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10 Summer Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love – Extraordinary Tips To Elevate Your Wedding

10 Summer Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love - Extraordinary Tips To Elevate Your Wedding

The time between May to October is popularly considered the wedding season. Around 31 percent of couples tie knots in the summertime. The most important reason for this is the certainty of the weather. It’s time you can make the most of an outdoor wedding while bailing on the weather. 

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet arduous task. Especially when you plan to get married in the Summer, which is synonymous with heat and irritation. You need to take extra care and precautions to ensure that the comfort of your guests and you aren’t tampered with. No one would feel celebratory with the scorching heat, and you wouldn’t like to see unenthusiastic faces on your special day, would you? A few basics to maintain the delight are minimizing the time in direct sun and installing air coolers in several spaces.

Here are ten additional stunning ideas to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful time at your nuptials-

Video Greeting

As you all relax in the pool or sit at the table for drinks, or right before you take your wedding vows, you can display a collated video of the journey that led to this impeccable day! You can add clips of you and your partner commenting after a few snaps of photographs and videos; you can address the guests present for playing an essential role in your journey. A ride down the memory lane will be profoundly heart-warming, generating chuckles and happy tears! Video-makers can simplify this process and help you furnish a video with a professional touch. 

wedding videographer

Space for shade

One of the most crucial prerequisites for a summer wedding is making sure your venue has provisions for shade. A venue with a tipi setting can be beneficial. Alternatively, aesthetic parasols can be distributed amongst the guests. Parasols enhance the appearance of your guests while providing functionality. You can arrange for beautiful parasols which adhere to the theme of your wedding. Everyone loves props that pull up a duty too!  You can set up shades at several spots where people can sit back and relax. 

Abundance of fluids 

Isn’t withstanding high temperatures much simpler when you have a cool refreshing drink in your hands? Fluids can keep you, and your guests energized and full of zest throughout the day. A vintage bathtub of ice paired with buckets of beers, a rejuvenating Margarita cocktail transporting you to the tropics, a glass filled with chilling Frosé! There are innumerable options for a drink you could pick from. Focus on refreshing flavours like cucumber, mint, citrus, berries and so on to be a part of your signature cocktails.

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Beach wedding

Hasn’t getting married on the beach been a dream for so many of us? So if you are planning a summer wedding, why not have it on the Beach! You can have a romantic sand art made and make arrangements for a comfortable and chill lounge for your guests to relax and enjoy. 

Make your wedding vows surrounded by sand and ocean while the coastal breeze blows and make your wedding a pleasant memory for everyone present. A beach without coconuts is so incomplete! Beach and coconuts are almost synonymous with each other. Enhance and complete the beach vibe by setting up a coconut water station. This will not only quench their thirst but will also be so instagrammable! 

beach wedding

Pool party

A poolside party never loses its appeal no matter how old you get! Find a resort where you can have your marriage ceremony next to the pool. The fierce heat will feel a little merciful with the blues, freshness and chill that the collection offers. You can throw in some monogrammed floaties in the water and augment the appearance. Gift your guests with chic fedora hats and set up a seaside seating with the installation of colour co-ordinated striped deck chairs, where your guests can sit back and relax. You can also invite guests to take a splash into the pool to cool down. However, if that is your plan, decide upon the dress code accordingly and pre-inform your guests. 

Summer saviours

Summer saviours personalized for each of your guests will leave them thrilled! They signify that you and your partner genuinely care for your guests and have put your best efforts into putting the event together. You can create a customized welcome beach jute bag or bucket for your guests as a wedding favour and stuff it with summer essentials like a bottle of water, savoury snack, sun-screen etc. You can also prepare a basket of flip flops, customized beach towels, sunglasses, fancy hand fans and wet wipes. Your guests will love you for it!

wedding favours

Décor style 

Wedding décors mean so much to us. They can make or break the venue. When planning a summer wedding, you need to be extra picky with the hues you pick for your wedding. The setting can intensify the heat and irritation or soothe and astonish the guests. A few ideas for décor include –

  • Skipping darker tones and going for lighter and airier shades. Darker shades can amplify the experience of high temperatures, while lighter shades will keep you cool. It is always recommended to incorporate shades of white. You can pair it with bold or pastel colours.
  • Deep, rich shades of green, pink, orange and red are associated with the tropics. So if you intend to add a vacation feel to your party, these are the right colours for you.
  • Nothing can go wrong with tints of blue on a hot summer day. Shades of teal, turquoise paired with whites are not only aesthetic but also favour cooler temperatures. If looking for a coastal and elegant feel, these are a few go-to colours. 
beach wedding decor
  • The importance of flowers and floral arrangements cannot be stressed enough. They can bring the dullest place to life. So pick flowers that suit the theme of your wedding and install plenty of them. They will brighten up your celebration.
  • Get creative with ombré gradients of your favourite shade.
  • Vibrant candles, fresh fruit, and floral hangings can be installed at the dining place. 
  • If you are looking for more cheerful and fun wedding décor, balloons might be an excellent addition to your décor. You can keep them white and sophisticated or go colourful!
  • Accent the space with ethereal drapes and string lights across towering trees if going outdoors. 
  • If you wish to create desert vibes, add feathered pampas grass, neutral blooms and wispy greens

Dress code

Recommend your guests dress in airy and light fabrics to feel the UV rays mildly. You can plan a dress code and ask the male and female guests to be colour coordinated. Ask the beauties to adorn themselves with floral accessories and the stunners to go jacketless! You can wear a floral crown featuring eucalyptus, pastel petals, and whimsical gypsophila as the bride.

wedding guest attire


Make sure your menu is light and takes into consideration the heat! Choose summer-inspired appetizers your guests can munch on, source fresh seafood, simple grilled chicken or fish, fresh salad, watermelon snack, fresh açai bowls, fresh fruit tarts, etc. Focus more on refreshing foods and avoid a heavy, decadent five-course meal. Cakes, pies, and desserts should be abundant since they serve as great refreshments. 

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Today, everything exists to end up in a photograph. Make sure you set up photo booths or picture-perfect areas for your zestful guests. You can create a light string canopy, hang flower garlands, customize a wall of greens, lantern walkway, angular ceremony arch etc.! 

You can go monochrome, boho, Alfresco, cottage core, tropical, or you prefer! After years of patience, you are finally here, a day that marks a significant milestone that will cause great transitions in your life ahead. Since you have opted for a summer wedding, here is something you should know. Summer weddings are the most opportune to have your wedding exactly the way you want without making any alterations. They are devoid of external limitations that nature can pose. Only the temperature makes it challenging to affirm your guests’ comfort, which can be handled by installing good coolers and canopies. 

You can make your wedding the talk of the town by incorporating all the ideas mentioned above. Do not forget to design the most exquisite invitations! Make sure the invitations reflect your wedding theme and contain all the information your guests need. Get as creative as you can; this day celebrates the two of you; leave no stone unturned to ensure it is as stunning and perfect as you two are! 

Summary: Summer Wedding Ideas

  • Enjoy the warm weather and host an outdoor summer wedding in a beautiful garden, beach, or vineyard.
  • Embrace vibrant and refreshing colour palettes inspired by the season, such as shades of coral, turquoise, yellow, or pastel hues.
  • Incorporate natural elements into your decor, such as floral arrangements, greenery, and wooden accents, to create a fresh and organic ambiance.
  • Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics for wedding attire, such as chiffon, organza, or linen, to ensure comfort in the summer heat.
  • Offer refreshing beverage stations with signature cocktails, infused water, or a lemonade bar to keep guests cool and hydrated.
  • Provide shade options for outdoor ceremonies or receptions, such as umbrellas, canopies, or tents, to protect guests from the sun.
  • Incorporate fun and interactive elements, like lawn games or a photo booth, to entertain guests and create a festive atmosphere.
  • Choose seasonal and locally sourced menu options highlighting summer flavours, such as fresh fruits, seafood, and colourful salads.
  • Arrange for creative and refreshing dessert options, like an ice cream bar, popsicles, or a sorbet station.
  • Consider incorporating unique entertainment elements, such as live music, a firework display, or a sunset cruise, to enhance the summer wedding experience.

FAQ – Summer Weddings

When is the best time to have a summer wedding?

You should try to keep folks out of the sun during the warmest times of the day. Summer heat peaks at 3 p.m., although it varies based on where you reside. If you’re having your ceremony outside, we recommend delaying it until the late afternoon or evening to avoid everyone sweating in their wedding clothing.

What is the greatest colour for a summer wedding?

Shades of orange, soft pink, blue, and green are among the greatest summer wedding colours. When selecting a summer colour palette, though, you must consider the temperature as well as the colour wheel. Red, yellow, and orange, for example, are warm hues. Purple, blue, and green, on the other hand, are cool hues.

Is it preferable to marry in July or August?

The months of June, September, and October are said to be the greatest for weddings. Because of the pleasant weather, June is historically the most popular month for weddings. That being said, there is no such thing as a bad moment to marry the love of your life (though it does help to have good weather).

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Is a wedding in June too hot?

June is a popular wedding month since it marks the transition from spring to summer, which means a wedding will be less likely to be rained on than in the spring while yet not being too hot.

Is champagne a popular wedding colour in the summer?

Burnished Yellow + Champagne + Eucalyptus Green – This burnished summer wedding colour scheme evokes a field of Cosmo blossoms during golden hour. This exquisite palette’s late summer wedding hues are subdued enough to appear quietly contemporary, and the sleek accessories and florals provide a modern flair.

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