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14 Items You Must Add To Your Wedding Registry: Unique Ideas Suitable for All Newlyweds

14 Items You Must Add To Your Wedding Registry: Unique Ideas Suitable for All Newlyweds

Back in the day, your wedding registry would be where you’d get all the basics needed to upgrade your home. That would include all the bedsheets, pots and pans, and glassware that you’d ever need. 

These days though, you’ll probably have all these basics. After all, you’re more than likely already living together and already have built that home. So what on earth can you ask for on your registry?

This is your chance to update what you have, going for higher-quality versions of what you already have. Plus, why not ask for fun one-off items that you’d never usually have a chance to get? So here are some things that you can add to your wedding registry for those who’s like to buy you gifts for the big day.

Stand Mixer

This is a gift that all avid cooks should be adding to their registry. Unfortunately, it’s often costly, so most people do without them when they’re in the kitchen. Once you have one, though, you won’t believe the difference that they make. You can quickly whip up cakes, treats and more in your stand mixer. 

The most popular stand mixer out there is the KitchenAid stand mixer, and for a good reason. They’re known to be long-lasting and highly reliable models. However, there are other models on the market, such as the Dash stand mixer. So shop around and see which one would suit your needs best. 

stand mixer wedding registry


A good set of knives is a kitchen must-have. Are you still using the bargain set you bought in your local supermarket? Now’s the time to upgrade to a real chef’s quality tool version. A good set of kitchen knives will be costly to buy for yourself, but they can be a wonderful gift to add to your registry. 

If you add a good quality set of knives to the registry and care for them, they’ll last you for years and years. You’ll get much better cutting and slicing action with them, plus those sharper knives are, ironically, safer to use. 

knives wedding registry

Vacuum Cleaner

Does a vacuum cleaner sound like a boring gift to ask for? Maybe, but you’ll be so glad you did. There are so many different models out there, and you’re most likely using a more budget option. These will pick up the most prominent dirt, but they won’t be powerful enough to get up all the dust hiding in your carpets. 

Ask for a well-known model, such as a Shark or Dyson vacuum. They’re high-powered vacuums; pick up everything that’s hiding on your floors. If you’d like something that can handle clean-up when you’re not around, a robot vacuum, such as the popular Roombas, is another excellent gift idea.

vacuum cleaner wedding registry


Are you planning a honeymoon after your big day? Then a new set of luggage is just what you need. High-quality luggage is something that every home should have, as you’ll always need a way to take your belongings with you when you travel. 

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Even if you already have a luggage set, this is an excellent time to upgrade. You can get luggage that’s designed to be hard-wearing and easy to move around. Even models out there offer options, such as a charging station for all your devices. 

luggage wedding registry

New Linens

Linens are always a popular item to add to a wedding registry. They’re something you’re going to use every day, and so you want something that’s good quality and will last for years and years. Plus, don’t you want linens that are just a little more luxurious than the norm?

New linens can include anything from bath towels to bed linens, and there are multiple price points available in each category. That makes things easier on your guests, as even if they have a limited budget, they can pick up some new hand towels for you that you’ll love. 

new linens wedding registry

Coffee Maker

Are you a couple that can’t get going in the morning without a good cup of coffee? If so, you should add a good coffee maker to your list. These are a must-have for so many people, as they allow them to make excellent quality coffee right in their own homes. 

Plus, this is a gift that you’ll use every day, so why wouldn’t you add it to the list? You can ask for a Nespresso coffee machine as they’re highly popular with coffee lovers. If you have a small kitchen with limited counter space, a Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker will be perfect as it’s thin and takes up little real estate. 

coffee maker wedding registry

Bar Cart

Have you been poring over inter-design websites and seen so many people using bar carts in their homes? They’re so popular as they’re a throwback to a simpler time and look fantastic whether you have them in the living room or dining room. Also, they’re practical too, allowing you to wheel the drinks wherever you are in the home. 

If you’ve always wanted one, now you can add one to your gift registry. They’re an excellent addition to any home, especially if you have a mid-century modern vibe going on. 

Photo Frames

Why photo frames as a wedding gift? Well, after your wedding you’re going to get the photos of the big day. So, naturally, you’ll want to display them somewhere, so why not ask for some beautiful frames to put the pictures in?

These are simple and easy gifts to get for you, and you’ll be able to look at them every day and remember your wedding day

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photo frames wedding registry

Garden Tools

Are you and your new spouse into gardening? Spend every weekend out there in the dirt, making it beautiful? Then you need the best tools to help you do that. If this sounds like you, add some high-quality garden tools to your registry. 

You can opt for a set of hand tools like trowels and weed scrapers, or you can go for something more high-tech. How about a push lawnmower or a pressure washer? Think about what you need to make your garden the very best it can be. 


Speaking of your yard, is it somewhere that you like to gather with friends and enjoy time together? It’s a great place to do so, but it can be problematic in the winter as it gets so cold. One way you can stay warm outdoors is to ask for a firepit. 

There are many different fire pits available, from ones that require you to place them in the ground to ones that can be moved around as needed. A good firepit can be used toasting marshmallows or simply keeping warm and cozy into the night and is a great wedding registry idea

Passport Holders

Here’s a small and fun idea for your gift registry, especially if you’re heading out on your honeymoon. Passport holders are great as they make your passport easier to locate in the depth of your bag when travelling. Plus, they can hold other items too, such as airline tickets. 

Some places will even allow the gifter to personalize the passport holders for you. It’s a cute way to send you off on your honeymoon and an excellent budget gift idea that you’ll use for years to come. 


This is another classic gift registry idea and one that you should consider adding to your list. If the glassware you’re currently using is somewhat mismatched, old, or chipped, then add a new matching set to your wedding registry.

There are so many options to suit all kinds of budgets and tastes out there. You can pick pretty but practical options designed for everyday use. There are also more formal options, including cocktail glasses and champagne flutes, among other possibilities. Look for a set that suits your needs best. 

glassware wedding registry

Pressure Cooker

Having a pressure cooker in the kitchen is the next big thing for cooking. They’re a great way to cook food quickly and effectively, drastically cutting your food prep times. It’s something that many busy people love, as they can have an excellent home-cooked meal without having to slave over the stove for hours. 

If that sounds like you, then take a look around to see what’s on offer. Most instant pots or pressure cookers will retail for under $100, so you can go with the make and model that works best for you

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Yes, it feels dull to add cash to your wedding registry, but maybe you need it. You can add the item to your registry with a specific goal in mind. For example, cash for a honeymoon fund or to renovate your home shows that money will have a purpose. 

cash wedding registry

These are just a few ideas of great items to add to your wedding registry. Did any of these stand out to you? If so, add them now so you can enjoy them after your wedding day

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