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Have You Ever Been To A Prince Edward County Wedding? Learn About the Beautiful Island in Lake Ontario!

Have You Ever Been To A Prince Edward County Wedding?

Perhaps you thought of Prince Edward Island, a small province in our Atlantic Maritime. While the scenery there is fantastic (or so I hear), I am talking about the Island in Lake Ontario. Roughly 90 minutes out from the core, you will turn right just before you get to Belleville. 

It is something unique.

Trust me (or better yet, see for yourself).

Founded initially as a Loyalist Homestead, the area is now famous for its summer vacation vibe. The towns are very walkable, connected by a major thoroughfare. You know the deal; you keep driving on the same street, seeing a new welcome sign every couple of lights. While waiting, remember that you are no longer in Toronto! Take a gander outside, taking in the fresh lake air and vintage stores. You will see stores that are oneofakind, operated by families with deep roots in the local community. Many Churches are empty during the winter, used (almost) entirely for the wedding season during the warmer months. They were constructed around confederation, providing a glimpse into the past.

If you like old-timey movie theatres

Or heritage buildings…

Homemade pie…(with local fruit)…

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Ok, ok. 

You get the point.

If you are into small-town Canadiana, you will want to marry here.

Come here when the grandparents have the kiddos if you are already married.

Get married in prince edward county ontario

Getting Married At a PEC Vineyard

“The County”-as us cool kids say, it has some of the best wine that you can ever dream of. I am not alone in thinking that vineyards are romantic, having been featured in many books and movies. You will see rows after rows of grape clusters, each supported by a wooden beam struggling under its weight. Surrounded by lush vegetation stands the arch, the physical point where two souls merge, becoming one. Some people choose the drone option, capturing breathtaking shots that impress your friends on social media

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This is straight out of a fairy tale, one of those stories that couldn’t exist in real life. If you want a horse-drawn carriage ride, you have come to the right destination. We know you are wearing your best wedding dress, bought from Toronto’s Premier Bridal Store. Of course, you are worried about getting your dress dirty, especially if it is raining. The carriage drivers are pros at what they do, having escorted countless brides throughout the four seasons. All are affixed with bars to step on, allowing you to access the interior with grace and composure!

wedding vineyard

Vineyards will host their selection-of course-in addition to a series of intelligent pairing options. PEC is proud to host many local farms, offering both produce and meat. As with many other parts of Canada, agriculture impacts culture through food (and drink). Your wedding feast will not just be a regular meal; instead, it will be the manifestation of a story. It connects the local farmers with the guests enjoying the literal fruits of their labour. So as you sit down to your salad, know that it was likely grown within a couple of kilometres of the venue.

You will want to take pictures, lots of them. This will be the day that you remember, the day that your family had their “official start.” Do you remember what the wedding officiant said? He would feed you each line one at a time. Your dress looks fantastic, complimenting your shape and style. You knew that this would be the right dress; you didn’t want to see others. You were surprised by the price, especially considering the quality and attention to detail. The customer service reminded you of a way back before the age of box stores and Amazon. Like the family businesses of old, you were treated like family.

Get Married On The Beach

Besides the wine angle, there are many fantastic wedding venues in Prince Edward County. Maybe you have heard of Sandbanks, named one of the best Canadian beaches year after year. It is different from other coastal areas, providing silky-soft sand free of dangerous rock and debris. The water is clean and crisp, offering bathtub-like temperatures during the summer months. 

prince edward county wedding

If you want to get married barefoot, you will find no lack of venues that allow you to do just that. Maybe you need a shorter dress, something that will drag on the sand. Like the horse-carriage scenario, there is a hack. Just ask your friend to carry your train behind (or beside) you. It’s not like they drove that far from the city, wasting less than half a tank of gas. All in good humour, you will think that you are in Hawaii with this setup, reciting your vows as the lake breeze fills your nose. You will see so many things around you, but this is not the time to deviate. You are here to marry your soulmate, your life partner. You can take in the scenery afterwards, once the licence is signed and the DJ puts on some killer wedding music. Look into each other’s eyes, remember why you chose each other in the first place. 

Your Honeymoon Staycation

Flying is possible but much more complex than before. While I am not discounting air travel, there is no need for a local alternative. If you are looking for world-class spas, look no further. You will be pampered beyond your wildest dreams, being treated to a bevy of massages, mani-pedis, and saunas. Maybe your husband isn’t on board, preferring to explore some local attractions. Consider the RCAF Museum in Trenton, showcasing historic aeroplanes from the World Wars up to the turn of the millennium. I have seen many patrons wearing wedding gear, heading to the museum for pictures and videography. You cannot blame them for coming here, especially after checking out the sizeable exterior portion of the exhibit. 

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Prince Edward County is a magical destination, the choice destination for thousands of brides (and grooms) over the generations. It still has a “classic” feel, with buildings adorned with British Flags and so forth. It is aesthetically pleasing beyond compare, providing the perfect destination for your wedding. Pricing is reasonable, especially when compared with alternatives in the city.

See you there!

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