other factors about the wedding to change. For instance, if the new venue has a staircase, a mermaid-style dress may be inconvenient to get around from one place to another.

#Rule 2: Always shop early

I can never stress enough the importance of shopping in advance. As soon as you have an idea of the type of wedding you want, shortlist venue choices. Next, start the research for your dress. Go shopping soon after you lay down the deposit for your venue. It will take time to narrow down your choices and locate the right boutiques. You should then book appointments.

Your task isn’t complete even after you choose the dress. Afterwards, you have to get your alterations done and buy accessories. All this can take anywhere between six and nine months. So, prepare early to do it right.

Now that you know these important rules, let us move on to the list of dresses we have compiled. Take a look at the different styles our fashion experts at Best for Bride suggest for different wedding venues.

Church wedding or wedding in a house of worship

This is the traditional type of wedding. Thus, it comes with a set of rules that the bride is expected to follow. The wedding is formal in nature. Since the guests realize this, they tend to dress their best when the function is held in a house of worship. Choose a dress with huge impact, to stand out against the crowd. A dress with a long train (chapel length or more) is ideal, as it looks grand in this setting. Traditional accessories like a veil are suitable for this venue.

Many traditional religious venues do not encourage revealing dress styles. So you may have to avoid strapless styles. Check with your chosen venue, in case of doubt. Either choose a dress with cap sleeves or longer sleeves, or add an accessory. You can wear a bolero or jacket for the ceremony over a strapless dress for the reception. Luxurious fabric finishes like satin or elegant classics like lace are suitable for this venue.

Style suggestions:

The Mori Lee 2875 is a cap-sleeve tulle gown with intricate embroidery on the bodice. It also has a luxurious ball gown skirt. The dress easily creates an impact with its elegant details. It features the right placement of beautiful embellishments along the neckline, sleeves and waistline. The modest details and majestic train make it suitable for a church venue.

This vintage-inspired lace wedding dress from the Mori Lee collection is an ideal choice for a formal church wedding. Lace details extend from the neckline along the fitted silhouette to knee-length, and make the gown a classic beauty. The illusion style neckline is modest, but stylish. The snug silhouette shows off the natural curves. This dress is bound to impress with its touch of vintage class.


Ballroom wedding

You have more flexibility when choosing a dress for any indoor venue other than a church. The choice should ultimately be based on the theme and formality of your chosen venue. Nevertheless, elegant and sophisticated dress styles are suitable for most indoor venues. Modern silhouettes and soft, luxurious fabric finishes look good on such occasions. Minimal details on the dress and simple, uncluttered styles are ideal for a modern, stylish look.

Style suggestions:

The 2880 Mori Lee Duchess satin dress is a dress that is ideal for a ballroom wedding. The scattering of intricate and ornate silver beading and embroidery in the bodice contrasts with the pristine white of the rest of the dress. The off-the-shoulder neckline detail adds a chic, modern look. It has a snug fitting silhouette, which makes this a dress just right for an intimate, formal indoor affair.

Next up, is a trumpet gown from the Sophia Tolli collection. It has beautiful details like metallic lace, a tiered skirt with lace trim and gorgeous sweetheart neckline that make it truly divine. The rich details in the bodice and skirt have a sophisticated effect. This renders the dress a perfect choice for an elegant ball room style reception.

Rustic venue like a barn

Venues like barns are intimate, warm and cozy. They are comfortable, with a relaxed and laid-back ambiance. When the dress you select reflects this effect, it will right for the venue of the event. Lace and chiffon are dress finishes that are ideal. Simple relaxed silhouettes that are not too tight or fitted are suitable. The sheath and A-line are examples. Short dress styles also look great. Accessories like the birdcage veil add a unique detail. Too many details and too ornate embellishments or big bold accessories will not compliment this theme.

Style Suggestions:

The 2816 from the Mori Lee collection has all-over Alencon lace details over soft satin. With cap-sleeves and a fit and flare silhouette, this dress has a vintage charm. Thus, it is just right for a barn style wedding. The soft white color of this dress will show up well against the characteristic warm yellow lights at a rustic venue.

The Mori Lee 6816 is another dress that is suitable for a rustic-style wedding. It has embroidered lace appliques on soft net in the bodice. This continues into the chiffon A-line skirt, with scintillating beaded straps that compliment it. The dress has just the right balance of details without being overwhelming or too elaborate.

Beach wedding

There are a number of factors to consider when you pick a dress for a venue like the beach. Airy and breathable light-weight fabrics are best suited for the natural ambiance. A long train is impractical due to the natural turf. Also, most beach wedding locations call for traveling. So, you need a light and minimal maintenance dress for easy of transport. Goddess-like styles are a big hit, as are dresses that do not feature a train. Take a look at our recommendations here.

Style Suggestions


A romantic, airy and light weight wedding dress, the Alfred Angelo 2564 is just right for your beach nuptials. It has just the right amount of details to make a statement. There are silver embellishments along the strapless sweetheart neckline and ruffles in the layered skirt. With a pleated criss-cross bodice and an empire waistline, the dress is remarkable and just right for the natural outdoors.

Modern, fun and flirty, the Mori Lee 6808 is a beautiful dress for a beach wedding. The simple A-line silhouette is embellished with a fully ruffled skirt. I like how this skirt resembles the ocean waves. It has an embellished bodice and a draped waistline, and looks as light as it actually is. The naturally textured look yields well to travel. It is a practical choice for a destination wedding at an exotic location. This Mori Lee masterpiece is definitely a dress to consider for the modern beach bride.

Garden wedding

Garden weddings have a warm, intimate feel. Hence, it is no wonder that this outdoor venue is one of the most romantic venues there is. Garden weddings are best held in spring and summer, when nature creates a glorious palette.

Remember that there are many natural elements to consider in the case of a garden wedding. Your dress should be both practical and comfortable. Fabrics that will not weigh you down are the best, and will let you move about the natural terrain conveniently. Also, delicate wedding dresses with lace and other soft and feminine elements look best in the natural greenery. Avoid heavy ball gowns and thickly layered skirts. Instead opt for soft lace or silky satin. Dresses with short hemlines are also ideal for the casual vibe at a garden wedding.

Style Suggestions

Here is a splendid dress from the Alfred Angelo collection. Designed in an A-line fashion, the 2565T is a net tea length dress. The silhouette and finish make it perfect for a warm spring or summer wedding. The plunging V-neckline with sheer modesty panel adds an element of mystique to the design. A scattering of lace appliques in the bodice and skirt create textural details to the dress. It is both a practical and pretty option for a fun garden wedding.

The 6796 Mori Lee dress in tulle is a delightfully attractive dress, that is buoyant and beautiful. It has light tiers that add drama to the slim ball gown silhouette. The dress is stylish without being overwhelming. Gentle criss-cross pleats in the bodice fashion an attractive sweetheart neckline. The only element of sparkle in the dress is the slender waistband. Airy and dramatic, this dress is just amazing for a garden wedding.

City hall wedding

If you will be saying your “I do’s” at City hall and having a small lunch afterwards, there are few rules to follow when choosing your dress. You can be as fashionable as you like. Or pick a dress that is as modern or as traditional as it gets! The trend, however, is to pick an outfit that is smart but dressy. In short, it should stand out and still make sure you look and feel like a bride! Here are some of our picks for this venue.

Style Suggestions

Here is a smart and minimalist, but interesting dress from the Sans Pareil collection. The 1034 has a sleeveless lace peplum top with frill detail at the waistline. Beneath the lace is a satin sheath that flows to floor length. The short train at the rear adds an essential traditional touch to this beautiful bridal gown.

Color your day with happiness, literally! Here is a colored wedding dress to do so. A dress like this 1007, from the Sans Pareil collection is ideal for a striking bridal look on your big day. With sheer cap sleeves and glittering crystal strands along the sweetheart bodice that thin towards the skirt, this dress is a real dazzler. Although it is different, it is attractive in a bridal way and the perfect outfit for your wedding at City Hall.

So, tell us, which of these wedding venues will you be wed at? And, which style of dress will you choose for your wedding day? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Best for Bride has the ideal range of wedding dresses for every venue and every wedding imaginable. Check out our collection online and shortlist your favorites. From modern and fashionable to classic and timeless, you can find the wedding dress of your dreams in our collection. Additional services like alterations and accessories are also available at Best for Bride, to meet every bridal need. Find out more about our services and collection range by visiting our website here.