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Is An Elopement Wedding The Right Choice For You and Your Partner?

Is An Elopement Wedding The Right Choice For You and Your Partner?

The pandemic has forced people to reconsider their trajectory, many finding love and wanting to get married. With news that limits are being raised (and eventually lifted), this is the perfect time to arrange your big day. This means that you do not have to cross off anyone you want to attend. If you’re going to get married quickly–with little notice–this may be the best option for you. Love is the most potent emotion, bringing people together and inspiring dedication and fidelity. When it is the right time to tie the knot, eloping is the best way of making it happen quickly and with minimal fuss. 

Eloping is not so much a “guest number” but a state of mind. While traditional weddings can be highly stressful (and nerve-racking), eloping is much more low-key and down to earth. It is the perfect alternative for the modern couple, focusing on the ceremony and the people in the immediate vicinity. Instead of requiring large amounts of time to plan, you can get married anytime (provided you already have your marriage licence). While some things are negotiable, others are not. You are going to have the most fantastic day, the exact moment that you have been waiting for your whole life. 

How to Choose Your Wedding or Elopement Photographer

Say Yes To The Dress

Just because you are eloping does not mean that you cannot look amazing! The dress “makes’” the moment, turning an ordinary woman into a fairytale princess. The options are limitless, ranging from designer gowns to dress rentals, ensuring that every bride gets the best dress for her budget. Perhaps you are unsure whether your size is available, whether it be plus size or petit. Expert customization is available on site, ensuring that the dress fits perfectly for your big day! 

There is no reason to leave the mother of the bride out! She can come along with her daughter to try out dresses, giving her input as she sees fit. With that being said, why not invite the bridesmaids and make a day of it? Aroma is next to the bridal shop, offering the best coffee and brunch offerings. Take your time and browse around, giving yourself time to connect with the piece. Does it speak to you? How does it make you feel? As epitomized by the hit reality show “Say Yes to the Dress,” you will have an epiphany when you see it. One could say that it is not dissimilar to finding your match!

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Where To Elope in Toronto And Elsewhere in Ontario

You can get married in your backyard. This is the simplest option with the lowest cost. This would allow you to allocate more money to the dress, ensuring that you do not compromise on anything you value. Perhaps you want to spring for a fancy videographer, splicing your big moments into a storyline of sorts. Eloping affords the most excellent flexibility of choice if you wish to get married in Prince Edward County or at a cool wedding venue in Toronto. You will (of course) pay more if food is provided, something manageable considering the modest guest list. This can mean that you can up the ante on your hospitality, spending more per plate while racking up considerable savings.

Have you considered getting married in Niagara, perhaps at a vineyard? You can score some excellent wedding packages, ones that include food, venue, and (even) an open bar. The food is often local, grown by farmers on neighbouring properties. This creates a breathtaking combination, marrying domestic pours with free-range meat and organic vegetables. With options like this, why would anyone want to leave the province? Instead, you can hurry over to the Falls and enjoy some gaming and entertainment. There is a reason that it is known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. 

And The Rings, Please!

Since antiquity, rings have been part of our culture, with the ancient Israelites offering a solid gold coin or ring. While they rejected anything affixed to the metal–as it was perceived to distort the value–it is custom for the male to offer a diamond ring upon engagement. The female ring tends to have more options since it integrates diamonds and other rare stones. Prices range from $800 up to Elon Musk’s budget. The ring itself is (traditionally) solid gold, constituting two separate rings. While the first is offered at engagement, the second is given at the wedding ceremony. It is similar to the male version, simply a gold band. This is not to say that men cannot have theirs “decked out,” but that it is uncommon to see a man sporting a princess cut!

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Say Cheese!

There is plenty of reason to capture every moment on camera with so much goodness going on. While some couples are OK with aunt Rivka (and her iPhone), others prefer someone a bit more professional. You can tell the difference in quality, especially when you receive the end product. While auntie’s pricing is attractive, you may not be happy with her shots of people’s feet! Weddings are “once in a lifetime” and should be treated with the reverence it deserves. For an added element, consider taking aerial shots with a drone. The photographer may offer this as a service but can also be arranged by a friend. The latter option may be cheaper but risk the chance of the drone falling on the canopy during the service. The DJ lineup is best for this task, ensuring stability and high definition.

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I Now Pronounce….

As mentioned, you will need your marriage licence and someone to marry you. It has to be someone registered with the province, like a rabbi, chaplain or officiant. They will perform the ceremony and fill out the government form. Without this step, the marriage is not official. Some people ask if their friends can marry them. While (an unregistered person) can contribute to the ceremony–like asking the vows and reading Scripture–only an authorized person can solemnize. This is relatively easy to navigate, provided that you have a little time to rehearse everyone’s parts. This is a great way to get everyone involved, giving guests specific passages to read. 

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Eloping is for people who want to get married and get married now. 

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

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May it be filled with happiness, health, and peace. 

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