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Unique Ideas To Dress and Accessorize For Your Wedding Day

Unique Ideas To Dress and Accessorize For Your Wedding Day

If you are about to tie the knot and say I do to your partner, it can be tough to know how to look your very best on your wedding day, especially if you want that special someone to feel like the most beautiful bride ever. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to pull off bridal style without spending thousands of dollars on designer gowns or getting all-out dolled up with too much makeup and accessories.

The power of accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to make an outfit stand out, and they are a great way to add a personal touch on your wedding day, especially Moissanite earrings. Whether you are waiting for a statement piece or want to spruce up that little black dress, accessories are the perfect metier. Plus, once you have worn them in your photos, you can wear them again!

The right shoes make the outfit

The right shoes can make the outfit, so never forget about them. They should be as stylish as the rest of your attire and make you feel comfortable. Find a pair that matches the rest of your outfit and completes it. Your feet will thank you! If you were planning on wearing high heels all day, ensure to break in those puppies before your big day. You want to avoid hobbling down the aisle like an old lady just because you decided to wear pumps instead of flats.

designer wedding shoes

A pop of colour

The bride is usually the center of attention on her big day, so adding a pop of colour will help you stand out in the crowd. Adding a pop of colour will also make you feel excited and vibrant. It can be accomplished by wearing flowers in your hair, wearing a colourful dress, or adding colourful jewelry pieces. You could also wear shoes that match the colour theme of your event. For example, if you are getting married at an orange-themed party, you can wear shoes that might be orange too! 

A touch of lace

A touch of lace is a beautiful way to dress up. It gets versatile and timeless and can operate on all sorts of occasions, from weddings, proms, or even holiday parties. There are many distinct types of lace, from delicate crochet laces to intricate embroidery laces. To wear it well, you should consider the length and style of the lace and the colour. It will help you find the perfect piece that suits your figure.

lace wedding gown

The perfect hairstyle

The perfect hairstyle is all about the details. Make sure you put in time and effort – so your hair looks perfect on the big day! You cannot go wrong with a classic updo, braided bun, or even one of our favourite easy braid styles. 

Do your hair in a way that resembles the big-day hairstyle you are contemplating. When trying on dresses, for instance, wrap your hair up in a low bun if you know you’ll have it pulled back in that style on your wedding day.

It gets all about staying elegant and feminine on your special day. Do you get a bit braver feeling not opting for an asymmetrical hairstyle? And if you do not want to wear your hair down, try out some gorgeous curls.

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tying hair

Decide what to wear

Dress up if you want to. Any dress you wear shouldn’t be overly exposed. Wearing white will make you look like the bride, so choose light, attractive hues instead. Good colour choices are lavender, light blue, beige, peach, and sunset orange. Depending on the formality of the wedding, either a tuxedo or a suit. Dress appropriately if it’s a modest, outdoor wedding. Wear a top and tails if it’s indoors and “appropriate.” Suit clothing should be in black, grey, or navy. Put on an undershirt of white or light blue and an elegant tie. Wear a white dress shirt with a black tuxedo for the occasion.

Counting on how formal the wedding is, wear a white or black bow tie. The dress shirt has to button up.

The best feeling in the world, I’m sure, is sharing your special day with your loving partner. Couples dressed in identical wedding attire that matches in colour stand out from the crowd. They also make for excellent photographs.

Sleek Makeup

You wouldn’t want loud makeup for an after party, the reception, as you would have worn a significant amount of makeup for the preceding few days on all the other occasions, whether they got day or night. With the correct amount of makeup, you may still look sophisticated.

You also don’t want to appear as though you just rolled out of bed when you arrive at your appointment. When you put on a wedding dress that should make you feel best and attractive, this unprepared appearance can not give you the perfect impression. Put on as much makeup as you find most comfortable! Possible finishing touches include mascara, blush, foundation, and moisturizer to notify the cheekbones.

Make sure everything looks fantastic by checking your cosmetics. Additionally, ensure your shoes are clean and inspect your shoes, hair gel, and clothes, among other things. Apply a body spray, aftershave, or fragrance with a soft scent.

makeup artist

Perfect Jewellery

Any occasion requires the wearer to have the ideal amount of jewellery. It gets advised to wear a minimal quantity of jewellery complementing your outfit. You likely wore a lot of jewellery to all the events leading up to the wedding.

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You will finally have time once all your wedding-related duties get completed to enjoy at least one party with your partner and interact freely and openly with the other guests. Create the best memories while being at ease.

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If you’re wearing a lehenga or saree, then your blouse pattern is crucial

Depending on the style of your blouse, you may appear thicker than you are or smaller than you are. Selecting your blouse’s neck and sleeves should be done with extreme care. The v-neck blouses and off-shoulder crop tops are for you if you have a longer neck and a leaner shoulder. If not, pick a bell-sleeved blouse with a thinner fabric that covers your complete hands and gives you a fashionable, heated look.

Wear for a Destination Wedding

For destination weddings, don’t be afraid to don bright hues and a lovely tropical design that complements the setting. Midi and short dresses with a feminine, flirtatious, and floral feel are a style that never fails. If the season permits, you could choose flowers instead.

Choosing contemporary silhouettes and standing away from embroidery from head to toe is a fantastic alternative. For instance, choose a shirt with embroidered designs on the sheer back rather than one with heavy embroidery on the front. The most common attire for males attending destination weddings is a button-down shirt, pants, and a suit or blazer. You can wear a suit/blazer, a sleeved shirt, a tie, a jacket, and slacks.

hawaii destination wedding

Fabric for a Wedding Veil

Are you preparing for the day that will live in your memory? “It’s not just another dress as it gets the one you’ll remember forever.” A wedding veil is an ideal complement to your wedding dress that draws attention, regardless of whether you’re wearing a fishtail gown or a ball gown.

Due to its adaptability and affordability, tulle is used to get the fabric of choice for most brides. Tulle fabric gives the bride a cozy, fashionable, and airy appearance while also aiding in the garment’s ability to hold its shape.

Additionally, the popular fabric combination of tulle and nylon adds a softer touch and ensures comfort on the bride’s most important day.

Silk and satin are the other common materials that brides favour for their bridal veils. These have a thicker, straight-hanging cloth that looks and feels comfortable. Chiffon veils look more elegant and give off a fuller appearance when worn with a fuller gown than legal tulle veils.

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What items ought to be on your wedding wish list?

The experts who assist brides and grooms in successfully planning weddings advise that you start planning the specifics 12 to 16 months in advance. It may sound like a lot of work – but it’s not since there are several things you need to consider, from reserving locations and purchasing costumes to creating guest lists and hiring decorators, caterers, and beauty artists. To hold yourself accountable and ensure you don’t forget anything, you should create a checklist for wedding preparation and assign due dates to each item.

The following items should be on your wedding checklist:

  • Set a spending limit.
  • A short list of visitors
  • Investigate guest accommodations and transportation options
  • Reserve locations for cocktail hours, Mehendi ceremonies, and wedding receptions.
  • Consider the theme, colours, and decor.
  • Get caterers, photographers, musicians, florists, makeup artists, officiants, and wedding planners on board.
  • Purchase a trousseau and wedding attire.
  • Purchase jewellery for the wedding
  • Choose a cake for the wedding, party favours, and gifts for the family.
  • Create a honeymoon plan.

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