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18 Useful Wedding Gifts For The Groom-To-Be: Make His Wedding Day Extra Special

18 Useful Wedding Gifts For The Groom-To-Be

Most wedding days concentrate on the bride. Everyone wants to make her look beautiful and feel comfortable. However, this shouldn’t be the case. The day is as essential for the groom as it is for the bride. Therefore, making the groom feel loved and appreciated during his big day is necessary. 

One way to appreciate the groom is by giving him gifts that he will appreciate. The presents should be directed explicitly to him, even if it means personalizing them. Practical wedding gifts for grooms should concentrate on their style and lifestyle. It might not be a good idea to gift a groom a whisky bottle if he doesn’t use whisky. Therefore, you must work on understanding what he likes and his lifestyle before buying a gift. 

If it is your first time buying a gift for a groom, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great gift ideas for the groom-to-be.

Von Baer Weekender

Weekender from Von Baer
Weekender from Von Baer

The first one on the list is a leather bag. Many weekenders on the market are designed to fit every style and personality. For example, the Weekender from is made from full-grain leather, certified for authenticity with Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana. It’s ideal for a travel bag that you want to look fashionable and one that will stay looking good for many years. It uses high-quality YKK zippers and is handmade in Florence, Italy. We also recommend choosing the leather cream to keep the bag in good condition. Shop Online at Von Baer

Designer Tie And Clip 

While choosing a tie and a clip for someone requires extra analysis, these gifts are ideal, especially for someone looking forward to tying the knot. Before selecting the tie, it’s vital to be sure of the groom’s favourite colours and fashion sense. For this gift to be valuable, it must fall under what he likes and should complement his wardrobe. 

designer tie and clip


Of course, you might have thought of this gift as a practical one for a groom-to-be. Cufflinks are excellent gifts and ideal for individuals who wear suits. While many cufflinks are flashy and suited for fancy suits, you can find minimalist cufflinks that are unnoticeable if on closer inspection. Hence, they can be used even in less formal suits and everyday long-sleeved polos. 

Sophisticated Wallet 

Men are known to take forever to change their wallets. For this reason, many men would endure using old, ragged wallets, hoping they’ll have time to change them soon. If your friend is among those who take an eternity to change a wallet, why not surprise him with a wallet? It is a good idea to begin a new life chapter with a new everyday carry. Sophisticated wallets are slim and stylish and come in different designs; hence they’re ideal for different personalities. 

mens accessories gift


While a wristwatch is a typical and traditional wedding gift for grooms, it’s still valuable and suitable for such a memorable occasion. In some cases, wristwatches are given as engagement gifts.  

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Again, when choosing a wristwatch for the groom-to-be, consider his style or preferences. There are many wristwatches on the market, each with unique features. There are watches for minimalists, outgoing individuals, and everyone in between. If it’s challenging to match the watch with the groom’s style, seek help from a close relative or friend. 

Pocket Watch 

Talking about maintaining a classic look, what does better than a pocket watch? Of course, you might argue that pocket watches are out of style. However, many items used in the 40s are making a massive comeback to the market, and at a high price, for that matter. 

If you want to be that one person who made the groom stand out amid the congregation during his wedding day, gift him a pocket watch embedded with a golden chain before the wedding day. He’ll stand out when confirming the time from a pocket watch while others do so from their smartphones. 

pocketwatch gift


Who doesn’t want to protect their eyes from direct sun rays? Even if it’s not for sun rays, sunglasses can be used as an accessory to add style to one’s outfit. With that in mind, consider gifting the high-quality groom sunglasses that suit his style. Luckily, there are lots of sunglasses in stores and online. They come in different styles, shapes, and prices. Therefore, finding a balance between style and cost will be easy. 


It is challenging to know if the groom-to-be loves fragrance. However, it would be best to understand that purchasing a perfume bottle for someone else can go wrong because you can mistakenly buy the wrong scent. It’s, therefore, essential to do thorough homework and avoid guessing. You can go the extra mile to ask about their favourite brand and scent to avoid making mistakes. 

mother in law gift perfume

Leather-Bound Flask 

A whisky flask is an elegant, thoughtful wedding gift for a groom-to-be. While he might be restricted from carrying it everywhere throughout the day to avoid excess alcohol consumption, this gift will come in handy during special occasions. You can personalize a leather-bound whisky flask by adding a short message, such as ‘for better days ahead’ or ‘congratulations on your big day.’ 

Whisky Decanter 

Go an extra step by buying an elegant whisky decanter for the groom. Bringing out a wooden box personalized with a special message sheltering a sleek set of whisky glasses and a bottle will leave everyone’s mouth open. This gift is excellent as they can even share a drink with their best man or the bride. The groom can take a quick shot before the wedding to boost confidence. 

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alcohol groom gifts


A multi-tool is an essential everyday carry. This tool is helpful in times of emergencies or danger. Since many men engage in various sports and DIY projects, gifting a groom-to-be multi-tool isn’t bad. You can start with a simple multi-tool with scissors, blades, pliers, a spoon, a fork, and a bottle opener, which the groom can use for outdoor activities. If he is much more of a craftsman, you can opt for an oscillating multi-tool with a saw, a scraper, a sander, and a grinder. 

Pocket Knife 

Are you looking for a wedding gift for the groom-to-be that will enhance his sense of power and skill? In that case, consider buying a pocket knife. This tool is ideal for campers and non-campers alike, as it can be used in different activities. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid it if the groom-to-be isn’t a frequent camper. You never know when he’ll need a knife. 

wedding gift for groom

Pocket Comb 

Suppose a groom-to-be keeps his hair presentable and loves it when it’s in shape. In that case, gifting him a durable pocket comb might be an excellent gesture. Settle for a steel or titanium pocket comb over the typical plastic one for a prolonged service period. 

Shaving Set 

On average, a man shaves or trims his beard at least once weekly. The frequency changes depending on how majestic the beard is and how good he likes them to look. While visiting a barber to shape the beard is vital, having a shaving set within reach isn’t a bad idea for a quick retouch. Besides, it can be tiring and time-consuming to visit a barber every week when you can retouch the beard at home. With that in mind, it’s thoughtful to gift the groom-to-be a shaving set as a wedding gift. 

Welcome Basket

Straight Razor 

Having a beard doesn’t necessarily mean he must use a shaving set. Some old-school men prefer a straight razor over a shaving set. Unfortunately, straight razors are considered vintage; hence they’re costly. Therefore, if you settle on this gift, be ready to dig deeper into your pocket. 

You should also understand that straight razors are very sharp. Therefore, you should settle for a piece with a user’s guide. Remember, while this is an excellent gift, it isn’t ideal for everyone. 


Not all days will the groom be wearing suits. Sometimes they’ll need something comfortable, especially at home or when going for a night out. Choose a comfortable hoody but don’t compromise style. Make sure it is durable, so it’ll maintain its quality even after a hundred washes. 

Chess Set 

Suppose the groom-to-be prefers games that require strategy and critical thinking. In that case, a chess set might be a good wedding gift. You may settle on classic chess if the groom enjoys playing the game, or you can pick a unique design with adjusted rules to make it fun! 

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chess wedding game

Custom Sign 

Most wedding gifts are in-home-oriented, meaning they belong in a place around the home. But do you know you can go for such a gift but make it specifically for the groom? For example, talk about a sign. You can invest in custom-made gifts to identify his territory. In this case, a customized cave sign can go a long way in marking his boundaries. 


There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift for the groom-to-be. Ensure that you buy a valuable gift depending on your choice of the groom’s personality, preferences, and style. It’s, therefore, vital to research what he loves to avoid purchasing a gift that won’t be useful.

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