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The Importance of Wedding Car Decorations: Ideas and Inspiration

The Importance of Wedding Car Decorations: Ideas and Inspiration

Every detail counts when planning your wedding – from wedding transfer to the venue, all the way down to the theme. Nevertheless, your choice to decorate your wedding car will make for a grand entry and sendoff. Most wedding planners agree that your wedding car decoration sets the tone for the entire event.

There are different approaches to adding a special touch to your wedding car decor. While traditional decorations are typical, going off the beaten path with unconventional ideas will make your car unique.

Stick around as we delve into the importance of wedding car decorations. Moreover, we’ve compiled creative and inspiring ideas to make your special day one to remember. If you’re feeling ambitious, go outside the norm and use our ideas for unconventional wedding car decoration. We’ll highlight the essential elements when picking the perfect wedding car decoration.

The Importance of Wedding Car Decorations

It would help if you didn’t overlook wedding car decorations. This is the vehicle that takes you and your spouse to the altar. Plus, it’s the one thing that’s often featured in wedding photos. Concerning that, it’s only natural that you’d want to make sure your wedding car looks its best.

The adornment of your wedding car carries considerable significance. Here, we explore five main reasons for decorating your wedding car.

The First Impression Counts

The first impression is everything. This is what sets the tone for the entire event. It would help if you made it count. And guess what? Your wedding car decoration is one way to make a great first impression.

Come to think of it, your wedding car is the first thing the guests see as soon as you enter the wedding venue. So, it’s only logical that you make it stand out with an extra touch of glamour. In fact, with the right decorations, your wedding car will create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

car decorations for wedding

Reflects Your Personality

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your style. The same applies to your wedding car decorations. Whichever decor you choose, it should reflect your unique personality as a couple. So, contemplate the statement you want to make with your wedding car decoration.

Let’s say you love all things vintage. In this case, you might want to adorn your car with classic white ribbon and flowers. For a modern couple, something sleek and simple will do. For instance, you may want to use a stylish monogram or bold graphic print.

Enhances Your Wedding Theme 

You more likely have a specific theme or colour scheme in mind. It can be a rustic vibe or something modern. Regardless, incorporating elements of your theme into your wedding car will create a cohesive and coordinated on your special day.

Let’s say you have a beach-themed wedding. In such a case, you may want to decorate your wedding car with seashells and beachy details. Alternatively, you may be having a winter-themed wedding. A white limousine decorated with silver ribbons and sparkling lights will be perfect for this.

wedding theme ideas

Creates Photo Opportunities

Another reason for wedding car decorations is the potential for photo opportunities. After all, wedding photos are moments to be cherished. It’s something you’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

As you may have it, your wedding car is a vital part of those memories. A well-decorated wedding car gives a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos. Besides being a backdrop for romantic shots with your significant other, you can photograph the car as a standalone element. Your guests, too, will want to capture photos with your stunning car decorations, adding an element of fun to your wedding day.

wedding photography

Increases Safety

We know it sounds strange. Nevertheless, it would interest you to know that wedding car decorations can be a safety measure.

Primarily, decorations indicate to other drivers that the car is part of a wedding entourage. This is especially helpful on busy roads and intersections. This increased visibility may help prevent road mishaps and accidents.

Another less obvious benefit of wedding car decorations is increased safety. With decorations on your car, it becomes easier for guests and drivers to spot the wedding procession on busy roads and intersections.

Unique Wedding Car Decorations: The Different Cars You Can Use

From classic vintage cars to limousines, the possibilities of wedding cars are endless. Each has its unique style and atmosphere. So, how you decorate them may vary. We’ll explore the different types of cars and discuss how to decorate each one to make it truly unique.

flower decor car

Vintage cars for a classic touch

Nothing beats the old-world charm of a vintage car, whether a classic 1950s Cadillac or a sleek and stylish 1930s Rolls-Royce; a vintage car offers a timeless appeal that will turn heads. 

One good thing about vintage cars is how easily you can customize them. Be that as it may, you should be cautious of the colour. For instance, a black car will do great with white flowers or ribbon for contrast. A white car, on the other hand, will stand out with pastel-coloured flowers for a soft and romantic look.

The 1920s Ford Model T, the 1950s Chevy Bel Air, and the 1940s Packard are popular recommendations for vintage wedding cars. Still, you have more options from Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Bentley, Daimler, and Jaguar.

Modern luxury cars for elegance

Modern luxury cars are renowned for their sleek, sophisticated look. Think Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A6, or similar. Essentially, these cars add a formal theme to your wedding.

The decor should be minimalistic. A ribbon tied to the antenna and a simple floral arrangement on the hood will often add elegance.

vintage car

Retro VW Beetle for a fun and playful vibe

Adding a bit of individuality to your weddings is easy with a classic VW Beetle. A white ribbon trim and a “just married” sign on the back give the car a classic, timeless look. Alternatively, inject some personality into your decor with playful flower bouquets and giant balloons. For a truly unique theme, tailor the decorations to reflect your passions; music lovers can choose to adorn their vehicle with vinyl records and guitar picks.

Classic convertibles for a summer wedding

The open-top design makes classic convertibles one of the best summer wedding cars. You’ll enjoy the breeze as you make your way to the reception. But there’s more to classic convertibles than an open-air design. For the most part, a classic convertible adds a retro vibe to your special day, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

You don’t want to go overboard when decorating your classic convertible. After all, the beauty of a classic convertible speaks for itself. Simple additions like a floral arrangement on the hood will suffice to draw attention. Some timeless classic convertibles are the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, the 1960s Jaguar E-Type Convertible, and the 1964 Mustang Convertible.

wedding venue during summer

Limousines for grand entrances

Make a lavish, grand entrance with a limo. And there are other perks, too, especially the ample space for you and your bridal party.

Styles and sizes abound to match your wedding theme and budget. For example, you can pick a stretch limo in black or white for a classic and timeless look. On the contrary, you can pick a sporty limo with cutting-edge features if you’re into something more modern and sleek.

There is an endless selection of decorative options when decorating a limo. Enhance the aesthetic of your wedding with ribbons, balloons, and flowers in the same colour palette. Adding silk bows, crystal garlands, or a glamorous chandelier can achieve a more subdued touch.

Sports cars: Celebrate your love with style and speed

There’s a sports car out there for every theme and style. You can go sleek and modern or classic and timeless.

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A popular option would be a Ferrari. Just picture yourself making a grand entrance in an iconic bright red Ferrari with its powerful engine roaring. Tell you what, it will make a lasting impression on your guests!

Or maybe you want something a little more understated. In this regard, a Porsche or a Lamborghini will come in handy. They’re as sleek and stylish as the Ferrari but allow a more subtle approach to wedding decorations.

Either option requires that you keep things simple and elegant. The best approach would be to use colour-coordinated ribbons or floral arrangements.

wedding car

Horse-drawn carriages for a fairytale wedding

Step back into a storybook fantasy with a horse-drawn carriage ride. Relish the moment as gallant horses guide your exquisite carriage to the wedding venue. It will indeed be a day of enchantment to remember for years.

And you have options, too, from vintage Victorian carriages to quintessential Cinderella coaches. Whatever your style, adornments like flowers, ribbons, and other ornaments that your wedding theme will do.

It would interest you to know that horse-drawn carriages have other practical advantages. Primarily, horse-drawn carriages are emission-free, making them eco-friendly. Plus, they’re silent for a serene ride to your wedding venue.

Nevertheless, you may want to consider a few considerations like weather, terrain, and space. A horse-drawn carriage won’t be suitable for rough terrain or inclement weather. Plus, ensure it’s spacious enough for your wedding dress and bridal party.

fairytale wedding

Wedding Car Decorations: Where and How to Position Them

Finding the perfect spot for your decorations can make a massive difference in your wedding vehicle’s overall look and feel. Refer to the tables below for the perfect position of some of the most popular wedding car decorations.

Popular Wedding Car Decorations

Ideal Placement

Just Married Sign

Back of the car, where it’s visible

Balloons and Streamers

Tie them to the back of the car to create a festive tailor to the car’s antenna for a playful look.

Floral Arrangements and Garlands

Hood, trunk, or door

Ribbon and Tulle

Across the back, along the sides, or around the front grill

Personalized Vinyl Decals

Window or body of the car.

10 Unconventional Wedding Car Décor Ideas for a Memorable Exit

Traditional wedding car decorations like “Just Married” signs and obligatory “Mr. & Mrs.” balloons are commonplace. Why not step things up by thinking outside the box? With some creativity, you can go unconventional and transform your getaway car into a memorable exit

Looking for some inspiration for your big day? Here are ten unconventional wedding car decoration ideas to get you started.

wedding car decor

Add a Personal Touch with DIY Decorations

You and your partner can express your personalities through your decorations – from easy projects to intricate works of art. It’s entirely up to your creativity and skill.

In search of something easy? For this, you can craft a banner with “just married” written on it or with your name and marriage date. Add a few floral decorations or leafy greenery using adhesive tape or string to make it more memorable.

If you feel more creative, step up your game with garlands or flower arrangements that reflect the theme of your wedding. An alternative would be fabric or paper pom-poms. They’re easy to make and will offer a whimsical touch that’s sure to please.

Have the courage to explore your creativity and take risks. You can make a lasting impression on your exit through diligence and the appropriate resources.

Incorporate Your Wedding Theme into the Car Decor

Let your wedding theme extend beyond the venue and permeate your entire celebration by incorporating it into the decorations of your wedding car. Your grand exit will leave a strong impression on your guests as the theme will be seen from start to finish.

Let’s say you envision a beach-themed wedding. For this, embellishments like seashells and starfish would add to the atmosphere. Or may you’re having a rustic ban wedding. You can opt for burlap, lace, and country-style details. 

And don’t overlook the colour scheme. If your wedding colours are blush and gold, consider using those colours in the decorations for your wedding car. You can wrap ribbons in those colours around the mirrors, add flower bouquets in those hues to the car, and even incorporate the colours into the design of the license plates or decals.

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Whatever theme you incorporate, the key is to be creative and have fun. So don’t limit yourself. Let your creativity shine through in every aspect. 

tropical wedding theme

Embrace the Rustic Trend with Greenery and Flowers

Do you want a wedding with a natural, outdoor vibe? Then, deck out your wedding car in natural elements. You want to use lush greenery, succulents, and wildflowers for a rustic charm. The good thing is that there are multiple ways to pull this off.

One creative way is to drape the back of your car with a garland of wildflowers and greenery. Or better still, you can affix them to the door handles. Make things even more romantic with a vase of flowers on either the hood or trunk. Top it off by hanging floral wreaths on the mirrors or headlights for a pop of colour.

You can develop your game using unconventional elements like cotton or wheat stalks. The idea is to add texture and natural rustic charm. Maintain the rustic charm by tying it together using natural jute or burlap ribbons!

Opt for a Fun and Quirky Theme with Balloons and Streamers

Balloons and streamers are the way to go for couples looking to add playful energy to their wedding car décor. This lively and fun car decoration approach will surely make your exit one to remember. Use these ideas to start you off:

ball flowers

Go Glamorous with Metallics and Sparkles

Searching for a luxurious addition to your wedding car decor? Why not opt for metallic and glittery decorations for a glamorous flair? Whether you choose gold, silver, rose gold, or copper accents, or decorate with glitter and rhinestones, these elements will add a special sparkle to your grand exit. Here are some ideas to bring the glitz and glamour to your wedding car decor

  • Create a metallic banner that says “Just Married” or one that has your initials. Hang this banner at the back of your car.
  • Incorporate metallic balloons in coordinating colours to your car’s exterior for a pop of colour and shine.
  • Tie metallic ribbon around your car’s door handles for a simple look.
  • Create a flower arrangement with metallic accents like gold-sprayed leaves or silver-painted succulents.
  • Use sparkly tulle or fabric to wrap around your car’s exterior. This should give it a luxurious look and feel.
  • Attach a metallic wedding car plate bearing your name and wedding date. You can use this plate later as a keepsake.
  • Decorate your car with sparkly or metallic garlands fashioned from beads or paper.
  • Add metallic streamers to your car’s antenna for a fun and playful touch.

Note that when going for a glamorous look, don’t overdo it. After all, too many metallics and sparkles may look gaudy. One or two accents are enough to pop and coordinate with the rest of your wedding decor.

Keep it Simple and Elegant with Ribbons and Bows.

Do you prefer a more understated wedding car decoration? Then it would help if you went for a classic and timeless combination of bows and ribbons. You can pick a colour that coordinates with your wedding theme. However, an alternative would be a neutral shade, preferably champagne or ivory, for a timeless look.

You have the option of adding a modern twist. You can do this by experimenting with different ribbon textures or their placement. Essentially, the ideal placement would be to drape the ribbon across the front grill. Nevertheless, wrapping them around the door handle is also an option, especially if you want a subtle touch of elegance.

You can spice up how the bows look by adding more embellishments. For instance, add pearls, crystals, or flowers to sparkle your bows. 

wedding car decorations

Play with Different Textures and Fabrics for a Unique Look

Do you desire more texture and dimension in your car decoration? Well, your best bet is to experiment with different fabrics and materials. 

Use different colours and textures of fabrics and fashion them into ribbons. Our best recommendation is silk, velvet, and lace. Layer them in varying widths for a rich and varied look. Tie bows and knots to create dimension, or, better still, use longer ribbons for a cascading effect.

Another great idea would be to use tulle or chiffon fabric for a more whimsical and romantic atmosphere. To do this, drape the fabric over your car and complement it with floral accents for an exquisite look. This is one of the best decor ideas for outdoor or garden weddings. It lets you play off the natural surroundings, creating a cohesive theme.

Want a more rustic feel? In this case, use burlap or other natural fabrics. For instance, you can use strips of burlap to create garlands or banners. Alternatively, add texture by wrapping burlap around the door handles or mirrors. Feel free to incorporate natural elements, like twigs and pinecones, to enhance the overall look.

Use Vintage Props to Create a Nostalgic Vibe

Do you like all things vintage for your wedding? Vintage props can help you incorporate a nostalgic vibe in your wedding car. The best props are old cameras, antique luggage racks, old suitcases, and vintage signs.

The ideal placement is on the roof of your car. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Place an old-fashioned luggage rack on the roof. Use it to hold your vintage suitcases. You can add charm by tying old-fashioned hats or scarves to the suitcases.
  • Use vintage cameras for a “photobooth” effect. The best approach is to set up a small table next to the car, placing an antique camera on it. Now, urge your guests to take photos with the cameras as they make their way to the reception or after the wedding.
  • Add some old-fashioned signage at the back of your car for a vintage tone. It can be a custom sign that says “Just Married” or “Happily Ever After.” Hang vintage street signs from your side mirrors for a unique touch.

Note that whatever the vintage props, they should coordinate with your wedding decor for a cohesive look. 

vintage style door wedding backdrop

Showcase Your Personality with Themed Decals and Stickers

Add your unique touch using themed decals and stickers. You and your partner are likely avid movie franchise or sports team fans. Or maybe you share the same hobby. Well, feel free to showcase your personalities with customized decals and stickers.

You’ll find decals and stickers at your local craft store or online. The best place we would recommend for personalized designs is Etsy. Here, you’ll find decals and stickers to fit your wedding theme and reflect your interests. Options here are graphics, monograms, quotes, and initials.

But if you’re the more creative type, designing your decals is also an option for adding your unique twist. For this, you can use vinyl or transfer paper. 

Have Some Fun with Custom License Plates and Novelty Accessories

Inject a little humour and personality with custom license plates and novelty accessories. It can be witty slogans, funny puns, or personalized graphics and decals.

One idea is to have a custom license plate that matches your relationship. Also, you can base it on your hobbies or profession. Let’s say you’re both writers. In this case, you can use a license plate that says “STORYTIME.” For foodies, try “EATMEUP.” The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Besides custom license plates, you can incorporate novelty accessories befitting your theme or personality. Let’s say you’re having a beach-themed wedding. In such a case, you may attach a surfboard to your car’s roof, decorating it with shells and starfish. 

vintage car wedding

Factors to Consider When Choosing Decorations For Your Wedding Car

Your choice of wedding car decorations isn’t all about personal preferences and available options. Here, we’ll analyze factors to help you narrow your options and make an informed decision.

Wedding Theme

Let your wedding car decorations align with the overall theme. The idea is to ensure everything blends well for a cohesive look. Primarily, the decorations should match the theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

A beach-themed wedding, for instance, will do well with seashells and starfish car decorations. On the other hand, a classic wedding theme calls for soft pastel colours and elegant floral arrangements. Natural flowers and burlaps will do great for a vintage or rustic theme.

Don’t forget the colour scheme. Your car decorations should complement the wedding colours of bridesmaid dresses and reception decor. 

ocean themed wedding venue

Size & Type of Vehicle

Your decor choice should enhance your car’s features, not hide them. For instance, small wedding cars are best with minimalistic decorations to avoid a cluttered look. You can experiment with more elaborate designs for larger cars like SUVs and limousines. Note that too much decoration can be overwhelming or, worse still, dangerous if it obstructs your driver’s view.

Also, consider the car type. A vintage car, for instance, goes well with classic floral arrangements and ribbons. Contemporary decorations, on the other hand, would look good on modern cars.

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Let your wedding car decorations reflect your personality as a couple. Add unique touches that showcase your shared interests or hobbies. The idea is to make the car decor even more memorable.

For instance, fun-loving, outgoing couples may prefer bright, bold car decorations with vibrant colours. Reserved couples, on the other hand, may prefer more subtle, elegant car decorations that reflect their refined taste. 

wedding decor


Consider the weather conditions on your special day, as it will impact your decor choices. For instance, avoid fragile decorations that may wilt or melt during high temperatures. On the other hand, you want to use waterproof materials for rainy weather. Also, if you live in an area prone to strong gusts of wind, avoid light decors that will be blown away easily.


Safety should take precedence over aesthetics. Avoid car decorations that may fall off or obstruct the driver’s view. Primarily, you want to place your decorations so they don’t cover the mirrors, windows, or lights. 

Also, avoid decorations that could fly off or, worse still, become entangled in your car’s moving parts. A good measure is to ensure that wedding decors like balloons, ribbons, and flowers are securely fastened not to obstruct the driver or impede the vehicle’s movement.


Fancy decorations are indeed tempting. Be that as it may, select decor within your budget. You don’t want to overspend car decorations that won’t make much difference in the grand scheme. Note that you can use simple decorations and still achieve the desired effect. The trick is to pick colours and accents that complement your wedding theme.

wedding budgeting


Wedding car decorations are vital in creating a memorable, visually stunning wedding day. They play a vital role in setting the mood, personalizing the experience, enhancing photography opportunities, and serving as a statement of the couple’s style. 

From the look of things, the options for wedding car decorations are endless. Nevertheless, narrowing it down is easy by considering the theme, car type, and personal preferences. Doing that’ll transform your wedding car into a beautiful, captivating centrepiece.

You can take most of the workload off your shoulders by hiring a chauffeur wedding car service. They’ll cover most of the details, including wedding car decorations. Plus, thanks to the luxury cars on offer, you get more VIP-style transportation for a more grand entrance.

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