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The Ultimate Wedding Flower Checklist: Every Arrangement You Need

The Ultimate Wedding Flower Checklist: Every Arrangement You Need

Do you have a meeting with a wedding florist coming up? Then it would be best if you created a wedding flower checklist. We’ve already outlined everything for you, so you’ll know what to ask!

Flower arrangements for the bride’s wedding party 

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridal hair flowers
  • Bouquets for bridesmaids
  • For the maid of honour, a different bouquet
  • Headpiece for the flower girl
  • Decorations for the flower girl basket
  • Petals for the flower girl to toss

Consider these flowers: You can’t go wrong with roses, calla lilies, and tulips for a bridal bouquet. To set them apart, the bride’s flowers are usually more elaborate and extensive than those of her bridesmaids. Alternatively, you can have bridesmaids’ bouquets in lighter colours and the bride’s bouquet as fresh and glittering.

While looking for fragrant blooms, looking at the right places is important. Furthermore, you need to be aware of what you are looking for. To help you out, here’s a wedding flower checklist.

Choose a bouquet different from the rest for the maid of honour. Make your flower girl’s head shine with a handcrafted felt flower headpiece in yellow, pink, green, and white. Keep flower petals simple and trim them for the flower girl to toss. Additionally, feathers can be used as alternatives to petals.

For wedding decorations, consider pew bows for the church. They come in myriad shades and looks that can be tailored to fit your preferences. Consider including bouquets or table centrepieces with flowers to continue the theme after you move from one venue to another if needed. 

To keep your bouquets light and exciting, look into seasonal flowers such as dahlias or gladiolus during warmer days of summer weddings; pansies in autumn; amaryllis hair comb pieces and poinsettia for winter celebrations, or cherry blossoms for springtime ceremonies.

Also, consider filler materials like ferns and baby’s breath daisy cups that give accompaniment items when arranging full-blown flower displays! 

Be sure not to overlook community garden-grown wildflowers too – cornflowers are always a great choice since they possess both beauty and flair, combined with very cost-effective pricing that makes it attractive for couples who’d love some extra elegant effects without breaking their budget line item much.

bridesmaids wedding budget

Flowers for the groom’s wedding party

  • A boutonniere for the groom
  • A boutonniere for each groomsman
  • Best man boutonnieres in different styles.

Consider these flowers: As you plan your wedding, one of the details that shouldn’t be overlooked is wedding flower options. You and your betrothed don’t need to go overboard: a few small flowers are enough for boutonnieres on the big day. However, if you want coordinating nosegays, corsages, or additional boutonnieres, you can always add those too!

For example, if you want to make a statement with flowers for your wedding bouquet, consider blooms such as roses, hydrangeas, lilies or daisies. This a reminder that although the type of flower is essential when creating any look, colour and texture must also be considered.

Take advantage of complimentary shades to coordinate with items in your description, like venue decorations or bridesmaid dresses.

When selecting boutonnieres, think more significantly than just one type of blossom. Try combining two types of flowers, such as small anemones, with a single hypericum berry for a rustic-meets-vintage vibe.

Carnations are always an excellent choice if you prefer something classic yet stylish for groomsmen boutonnieres because they come in many colours! That way, everyone’s personality shines through their florals.

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Your officiant and other notable members of your wedding party, such as the ring bearer, parents, ushers and grandparents, should all receive these beautiful trimmings. Consider subtle colours in complementary hues – this will nicely tie into any overall theme.

wedding bouquet flowers

Flowers for Grandparents and Parents

  • Corsage for the bride’s mother
  • Corsage for the groom’s mother
  • A boutonniere for the groom’s dad
  • A boutonniere for the bride’s dad
  • Corsages for grandmothers
  • Boutonnieres for grandfathers
  • Everything else you’ll need from your florist, like ribbons, corsage pins, boutonnieres and flower girl baskets

Consider these flowers: You can get orchids, roses, or carnations for the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Like the bride and maid of honour, the best man gets a unique boutonniere by choosing a different type of flower, size or colour. 

It’s a tradition and a formality to give a boutonniere and corsage to parents and grandparents. Consult your family about their preferences. You can get a wrist or pin corsage for women, for instance.

For grandparents and parents, you can’t go wrong with orchids. Their beauty is unmatched, and they will show how much you care for your elders. Their subtle fragrances make them a perfect accent to any bridal look.

Whether for the groom’s mother or the bride, a corsage crafted of delicate white petals intertwined in dainty pearls would represent all the love and joy from such a meaningful relationship. For boutonnieres, carnations are always an excellent choice, as their longevity matches that of family bonds!

Choose colours carefully – deep purples and reds for dads on either side could be great representatives of both sophistication and strength. 

Flowers don’t just have to be restricted to parents, though- there are plenty more considerations when it comes to being inclusive of all members of extended families too! Show extra attention towards grandparents by getting two floral pieces; this way, you’ll ensure everyone feels taken care of, no matter their generation!

You might choose bright blooms like daisies for Grandmas’ wrist corsages but opt instead for something lighter yet timeless like pale pink roses for grandfathers’ buttonholes—a gentle reminder that age does not diminish respect amongst family members, and everyone has a place at your special celebration.

ball flowers

Flower arrangements for the ceremony

  • Floral arrangements for the welcome table or entryway
  • Central floral arrangements, like an altar or chuppah
  • Chair or pew flowers
  • Candles
  • Floral arrangements for the aisle
    Tossing petals for the guests

Consider these flowers: An entryway arrangement and welcome table are nice touches to get everyone started. The same effect can be achieved with alternative decor elements. As centrepieces, try branches, terrariums, lanterns, or fruits.

Most of your ceremony photos will be backdropped by the altar or chuppah arrangements. We love a good floral arch, even if it’s not required. You can also decorate the altar with other things besides flowers if you want to save money.

Your guests’ seating will look lovely with pew or chair arrangements, and the aisle will look stunning. For the most accessible reuse as reception decor, we recommend an organic style arrangement on the floor.

Putting two statement arrangements on either side of the aisle will make a significant impact without costing a fortune. You don’t have to add many little arrangements throughout the aisle because it frames it up.

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Reception floral arrangements

  • Entryway flowers
  • Arrangements for cocktail tables
  • Table centrepieces
  • Decorations for buffet tables
  • Arrangements for the bar
  • Escort card table arrangements
  • Decorations for newlyweds’ chairs
  • Decorative flowers for passed trays
  • Flowers for the cake
  • Arrangements for the lounge area
  • Arrangements for the getaway car

Consider these flowers: You can match your ceremony flowers for the reception or go with freshly picked blooms, low centrepieces like peonies and roses, or an ombre look with the same flowers, like hydrangeas.

Include a floral wedding cake in your flower budget if you’re getting one. Make sure you think about the cake table too. Flowers make cute getaway car signs and décor look even cuter, though unnecessary. You can make the wedding look “just married” with lush wreaths and garlands.

For even more impact, choose flowers that align with the overall aesthetic of your event. For example, a tropical theme could include anthuriums, heliconias and orchids while a classic wedding look might incorporate roses, tulips and peonies. And if you don’t want to miss out on colour, you can add other favourites like dahlias or sunflowers for extra cheer.

When thinking about flower arrangements for reception tables, consider height. If guests are facing one another across the table, round or rectangular centrepieces are ideal as they won’t obstruct vision or conversation starters (which centrepieces should be). For taller rectangle tables, opt for tall floral statements full of lush blooms; they create drama and are sure to grab attention!

You can also change up your table designs by alternating low round centrepieces on adjacent tables, adding an elegant touch without taking away from the conversation flow.

You may also consider incorporating petals into décor, such as empty bowls filled with hydrangea petals around cocktail tables for added texture, along with candles. Hence, it all comes together in perfect harmony – hinting at romance but providing enough space for conversation between guests efficiently.

Once you have chosen the main elements of your wedding décor, don’t forget to add some extra charming touches with flowers. Escort cards will look even more elegant when framed by a garland of blooms, and why not incorporate flowers into the getaway car for just-married nostalgia?

Altogether it is worth considering what type of arrangements would best enhance different areas or activities at the reception. With thoughtful planning and creativity, this day will surely be remembered forever!

Find the best wedding florist in your area now that you know what kind of floral arrangements you need. Don’t forget you can add flowers everywhere if you have the budget. After all, it’s your special day!

Menu And Reception Ideas for Your Big Day

Flower arrangements for the Honeymoon Suite and Send-Off

  • Flower arrangements for the Honeymoon Suite and Send-Off:
  • Flower arrangements for the Honeymoon Suite
  • Arrangements for the Send-Off area 
  • Bouquets in wedding colours for the newlyweds and their attendants 
  • Flower petals on the bedspread
  • Flowers for the hallway leading to the suite

For the Honeymoon Suite and Send-Off area, you can add a touch of romance with romantic blooms like roses or peonies. Or choose some unusual flower varieties, such as proteas or tropical flowers, that will add something unique to the celebration. To take your concept even further, use select statement florals such as oversized arrangements and focus on accent deliveries, including pomanders and full-bloom compositions, for an unforgettable day.

You can even create petal pathways from the venue’s entrance to the suites! This way, your guests will have no trouble finding their way into a night of blissful rest or celebrations at your send-off party.

And don’t forget about adding splashes of colour everywhere: throughout the suite in vases or bouquets placed near window sills or around door frames, scattered across tables for drinks, along corridors for added drama when entering different rooms – whatever makes sense for your vision!

There’s nothing like fragrant blooms arranged thoughtfully to get everyone in the mood for love and joy regardless if they’re heading off on festive honeymoon adventures later that night, staying overnight guests at your wedding venue, fully immersed in all things fun!

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Consider incorporating luxurious blooms in ethereal tones for the Honeymoon Suite, like cream soft-white ranunculus or fritillaries. Alternatively, you can dress up the environment with glossy brunia berries and elegant wax flower clusters for a modern twist on wedding florals. Try adding more texture by having foliage greens snaking through arrangements full of sizeable white hydrangea heads mixed with various silvery foliage adorns to create a dreamy atmosphere that guests will never forget! 

For your send-off celebration area, use vibrant flowers such as gerberas which are essentially sun-filled colour pops to brighten up any space. Gorgeous lush bouquets of roses in hues of pink unite well to bring joy and romance into this delightful part of celebrations.

If you’re after something unique, have fun choosing seasonal native blooms bursting with gorgeous colours and whimsical shapes as cocktail centrepiece features at each table – think protea wands wrapped around fluffy gypsophila balls!

Make sure your florals coordinate beautifully with all other decor features, too – from stationery designs to delicious place settings designs complete with fresh flower trimmings scattered gently across buffet platters.

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