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14 Unique Ideas to Add for a Fun Wedding

14 Unique Ideas to Add for a Fun Wedding

Your wedding is a day you’ll never forget. If yours is coming up, now’s the time to start planning. Many people leave preparing for their weddings until the last minute. If you make the mistake of doing this, your wedding could be less than perfect. Since most people only have one wedding, ensuring that yours is just how you want it to be is essential.

This post will explore this topic in more detail and offer advice on making your wedding more unique.

Photo Booth

Professionals photograph most people’s weddings. Did you know that you can also set photobooths up around yours? The experts from Special Events Photo Booths make clear on their site that photo booths allow you and your loved ones to take hilarious, spur-of-the-moment photographs. Make sure that you still employ a professional photographer, though. A professional photographer’s photos can be visual aids to recall how unique your wedding was many years ago. The photos in photo booths can also help you remember how great your wedding was.


Live Music

Live music is familiar at weddings today. However, you can seriously improve your wedding by paying for a slightly unconventional band to perform. Most people’s weddings have classical musical performers. Why not pay for a rock or pop band? If you plan on hiring a band, shop around and find the best one you can. Live musical performances can be expensive, so you can save money by hiring a band still trying to make a name for themselves. Bands of this kind tend to be a little more affordable.

Hiring Entertainers

Live music isn’t the only kind of entertainment you can hire. Why not hire an entertainer, like a clown or a magician? Many people are reluctant to hire entertainers of this kind for fear of judgment and ridicule. They worry their loved ones will accuse them of being childish or immature. However, a clown or a magician can be just as entertaining for adults as they can for children. Make sure that you hire one that specializes in adult entertainment, though. A literal child’s performance will be dull.

dj for wedding

Accommodating Children

Did you ever go to weddings when you were a child? Most people did, and most people’s wedding experiences were very unpleasant. This is because, when planning a wedding, couples tend not to think about the many children that are bound to be in attendance. Make sure that at your wedding, you accommodate the children that will be present. You can do this by hiring an entertainer for them. You may even want to hire a ball pit or bouncy castle. You could also hire a clown or a magician for child guests. Parents can enjoy your wedding more if you occupy their kids.

Street Food Stalls

When people are planning weddings, they tend to hire conventional catering companies. Why not try out street food vendors? You could still hire an established caterer in addition to hiring street food vendors. Having street food vendors present at your wedding will give people more choices in terms of the food that they eat. Giving people more options will mean that they have a lot more fun. It would help if you also considered hiring unique vendors offering cuisine your guests are unlikely familiar with. Introducing new cuisines to your guests can make your wedding a lot more exciting for them.

Finding A Venue

The venue that you choose for your wedding needs to be perfect. Do not feel that you need to compromise on the quality of your wedding venue just because you are on a budget. Most wedding venues offer payment plans. A payment plan will allow you to pay for the cost of your wedding venue over months or years rather than all at once. However, you will need to have good credit if you were to access a payment plan. There is no chance of receiving a payment plan if you do not have good credit. You should check your credit score before taking out a finance plan.

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Going Abroad

For your wedding, why not go to another country? A lot of people have their weddings domestically. While a domestic wedding is ideal if you want your family and friends to come, a foreign wedding can be just as good if you pay for their tickets. If you plan on going abroad for your wedding, make sure that you book a venue in a country that is easily accessible and affordable. Many people spend more than they can afford to pay for their weddings. You should not make this mistake. If you spend more than you can afford on your wedding, you will regret it in the future.

Hiring A DJ

Why don’t you hire a DJ for your wedding? Hiring a DJ can be a great way to ensure that your live musical performances at your wedding are engaging and entertaining. If you plan on hiring a DJ, hire one with good reviews and a solid online reputation. If you hire a DJ who is not well-reviewed, you could end up wasting your money. DJ’s reviews can tell you everything you need to know about them. In addition to reading reviews posted on Google and Trustpilot, make sure you read your chosen DJ’s thoughts on their website.

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Having a Dance Floor

What’s the point in hiring a DJ if you aren’t going to have a dance floor? Setting up a dance floor is a relatively easy thing to do. If you will set one up, ensure it is large enough to accommodate all your guests. If the dance floor is too small, people cannot dance when they want to. Some wedding venues have large rooms exclusively used as dance floors. Ask your chosen venue’s representative if they have a dance floor.

Fire Dancers

Fire dancing is one form of entertainment you might want to consider for your wedding. Fire dancers are becoming very popular in marriages today. Fire dancers are widely available and generally quite affordable. It does need to be noted, though, that if you are planning on hiring a fire dancer, you need to make sure that you notify people of this in advance. You may be surprised that some people get very excited about fire dancing. You also need to make sure that you book your wedding for a day with clear, warm weather. Finally, make sure that your chosen venue allows fire dancing. Some venues do not.

Incorporate Interests

If you want your wedding to be unique, four go with traditions and incorporate your interests. Don’t let other people’s expectations or conventions define your marriage. Incorporating your interests into it will help you to make it a more special day for you and your loved ones. That said, make sure you also allow your partner or spouse to incorporate their interest into your wedding. You shouldn’t take complete control and force your wants on them.

Creative Guest Book

When most people plan their weddings, they plan to have guest books on tables for people to sign. Why not create a unique guestbook? Rather than just a simple book, set up a computer or recording device and have people record their messages. Having messages recorded rather than written down will allow you to watch them many years into the future and remember how fun your wedding day was. Additionally, having people record their messages will let you look back and see what everybody used to look like when they were younger.

rustic wedding guestbook

Skipping Traditions

As mentioned, don’t let people’s conventions or traditions define your wedding. Make your traditions. If you are somebody who lives their life way, skip practices and have your wedding exactly how you want it to be. Again, make sure that you allow your partner to have just as much say in the wedding as you. Do not plan the wedding for them. Allowing your partner to have just as much say as you will enable you to get more from your wedding and make it the perfect day.

Gift Bags

Finally, consider giving out gift bags. You can include food cooked at the wedding and other little presents are souvenirs in the gift bags. There are companies you can hire that you’ll be able to create gift bags for you. Ensure that everyone has one gift bag set aside for them. You may also want to have a few extra bags in case any go missing, get lost, or get damaged.

If your wedding is coming up, make sure that you plan for it properly. You can do that by following the guidance given here in this post. If you plan on incorporating unconventional forms of entertainment and cooking into your wedding, ensure you are fully confident you want to do this. Your wedding should be the perfect day. It would help not to let anybody other than your partner have their say. Your wedding, your way.

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Summary: Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas

  • Setting up photo booths alongside professional photography
  • Hiring unconventional live bands
  • Incorporating different entertainers such as clowns or magicians
  • Child-friendly amenities like ball pits or bouncy castles
  • Adding street food stalls for diverse culinary options
  • Choosing the perfect venue with possible payment plans
  • Considering destination weddings in accessible and affordable countries
  • Hiring a well-reviewed DJ to enhance musical entertainment
  • Setting up a spacious dance floor at the venue
  • Bringing in fire dancers for a fiery entertainment experience
  • Incorporating personal interests and hobbies into the wedding theme
  • Setting up a digital guest book for video messages
  • Creating new wedding traditions personalized to the couple
  • Offering gift bags with souvenirs and wedding mementos to guests

FAQ: Ideas to Add for a Fun Wedding

What are some unconventional entertainment options I can consider for my wedding?

In addition to live music, you can consider hiring entertainers such as clowns or magicians that specialize in adult entertainment. Other options include fire dancers or setting up a dance floor to liven up the event. Remember to choose entertainment options that resonate with both you and your partner’s interests for a truly unique and enjoyable wedding.

How can I ensure that the children attending the wedding are also accommodated?

To accommodate children at your wedding, consider hiring entertainers specifically for them, such as clowns or magicians who specialize in children’s entertainment. You might also want to set up areas with a ball pit or bouncy castle to keep them occupied, allowing their parents to enjoy the wedding more freely.

What are some creative food options to explore for my wedding?

Apart from traditional catering services, you can explore having street food stalls at your wedding. These stalls can offer a variety of cuisines, possibly introducing your guests to new culinary experiences. This approach not only provides more food options but also adds an exciting and informal element to your wedding feast.

How can I make the guestbook at my wedding more unique and memorable?

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Instead of a traditional written guestbook, consider setting up a station where guests can record video messages. This way, you can revisit the warm wishes and see the faces of your loved ones years down the line, preserving memories in a more vivid and personal way.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a venue for my wedding, especially if I am considering an abroad wedding?

When choosing a venue, ensure that it aligns with your budget without compromising on quality. If considering a wedding abroad, choose a country that is easily accessible and affordable to avoid overspending. Remember to check the amenities and policies of the venue, especially if you plan to have specific entertainment options like fire dancing. If you’re looking into payment plans for the venue, ensure your credit score is in good standing to avail such facilities.

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