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Best Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA 2022

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Wedding Videography is a challenging and powerful way to capture the emotional moment of your wedding day. Every bride-to-be wants to relive the amazing moments of their wedding day. We want to help you find the perfect wedding videographer for you. We have compiled a list of the best wedding videographer in Toronto and GTA. As each one has their own style and preference, the list is in alphabetical order. These are the Top Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA nominated by Best for Bride. Enjoy exploring and admiring their beautiful works of art! We have also included Frequently Asked Questions for Videographers at the bottom of the post.

If you are a wedding videographer and you believe you deserve to be included in the Top Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA area, please email us the following information at to be considered: why we should choose you, a unique description of your business (200-500 words), logo, links to your website and social media, 3-5 examples of your work to be featured. This feature is free of cost because if you can pay to list, then is it really the best business?

Aperture Lane

Aperture Lane is a witty and warm-hearted wedding brand based in North York best know for its meaningful and cinematic wedding films.

You won’t find the music video style or montage style wedding videos with Aperture Lane. Instead, Ryan and his team work with fun, authentic and classy couples to turn the footage from their weddings into meaningful, artistic videos. The team believes that taking the time to tell an intentional story around the wedding day will allow their Aperture Lane couples to appreciate their keepsakes for many years to come. In establishing the brand, Aperture Lane’s diverse clientele is proof that their storytelling method is not for a particular bunch, but rather a universally appreciated style. Their online platforms showcase faces and celebrations from various cultures ranging from Western-style, South Asian, Jewish, West-African and many more. This embodies Aperture Lane’s slogan: Stories bring us all together.

Team Aperture Lane works meticulously to strike a balance between getting the best quality of footage and providing the best experience for their couples and guests. Couples often forget Ryan and his team are present because of their non-obtrusive workflow where they try their hardest to capture those precious moments with minimal impact on the attendees. They quietly document during the formal portions and enthusiastically direct and encourage their couples during the photo sessions in order to get organic reactions to enhance their films later on. Aside from creating thoughtful narratives with his couples, Ryan, the head of Aperture Lane, is committed to educating brides along their journey to marriage. In addition to intentional social media posts, Ryan has a weekly segment called Wednesday Wisdom by Aperture Lane, where he provides tips to help brides improve their experience with planning their videography, photography and schedule for their wedding day.

At some point in your interaction with Aperture Lane, you’ll very likely find yourself getting emotional during a film, getting inspired by tips or just shaking your head at the shameless dad jokes and humour that pop up frequently there.


Naturally Captured Weddings

Naturally Captured offers a non intrusive approach for your wedding film.

There are no staged moments and no feeling uncomfortable. The more fun you have on your wedding day the more you’ll love your video for a lifetime. Naturally Captured is own and operated by Jeremy Robertson. Completing Film Studies at New York Film Academy, Jeremy brings a 4k cinematic look to all his wedding films. Jeremy uses audio from throughout the wedding day to create a highly engaging wedding film that’ll you want to watch over and over again. 


Ondi Studio

Ondi Studio is your premier boutique wedding videography and photography service in Toronto.

With years of experience, technical expertise, and excellent customer service, we take care of capturing your special day. 

Wedding films deserve style and class. That’s why we offer you both classic and contemporary shooting styles to ensure that your memories are preserved in the best possible way. Your wedding will be captured on state-of-the-art equipment by professional wedding photographers and videographers, giving you a stylish and cinematic keepsake you can treasure forever.


Origin Weddings

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Origin Weddings is a company that specializes in artistic videography and photography services for weddings and other special events. 

Owners Pouya and Danny are friends and partners who have been making films since 2008. Since their start of Origin Films Inc (Commercial Video Production Company) in 2017, they have built an Instagram following of nearly 100+ thousand followers, have produced over 200+ projects and have worked with companies such as Remax Realestate Center, Doritos & Samsung. With such a unique & Impressive team, your fondest memories from that special day will all be captured perfectly so you can relive them many years down the road.


Twenty5 Films

We are a husband and wife team that is passionate about capturing love in a story-telling way!

We handcraft our wedding films that captivate every, smile, laughter, and tear.  Our films are timeless, and every time our couples watch their films, or even strangers who watch other wedding couples films, they tell us that they are full of emotion and happiness!

Whether it is the anticipation of the groom patiently waiting to see his bride for the first time, you can hear his heartbeat.   Whether it’s the moment the bride walks down the aisle, you can see the smiles, and tears of the guests.  Every moving picture filmed is meticulously edited with the perfect note, and sound of music, giving you that moment that will take you back in time forever!  This is why we love filming and making wedding films.  We absolutely love it!

Our weddings don’t define the kind of weddings we love to shoot by style or budget. We film every wedding with heart. Whether it’s rustic or glamorous, luxury or DIY.  Your love story is what matters to us. We love working with couples who are just as excited as we are to have their wedding day filmed.  Whether they are camera shy, or not, or excited to tell every detail of their love story, it’s our job to make the couple comfortable on camera.  It’s their biggest day of their year, and we want you to love every moment of it!

Outside of weddings, we are parents to a beautiful boy. We love food and travel. If we’re not filming weddings, we’re filming ourselves! We love making videos that we can look back on and watch for ages!

Instagram: @twenty5films

More Videographers

Five Feet Above Productions

Fivefeetabove Productions is a Cinematography and Photography Media Production Company that has challenged the Wedding and Corporate industry to create change and recognize extraordinary art. 

Fivefeetabove Productions started with a growing passion to create storyboards, editing film pieces together and inspiring a growing audience in the year of August 2013. Marwah Khan Izzeddin started Fivefeetabove Productions through her passion for storytelling with visionary art. It all started with her passion for creating YouTube videos on things that she loved and broke boundaries. “I just wanted to pick up the camera and film and edit anything and everything that came in my way.” Said Marwah Khan Izzeddin at the young age of 19. Soon enough, her growing passion for the Arts became more than just a hobby when she decided to film her first International Fashion Festival, which was held in the heart of Downtown, Toronto. Later then, Marwah Khan Izzeddin began to do photoshoots for editorial covers, fashion magazines, bloggers and other influencers.

She fell in love with her passion for filmmaking and storytelling. After receiving her first gig for a Wedding, she knew that this was her calling. Marwah Khan Izzeddin, was one of the first South Asian & Middle-Eastern female filmmakers to enter the industry and break the cultural taboo that women don’t belong in this industry. “It was a difficult ride. I remember my own family members telling me that women in this industry can’t have families or a stable home.” It was then that Marwah Khan Izzeddin realized that she will do anything and everything to break this norm and prove to the world that women are capable of becoming successful filmmakers.



Here at HenjoFilms, our number one goal is to tell love stories beautifully on film.

Love stories that are truly unique to each couple. That’s why we’re so proud that throughout our 10 years in the wedding videography business, we’ve consistently been told by our couples that they are amazed at how our videos capture the essence of ‘them’ in a matter of minutes! Even strangers feel like they know our couples after watching their highlight films.

Although we film cinematically with beauty, light and the best angles in mind, candid moments rule all when choosing where our attention lies on a wedding day! Those stolen moments are the ones that our couples truly want to see and remember. ‘I didn’t know you captured that!’ is the best kind of feedback for us! We’ve been known to hide in a bush or two.

Our magic lies in the editing room, where we focus on the love, the emotion, the humour and basically all the FEELS from the big day. No stone is left unturned as we sift through tonnes of footage and piece together a work that truly captures the personalities, quirks, and journeys of our clients as couples!  

Better than telling you, we will let our films do the talking!


Jonathan Productions 

Jonathan Productions was born in 2012 by the passionate, self-taught, husband-and-wife duo, Jonathan & Natalie Lewis who have survived 8 long years of working together everyday, without pulling each other’s hair out (for the most part) .

Specializing first in weddings, the JPro team has been privileged to shoot videos for a wide range of industries from real estate, to food and beverage to fashion shows and everything in between. The only way to tell a great story on camera is to understand the history, and motivation behind each project. This is why at Jpro, we believe in the importance of building a genuine connection with you and understanding your vision, before getting to work. You may not be an actor, but you are the superhero of every pivotal moment in your life (preferably Batman). At Jonathan Productions we recognize that, and our goal is to create mini-masterpieces that will serve as a tool to trigger emotion, and inspiration every time you watch it.


Norris Films

Over the years, we’ve now grown into an intimate team of award-winning videographers ready to create amazing wedding cinema.

We get inspired by your candid moments and go along with the adventure on your special day. Leave it to us to transform your day into a heart-warming, beautiful, and timeless film for you to keep.

Our goal is to challenge ourselves to make each video more awesome than the last.  Based on the events of your wedding day and your personalities, we creatively edit your wedding video by piecing together layers of video, dialogue, and music to create an artistic and usually non-chronological visual story of your wedding day.  Our style is soft, beautiful, but playful. We believe timeless wedding videos involve romantic moments that make you cry combined with whimsical moments to make you laugh. Let us take you on a bit of a fun rollercoaster ride as you relive your wedding day over and over again.


SDE Weddings

We are SDE Weddings®. Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth rental company.

SDE Weddings had humble beginnings as a handful of home-grown Torontonian film aficionados, storytellers, videography connoisseurs who were all united in a passion for capturing life’s most precious memories to all its fullest. From our very first moments filming our own home movies to playing an essential part on the centre stage in filming a countless number of wedding celebrations for a plenitude of pleased couples, we aim in earnest to provide our very best work in delivering you unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.


SevenSeas Productions

I’ve been a videographer for about 10 years now having directed and produced promotional and fictional content In Canada, the US, the UK & Italy. 

I started shooting weddings to tell more intimate stories, to capture those pure moments of joy and happiness. Nothing we shoot is cookie-cutter, every film, every story is a bespoke design, inspired by you and your adventure together. 

I know what it’s like to not want a camera shoved in your face. This is why we always go for the candid, unscripted moments of your day. The moments you share that remind each of you why you’ve chosen to spend your lives together. The moments you’ll want to look back on and share with family, friends and for generations to come.



We are Jhos & Zim – We are a husband and wife duo behind the cameras, capturing raw, intimate, and honest emotions. We always say, that stories are not meant to be just seen, but felt.

Our goal is to make a film that celebrates you as a couple and captures the essence of your wedding. During the wedding day, we capture moments as they naturally unfold and bring the best of the day together in the edit to create cinematic films you’ll want to watch over and over again. We do this out of passion. We wouldn’t know how to live otherwise. This is an ever-growing love that continues in our hearts and we want to share that with you.

Zim was born and raised in a small coastal town of Venezuela called Puerto La Cruz. Zim grew up with a passion for storytelling, creating short stories with friends. When he’s not filming events or editing films, Zim can often be found networking or meeting new people, cooking some of his favourite recipes, watching movies or binge-watching tv series, listening to the soundtracks of his favourite movies, playing a casual soccer game, laughing at really bad jokes, writing and planning his next narrative project.

Jhoselyn, Filmmaker and Graphic Designer.  Jhos has left her artistic mark wherever she goes. Fueled by her passion for creating beautiful things, she uses her talents to craft meaningful and timeless stories and now, to capture special events on film. Though travel and the arts are her first loves, Jhos enjoys visiting art expositions, kayaking in summer, and learning people’s stories. She finds inspiration in getting to know and becoming a part of others’ lives.


FAQ – Wedding Videographers

Is a wedding videographer necessary for a wedding?

This is a personal question and everyone has their own opinion on whether wedding videographers are essential to have at a wedding. Budget and the size of the wedding are big factors as well. However, I believe that if it is possible, you will not regret having a wedding videographer. They are experts at capturing the most precious and emotional moments of your wedding in real-time. You might regret not having one when you want to relive those moments in a couple of years.

Do we meet the videographer before the wedding?

This question depends on the videographer but the majority recommend a meeting in advance. This meeting is, first of all, to meet each other and get comfortable. During the meeting, you will discuss what specifically you’d want to get on tape and if you have any special requests for the film.

Do wedding videographers get along with wedding photographers?

Yes, most videographers love working with photographers. Videographers understand that photographers want to capture beautiful pictures just as much as videographers want to create beautiful films. Do not worry about having both a photographer and videographer as most times, they will get along great! You can also find a list of the Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto and GTA here.

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