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Out of the Box Wedding Planning Trends – 16 Inspiring Ideas To Have A Unique Wedding

Out of the Box Wedding Planning Trends - 16 Inspiring Ideas To Have A Unique Wedding

Some wedding trends will never go out of style, and some only last a short while. The wedding trends you love, such as bouquet tosses, might become less common, but they’ll still be prevalent at most weddings. Electronic invitations might stick around for a short while, but people still prefer to send their invitations in the mail. Some wedding trends are timeless, while others fade away and come back. Here are just a few out-of-the-box wedding planning trends that are sure to stay.

Different Items in Registries 

Typically, wedding registries are filled with physical items you can purchase for the bride and groom, such as kitchen essentials and necessities they’ll need for a home. However, nowadays, many couples purchase the things they need on their own and don’t need duplicates or their guests to spend money on things they already have. Instead, more couples will ask their guests to donate to charity or fund their honeymoons instead of asking for physical items they can put in their homes. 

No Bouquet Tosses

Bouquet tosses aren’t likely to disappear from weddings any time soon, but some couples believe this trend is outdated. Instead, couples avoid clearing out the dancefloors and instead come up with their own activities, including private dances, to replace outdated, boring wedding activities.

Bridal Bouquets

No Wedding Favors

Couples are also rethinking their wedding favours. In the past, wedding favours were a staple because they gave wedding guests something to take home to remember the event. However, most wedding favours typically end up in the trash, so they’re more wasteful than anything else. Additionally, couples might forget about wedding favours to save money on the wedding and provide their guests with an experience rather than a small gift.

That being said, groomsmen and bridesmaids will still receive gifts because they helped put the wedding together. Couples are going all out for their family members and friends who have helped them plan the wedding and ensure its success. Gift bags for these individuals might include health and wellness items they can use to look and feel their best before the wedding or fun knick-knacks they can keep in their homes to remind them of the celebration. 

Bigger Weddings

Over the last few years, many of us have been unable to spend much time with friends and family, and couples started having “minimonies” or small ceremonies, so they could still get married but with fewer guests. However, everyone missed large weddings where they could celebrate with family and friends, so mini-weddings will likely be fazed out in favour of traditional, larger weddings. That being said, many couples still prefer to have smaller ceremonies and receptions, so they won’t disappear for good. 

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Inviting the Pets

Pets will be more prominent at weddings, especially dogs. Couples who dote on their dogs will want to involve them in the ceremony and may even have their dogs walk down the aisle. As you know, both humans and pets get separation anxiety, and since pets are a member of the family, there’s no reason they should miss out on the big day

Inviting the Pets

Weekday Weddings

In the past, most weddings occurred on weekends so people could be free to attend the wedding. However, weekday weddings are more affordable, making them a better option for couples who are saving up for other things, such as buying a house or going on a lavish honeymoon. Weekday weddings will still function like normal weddings and include wedding photographers, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and a ceremony, but they’ll just be on a different day of the week. Additionally, weekday weddings might be necessary because weekends are booked. 

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Electronic Invitations

Electronic invitations are not a new concept, but typically couples prefer to have wedding invitations mailed to their guests. However, as many weddings have recently been rescheduled and postponed, it’s easier to send invitations over the internet than sending snail mail. Therefore, electronic invites and save-the-dates will likely remain popular because they can cut down on overall wedding costs while saving on waste. 

floral invitation

Diamond Alternatives

No engagement is complete without the ring. These rings have typically always been diamond, but many couples are choosing a different type of stone altogether. In particular, handmade rings from boutique jewellers are becoming more popular for those that prefer sustainable, handmade jewelry.

engagement ring bridal set

Sustainable Weddings

More young couples care about the environment than ever before, and they are trying to pay more attention to sustainability. Weddings can be wasteful, from paper save-the-dates and invite to all the trash that accumulates from the reception, so many couples will choose more sustainable methods for having a wedding. This may include donating to nonprofits or using more sustainable materials for decorations and invites.


Every wedding needs a photographer to capture the moment, but videographers are becoming more popular. Many people want recordings or live streams of their websites so they can share their moments with the people who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Even with smaller weddings, couples still want to share these precious moments at a later date. 

wedding videographer

Destination Weddings

Many people spend too much time at home or indoors, so couples choose to have destination weddings to take a vacation while having their special day. Unfortunately, that may mean that many friends and family may not be able to attend, but couples are just happy to spend some quality time together without having to worry about the daily stresses back at home. So next time plan a destination wedding pack your daily sun protection and enjoy the wonderful travel!

honeymoon destination

Wedding Weekends 

Wedding weekends are when a wedding occurs throughout an entire weekend. The ceremony might be one day with a reception the next and activities in between. A wedding weekend can be anything the couple wants it to be, with daytime activities and brunches. While weekend weddings are more expensive than weddings that happen in one-day, couples are just excited to spend time with their loved ones and give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other. 


Entertainment is necessary at any wedding reception, but couples invest in better entertainment than their local DJs. Now, you can expect to see pop-up performances and more live music at weddings. 

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Bridal Heels

At most traditional weddings, it is widely known that the bride will buy and use a beautiful pair of white heels. Usually, these heels are worn only once, on the wedding day. Not to mention, they tend to cause unpleasant pain since they are not broken into. Therefore, more brides are opting to wear comfortable shoes. Let’s face it; only a few people look at the bride’s shoes since her gorgeous dress covers them, so why not choose comfort over pain. In the end, it is your wedding day so you should do what is most comfortable and pleasurable for your feet! You can choose white chucks to go with your classy dress, a pop of colour, or your lucky pair of shoes you can’t live without; either way, wedding heels are gradually losing their shine as more choose relief. 

something blue wedding shoes

Flower Girl

Everyone loves a good flower girl; it’s tradition. However, throughout the years, many young couples have decided to change their flower girl role to someone else they might know. While everyone loves seeing a toddler walk down the aisle looking her absolute cutest, some prefer getting a good kick out of someone else doing it. For example, some may have their best friend, grandma, cousin, or parent do it. Not only is this out of the ordinary but it is sure to bring a laugh to every person at the ceremony since they had no idea. Also, when they are close to the bride and groom, some flower girls or flower men will make their entrance grand. 

Themed Cocktails

At a majority of weddings, there are open bars or cocktail services available. However, an ongoing trend is having themed cocktails. This can be seen as changing the names of classic cocktails and catering them to the Mr. and Mrs. For example, if you love a good Bloody Mary, instead of ordering a “bloody mary,” you can request a “Bloody Marry Me.” Or, some may have their drinks catered as His and Hers to recognize the bride and groom’s favourite drinks. Another option can be keeping your classic cocktails but adding some sprinkles, sparkles, and hors d’oeuvre. No matter what you choose, everyone loves a good cocktail, so having an open bar or drink service is excellent for a majority of guests. 


Final Thoughts

Not all couples have to have the same types of ceremonies and receptions. When planning your wedding, consider what you and your partner prefer to do. Some couples prefer small weddings and others want to throw a large bash. Whatever you decide, it’s up to you to make it a day you’ll never forget. 

The article is written by Marné Amoguis

Marné Amoguis

Marné Amoguis holds a B.A. in International Business from UC San Diego. She is a contributing writer at where she loves sharing her passion for digital marketing. Outside of writing, she loves travelling, playing music, and hiking.

FAQ – Wedding Trends

What distinguishes a sophisticated wedding?

Brides should choose a modest, floor-length gown for a more refined and beautiful look. Even though it appears that modest dresses do not exist at times, they do. The groom should wear a tuxedo or equivalent formal outfit, while the bridal party should dress more formally.

What is the definition of a romantic wedding theme?

A romantic wedding is often defined by soft tones, gentle lighting, and an abundance of florals. Consider pastels, hanging lights (even chandeliers), calligraphy, and a floral wall for this motif.

What can I do to make my wedding one-of-a-kind and unforgettable?

As soon as your guests walk inside the venue, give them a WOW factor. A unique seating arrangement is likely to make a strong first impression. Chairs are traditionally arranged in rows behind one another. Seats should be arranged in a half-moon pattern on both sides of the aisle to provide interest. Guests will have a better perspective than if they had to stare over the person in front of them. Consider placing attendees in a circle around the proceedings if you prefer to have an intimate wedding. Choosing seats other than chairs is another interesting approach to freshen up the seating for your wedding. Benches, hay bales, or even picnic blankets, depending on your theme, might be unusual.

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Is a wedding with 100 attendees considered large?

How many people are usually invited to a wedding of each size? A small wedding has less than 50 guests, a medium wedding has 50-150 guests, and a large wedding has more than 150 guests.

What does it mean to have a wedding aesthetic?

Your wedding style is ultimately your aesthetic. From the setting, clothes, and colour palette to the tiniest elements like flatware and place cards, it depicts the overall appearance or mood you want to create on your wedding day.

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