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Gifts To Avoid Giving To Newlyweds: Guide To Wedding Gifts

Gifts To Avoid Giving To Newlyweds: Guide To Wedding Gifts

Weddings are one of the best and most joyful occasions of life, and you will do anything to make them memorable for your friends and family. However, one of the essential parts of weddings is the gift. Now, you might have many great ideas in your mind but think again! Unfortunately, many people don’t know their choice might be on the lousy wedding gifts list. Currently, the trend has been a lot more to gift a bridal subscription box to the bride. 

So, here we are sharing some gift types or categories that you shouldn’t give to the happy couple. 

Relationship advice books:

You might think that this could be the perfect gift, but it is not. Many people have been giving it as a wedding gift, and it is in trend, but it could hurt the couple. Their relationship was already perfect when they announced the wedding and made it official


You might have thought of a beautiful painting that will go just right for the couple’s new house. It could also be a hand-made painting of them, but every person has a different taste in art. They might not live it like they are interested in abstract art, and you are getting them something modern. Unless they have registered for a gift and mentioned the painting, they want. So don’t go for it. 

abstract painting bad wedding gift

Religious books:

Time has changed a lot, and we are not saying that you should not give it. But, check whether it is a mixed religion wedding before. Giving something religious is mainly for the closest people to the couple and whether they have asked for it or not. It is usually a forever gift that parents give to their children. So, make sure not to provide them with this gift without asking them first or if they have asked you for it. 

religous books wedding gift

Try not to add anything weight-loss-related to the gifts as it is not a great idea. It includes nutritional or diet supplements, equipment, and books that can upset the bride and groom. Instead, you should gift them something that shows your love. Unless they have registered for it, never go for this option. 

Parenting books:

It is not an ideal type of gift when you are sending the bride and groom parenting books or anything related to the child’s birth. They might not like it all and even if it was a joke. But, it is their personal life and very personal decision to have a child right away or not. So, your gifts should not give a hint on this part of their life. 

parenting books wedding gift

Something that can go bad:

You might have made a basket for them, including some of their favourite cupcakes, cake, or any edibles. But the couple might go on the honeymoon, and it won’t be fresh till they come back. So it could be spoiled, and you don’t want to gift something they cannot enjoy. Giving them their favourite wines, snacks, any confectionaries is a great idea but only when they will be around. Something that can go bad should never be on your list.

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Gifting someone a puppy or a tiny kitten or any animal the couple like can be a great idea. But here is how it turns out to be a bad one. The couple just got married, and they might want to be alone and enjoy their time. An animal, especially a tiny puppy or kitten, requires care and attention. There is no way they will manage them, especially with the honeymoon and going out after the wedding. So it could be a gift after settling in their house after the honeymoon but not right away. 

puppy wedding gift

A check that could bounce:

Many friends and people who come to the wedding might not have enough time to buy a gift. So, they give a check, which is not a bad idea. But what about a statement that can bounce? It is a terrible idea as it could be the most awkward situation. They cannot ask you about it. Instead, you can send them a card with money later to show that you didn’t forget about the gift. Make sure not to make this mistake at anyone’s wedding

Items they have not registered for:

Now, the budget is always on your hands but go for those if they have registered for specific gifts. Couples have mostly asked for what they might need for their new life. If they have not written, get whatever you want but think before choosing. 

wedding registry gift

Anything outdated or damaged:

You never want to gift someone anything outdated or damaged and even used at their wedding. Many people circle the gifts they don’t wish to, but just throw them if the packaging and the product are getting old. You don’t want to give the happy couple something that they won’t be able to use now. 


It could be a great item, but you must ask the couple before giving them something like plants as a gift. They might not have time to take care of it as they are leaving for their honeymoon. Moreover, there can be an inconvenience for bringing the gift home in the car. Therefore, if you want to send it, make sure that it has been delivered to the house. 

plants wedding gift

Lottery tickets:

Like there are no words to describe how bad it is as a wedding gift. If you are trying to do something funny, it still does not fall into the category. You can make jokes all you want, but the gift should make the couple happy. A lottery gift might hurt their feelings that they don’t have money. You might have given a happy thought or something that they might find funny, but you should never go for such gifts that can hurt the couple’s feelings

Anything small in a large box:

It is not about the gift you are giving but how you are offering it. You might be building someone’s expectations with excellent packaging. If they open and find a small salt and pepper shaker, they might not like it. There is nothing wrong with the gift, but the packaging should be the same.

What to give instead?

You should gift a bridal subscription box that always comes in handy and can make her feel special for the brides. It shows the love you have for her and how much this day means to you as well. You will be there for her, and we all know that personalized gifts always go a long way. Instead of expensive gifts, this will make her happy and excited every time she receives them. 

bridal box wedding gift

Engraved wood watches and cufflinks can be an excellent idea for the groom, beard and face oils, champagne glasses, and wine set. But, always research before you decide what to give. It is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you want to make them happy when they see what you gave. So, try something else instead of just going with what everybody is giving. The bridal subscription boxes are a unique and perfect idea for all the bridesmaids and closest friends to jump on the opportunity. 

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Summary: Wedding Gift Dos and Don’ts

  • Avoid giving relationship advice books, as the couple’s relationship is already strong and established.
  • Be cautious when gifting art, as individual tastes may vary and not fit their preferences.
  • Check the couple’s religious background before giving religious books, as it is a personal and significant gift.
  • Steer clear of weight loss-related gifts, which can be sensitive and potentially hurtful.
  • Avoid gifting parenting books or items related to having children, as it is a personal decision for the couple.
  • Be mindful of perishable items that can go bad if the couple is away on their honeymoon.
  • Don’t gift animals immediately after the wedding; the couple may need time to settle down before taking responsibility.
  • Avoid giving a check that could bounce; opt for a card with money instead.
  • Respect the couple’s gift registry and avoid giving items they have not explicitly requested.
  • Never give outdated or damaged gifts, as they may not be helpful or appreciated.
  • Consider the couple’s lifestyle and schedule before gifting plants, ensuring they have the means to care for them.
  • Lottery tickets should be avoided as they can be seen as insensitive or imply financial struggles.
  • Be mindful of the packaging and avoid creating high expectations with a large box containing a small gift.

What to give instead:

  • Consider gifting a bridal subscription box, a practical and personalized gift for the bride.
  • Engraved wood watches, cufflinks, beard and face oils, champagne glasses, and wine sets can be thoughtful gift options for the groom.
  • Research and choose unique gifts that will make the couple happy and reflect your thoughtfulness.
  • Bridal subscription boxes are ideal for bridesmaids and close friends, providing them with a special and exciting experience.

FAQ: Wedding Gift Ideas

Can I gift relationship advice books to the couple?

No, it’s not recommended. The couple’s relationship was perfect when they announced their wedding, so such books may not be well-received.

Is it a good idea to gift artwork?

Unless the couple has specifically mentioned a painting they want or has registered for it, it’s better to avoid gifting art as personal tastes in art can vary.

Should I give a check as a wedding gift?

Giving a check is fine, but ensure it won’t bounce. If you cannot buy a gift in time, it’s better to send a card with money later to avoid any awkward situations.

Is it necessary to stick to the couple’s registry?

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If the couple has created a wedding registry, it’s a good idea to choose a gift from there. However, if they haven’t, consider their preferences before making a selection.

Is it appropriate to gift plants?

Gifting plants can be a great idea, but make sure to ask the couple beforehand, as they may not have time to care for them immediately after the wedding.

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