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How to Write a Wedding Thank You Card (Examples and Templates)

How to Write a Wedding Thank You Card (Examples and Templates)

Thank you cards are always unique and endearing. It’s advised to send thank-you notes for presents received before the wedding within two weeks. Then, try to send thank-you notes within three months for gifts received after the main event. Don’t try to complete all the wedding thank-you notes in one sitting because it can take a lot of time. 

Instead, allot around 30 minutes each night to work through your list of wedding thank-you cards. Divide and conquer is the most effective strategy for doing this assignment quickly. For example, some couples divide the list in half, while others choose to send thank-you notes to distant relatives who might not be as familiar with their significant other.

8 Tips to Write a Wedding Thank You Card

Write Your Notes by Hand

Handwritten thank-you letters for wedding gifts are always preferred since it demonstrates that you took the time to craft a personal and considerate message. No need to write a novel for each wedding guest because penning thank-you notes for every wedding guest will take a lot of time. 

Your thank-you cards may appear impersonal when typed or sent by email; in some situations, recipients may even deem it disrespectful. In reality, there aren’t any set guidelines for how long your wedding thank-you should be. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to convey your gratitude; a brief, straightforward statement is well enough. Start a paragraph with a clear and concise line stating your primary purpose. 

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Work in an Organized Manner

Make a spreadsheet with the guest list, including everyone’s addresses, when you send out your invitations. (That early, indeed!) Then, when the gifts start coming in, it will be simpler to track where to convey your gratitude; thanks. Along with what you received, when it was received, the date you posted the card, and another column for helpful notes, your file should also include this information. 

Spreadsheets are your buddies, so keep that in mind! If you write your wedding vows, it can be a great thing. But, whatever you do to make your wedding special, ensure it with proper management. 

Get Everything Ready in Advance

Making wedding thank-you cards may be enjoyable, mainly if you invest in writing tools that inspire you. First, pick a thank-you note layout that reflects your relationship as a couple. Then, reward yourself with a fine pen. Unbelievable as it may seem, a decent rollerball or fountain pen can improve handwriting. Make sure your ink won’t spill or bleed through your note cards by sticking to blue or black. 

Just like you order your wedding dress in time, give equal priority to other tasks. For example, have the information for gift tracking if your wedding registry offers it. Last but not least, make sure you have sufficient stamps on hand so they can be sent immediately away.

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Share Your Plan While Accepting Cash Presents

You must specify how the cash will be utilized in your wedding thank-you note if it was given as a monetary present. For example, explain if the financial contribution will support a home improvement project, any particular fund, or activities. 

Guests want to know that their presence will be appreciated. If you registered expressly for honeymoon funds, describe the activities you will (or have) funded with the money. In addition, you might be wondering how to phrase a financial gift in a wedding thank-you card. 

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Specify Your Words

Please include details about the gift in your thank-you notes, such as what you like about it or how you intend to use it. For example, do you anticipate having brunch with your new waffle maker? Make a note of that. The notes seem much more accurate and intimate when they are this particular. The same holds for gifts of money. 

Tell the person who gave you the present what you intend to buy or how you will use it. Your clarity of thought will show what the present means to you. Thus, a thank you note should fulfill the purpose effectively. 

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Send Cards as Soon as Possible

Sending out thank-you notes as soon as a week following the wedding is recommended. Send the cards out in batches if you wrote them out that way. There is no need to hold off until every gift has been used. Send a quick thank you note if you get a gift before the nuptials. Then, send those letters out immediately away. 

Some photographers offer free thank you notes in their special wedding packages. Your guests will appreciate the kind touch and realize that the thank you message is for the gift itself, even though it was intended for the wedding.

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Share the Amount Your Got Through Monetary Gift

You must put the precise amount they provided you when thanking individuals for the gift of money. This is especially important if the money was transferred online or sent via post. 

You are letting them know you received the money and validating how much you received. It does not look odd at all. It would help if you mentioned it in the thank you card as a gesture of gratitude. You can express good feelings and personal thoughts to make it unique.

Share the Address Properly

Not sure how to handle thank-you notes for a wedding? The card’s interior may be casual. Address each guest who attended your wedding (and signed the card or gift tag) by name. It’s essential if you are sending the card to a group of people, such as your complete family or a couple. It’s acceptable to use the initial names of your guests. 

Ultimately, you ought to act on how you feel for them. Address guests as you did on your formal invitations outside the wedding thank-you card envelope. The addresses should also be written by hand, though you can speed up the process by using pre-printed return address labels on the rear flap.

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For Donors of Financial Gifts

Dear [Name of the Guest],

We are very grateful that you joined us in celebrating our wedding! I greatly appreciated the excellent and considerate $100 gift you gave [Partner’s Name]. In addition, we were able to sign up for the cooking class we had our hearts set on for our honeymoon, thanks to you. Hopefully, we’ll see you during the holidays!


[Your Name]

Gift for Participants in a Group

Send personal notes to each member, but acknowledge the entire group in one letter.

Dear [Name of the Guest],

I appreciate the wine refrigerator. It will undoubtedly be put to good use in our new house! We can’t wait to have you all around and open a bottle or two; we are so fortunate to have friends that know us so well!

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[Your Name]


Wedding Thank-You Card Template for a Present from a Guest who was Unable to Attend but Left a Gift on Your Registry

Given that many guests cannot attend owing to the pandemic, this can also serve as an excellent model for the wording of covid wedding thank you cards. Make sure to express your gratitude for the present in detail in your wedding thank-you card by responding to the query, “What are you planning to do with this gift?” 

When you see them again, express your regret for missing them at the wedding (even if they live somewhere and you are unsure when you will see them again).

Greetings, [Name of Guests].

Much appreciation for the [present name]! [ Describe your plans for using it. For instance, “We can’t wait to serve Thanksgiving this fall using the magnificent dish.”] Although we missed you at the wedding, we hope to see you soon.

We appreciate you considering us!


[Your Name]

bad wedding gift

Template for a Wedding Thank-You Card for a Bridal Shower Present that you Didn’t Want and Didn’t Register for

So, this is a challenging question. You still need to write wedding thank-you notes, but you can be a little less detailed if you get sporadic gifts that you don’t like. Express your gratitude to the visitors for their generosity and tell them you hope to see them again soon. There’s no need to say that you gave back their gift (or perhaps are planning on re-gifting it to your unsuspecting cousin).

Greetings, [Name of Guests].

Thank you so much for [insert item name]. What a fantastic and imaginative gift; thank you for being so kind. We’re excited to see you at the nuptials.

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We appreciate you considering us!


[Your Name]

Wedding Gifts


You must have a clear idea of writing thank you cards with the help of examples and tips given above. However, do not miss out on the chance to pay your gratitude at the right time in a pleasant manner. It’s quite a convenient way to express your gestures. 

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