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Essentials for Keeping your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding [2024]

Essentials for Keeping your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding

When choosing the people to invite to your big day, consider those that matter. It would be best if you went for the people who influenced you, encouraged you, and contributed to making you who you are. You want to make these special guests feel comfortable while enjoying your wedding. Whether planning an outdoor or indoor wedding, find ways to make everyone in attendance feel cared for. Here’s how you can keep your guests comfortable at an outdoor wedding.

Provide Fans or Blankets, Depending on the Weather

• Fans

Consider providing your guests with handheld fans if yours is a summer wedding. This will prevent them from using your function’s program or something else to keep cool. The fans should have similar colours to those of the ceremony’s theme. While most people believe that women should only use fans, consider giving the men as well. Men get hot too. However, you may also design the wedding program to work as a fan.

• Blankets

If you plan an outdoor wedding during the cold season, give your guests some blankets to keep them warm. You can purchase bulk soft blankets for your female guests during the ceremony and reception. Look for a supplier with excellent reviews to sell the colours you prefer at the best prices possible. Then, place them in a beautiful basket and include a tag to let the guests know they should pick one for the day and even take it home.

You can create your preferred tag or buy one from outlets that stock wedding items. Additionally, if you plan to have a fireplace or bonfire, provide a few big cozy blankets for those present. You may opt to use your blankets or purchase some for the day.

The Seating Arrangement Should be Comfortable for All

Your venue planner should come up with a standard ceremony seating layout. However, you should confirm whether that is what you want for your big day. The planner should arrange the chairs in rows and an aisle in the middle. If you would like a different setup, here are the factors you should consider;

seating arrangement outdoor wedding

The Setting Should Allow All Guests to Have a Clear View

When using the traditional ceremony setting, all guests face forward and know the direction to look. Guests may keep moving to make sure they view the entire ceremony. However, you will have to move through the spaces to ensure all guests have a clear view of the ceremony and a couple of days. Avoid placing benches and chairs where those who use them cannot view some of the activities because of wedding arches, pillars, or floral arrangements.

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The Wedding Party Should Have Enough Space

Consider where the bridal team will stand when planning a large wedding party. Ensure to leave enough space for the bridal couple to prevent them from standing where the guests sit. If the seating arrangement doesn’t leave enough room for the bridal party, leave out a space where they can sit for the couple to remain everyone’s central focus.

outdoor wedding

Use Signs to Avoid Guest Confusion

Nowadays, most people prefer not to have designated seating arrangements for the bride’s and groom’s sides. Instead, they prefer mixed seating arrangements. However, leaving the front rows for the bridal party and close family members would be best. Place some signs to let everyone know where they should sit.

Utilize the Available Space Wisely if You Have Many Guests

If you are planning a large wedding, don’t leave too much space between the chairs. Consider some unique layouts that require less space but are comfortable for the guests.

The Seating Arrangement Should Allow all Guests to Hear the Vows

Everyone attending a wedding enjoys hearing the vows and everything happening at the ceremony. When arranging the seats, consider the people sitting furthest from where the action will be taking place. If you find the need to reduce the space between the seat rows, please do, but ensure it is not too squeezed and tight. You may also consider setting up an additional speaker. Please remember that outdoor events are more complex to hear than indoor ceremonies.

wedding ceremony

Your Guests Should Enjoy an Event Free from Pests

One thing that most people may not consider when planning a wedding ceremony is the presence of bugs. It would be best if you thought about this, especially now that you are planning an outdoor wedding. The good thing is that there are several ways you can use to keep the pests away to avoid spoiling your day. The following are some of them;

Use Bug Repellent or Sunscreen

Experts recommend applying sunscreen and bug spray to prevent pests from coming to your skin. However, you should not use them simultaneously because they may cause harm to your skin due to too much toxicity. Instead, apply your sunscreen and wait 30 minutes before applying the bug spray.

Provide Your Guests with Bug Spray

Place some individually sized bug repellents in your welcome baskets and include notes to inform people why they should pick some for the day. Additionally, you may customize the bug spray bottles using your wedding date or photo. The guests will use the bottles to keep off the troublesome pests and keep great memories of your big day.

Choose Flowers that Bugs Hate

You can experience more mosquito bites during summer than in any other season. While they are prevalent in many areas, it can be challenging to keep them off. Hence, if you plan to have an outdoor wedding, request your florist supply you with plants and flowers that mosquitoes dislike. You may suggest marigolds, lavender, citronella, lemon balm, or peppermint.

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flowers outdoor wedding

Seek the Services of an Exterminator

Most outdoor venue owners hire the services of exterminators who visit once every month to spray for pests. The best thing to do would be to find the length of time the exterminator went to your preferred venue. If you learn they were there three to four weeks ago, there is a possibility of bugs. Hence, request the venue manager to provide another spray date close to your wedding day. If you plan to have your wedding in a private location or your parents’ home, consider contracting an exterminator to spray the venue three or four days before the wedding day.

Your Guests May Also Use Fans

Your guests can use the fans to cool off and keep flies away. It would be best if you supplied enough fans on the buffet and cake-cutting table to blow the bugs away.

outdoor wedding
outdoor wedding

Consider Using Citronella Candles

You can improve the lighting on your big day using lighting components such as torches with citronella oil or lanterns and citronella candles. They will make the place romantic and keep all pests away.

Choose the Right Toilets for the Big Day

Portable toilets would be best for an outdoor event. That is because your guests will find them easy to access and will not have to queue for long before accessing them. Additionally, you will not have to worry about cleaning the toilets after the event ends. Find a reliable portable toilet renting company in advance and book the number you need in advance.

The company you choose will help you decide on the number of toilets to rent based on several factors. For example, experts recommend that you should have one portable toilet for every 60 people for a day or night event.

If you serve alcohol at the wedding, you will rent 15% more toilets than otherwise. Likewise, if your event lasts extended hours, you will need more bathrooms. Also, consider renting more facilities if you have more elderly guests and children at your wedding.

When planning your big day, you want to ensure that everything goes well for your guests to feel comfortable and cared for. Above are the considerations you should make to keep everyone happy and content and create those lovely memories.

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Summary: Essentials for Keeping Your Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding

  • Ensure the comfort of your guests at an outdoor wedding by providing essential amenities and thoughtful considerations.
  • Provide shade options such as umbrellas, canopies, or tents to protect guests from direct sunlight and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Offer seating arrangements with comfortable chairs or cushions to alleviate discomfort during long ceremonies or receptions.
  • Keep your guests hydrated by setting up water stations or providing individual water bottles throughout the venue.
  • Consider offering sunscreen and insect repellent to protect guests from sunburn and pesky bugs.
  • Offer a designated area for guests to cool down, such as a shaded lounge or air-conditioned tent, especially during hot summer weddings.
  • Arrange for proper lighting to ensure visibility during evening or nighttime outdoor weddings.
  • Keep guests informed about the weather conditions and provide appropriate attire suggestions on your wedding invitations or website.
  • Plan for restroom facilities that are easily accessible, clean, and well-stocked to accommodate the needs of all guests.
  • Consider providing thoughtful amenities such as hand fans, blankets, or portable heaters to ensure guest comfort in varying temperatures.

FAQ – Outdoor Weddings

Which month is ideal for outdoor weddings?

Because of the pleasant weather, early summer and early fall months like May, June, September, and October are ideal periods to have an outdoor wedding. Additionally, the chance of severe weather is lowest during these months.

In Ontario, is it legal to get married in a public park?

Since most parks are public areas, anybody is welcome to use the grounds, but you’ll probably need to apply for a permit if you want to have a wedding there. To assure acceptance and availability, submit an application as soon as possible to the permit office.

Are outdoor weddings cheesy?

You must be considering a backyard wedding if you enjoy being outside. Even if there is more space for your visitors in the backyard and it doesn’t require many decorations, some people think it looks plain, inexpensive, or ugly. Are outdoor weddings cheesy? Unless you specifically want them to.

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