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Say ‘I Do’ in Vibrant Hues: How to Make Your Wedding Look Pop

Say 'I Do' in Vibrant Hues:

Your wedding day celebrates your love and commitment to your partner. With such a big day coming up, many brides and grooms hope their wedding look reflects their unique style and personality. If you want to make your wedding look pop, there are plenty of ways to reflect your personality in your outfit. Adding pops of colour is visually stunning and creates a unique look that you and your guests will love. From eye-catching floral arrangements to colourful makeup and accessories galore, here are some tips on incorporating vibrant hues into your wedding look so it pops! 

Use bold colours

Consider bold colours for your wedding look if you’re an adventurous bride. Many modern brides are moving away from traditional shades of white and opting for wedding dresses in bold colours like black, red, pink, and blue. If you have a favourite designer you dream of working with for your wedding look, ask an atelier if they can make your dress in a colour of your choice. 

If going with a completely different colour than white sounds too bold for your taste, you can add accent colours to your white dress. Look for details like colourful embroidery, a sash, or a belt to add a multicoloured accent to your look. 

Eye-catching floral arrangements

Many brides opt for neutral or white tones for their bridal bouquet but are missing out on using it to add colour to their look. Instead of an all-white bouquet, choose bold and vibrant colours to match your wedding theme and show off your favourite tones. Bridal bouquets are beautiful accessories that colour and style your overall bridal look. 

Incorporate bright and bold colours into your bouquet, such as reds, pinks, blues, purples, or whatever colours speak to you. And instead of traditional flowers like baby’s breath, roses, and calla lilies, consider opting for unique blooms. For example, Dahlias, proteas, and anemones come in various bright colours with impressive shapes that help your bouquet stand out. 

You can also play around with different textured flowers to make your bouquet more interesting. For example, incorporate different petal shapes, foliage, or dried flowers to add style to your bouquet. Additionally, you can use ribbon or wraps to bring additional colours and style to your flowers. 

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wedding bouquet flowers

Unique lingerie

Lingerie is a great way to add a personal and unique touch to your bridal look. Use bridal lingerie to show off your personality. Whether you opt for a sexy bra, use playful colours in undergarments, or a romantic look to show your individuality. You can also use lingerie to incorporate your wedding theme by matching your lingerie with your wedding colours. This makes your bridal look feel cohesive and complete. 

You likely plan on showing off your lingerie to your partner, so why not add a touch of luxury to your bridal look? A luxurious lingerie set can make you feel confident and glamorous on your wedding day, even if just one person sees it later. Opt for high-quality materials like lace or silk with intricate detailing to add a touch of elegance to your look. 


Accessories play a significant role in elevating your wedding look and making it pop. Whether you’re getting married at a courthouse, eloping, or planning a lavish wedding, it is essential to accessorize your bridal look. Jewelry is a classic way to add sparkle and colour to your bridal look. Consider incorporating statement earrings, a beautiful necklace, and bracelets to add the perfect finishing touches. 

Hair accessories are another way to add some glamour to your bridal look. To make a statement, you could add a hairpiece, such as a headband, veil, or tiara. Veils are the most iconic bridal accessory and add a touch of sophistication and drama to your outfit. You can experiment with various lengths, styles, fabrics, and embroidery to complement your dress. 

Hair Accessories

Add a pop of colour with heels

Shoes are an essential finishing touch to any bridal look. Whether going for a bold princess look or trying to keep it minimalist and modern, shoes help you curate the bridal look of your dreams. If you want to add a pop of colour to your wedding day look, choose a shade that compliments your wedding dress and skin tone. You can opt for lighter neutral tones or metallics for a subtle pop of colour or brighter shades like red, blue, and green for a bolder statement. 

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While choosing the right colour is essential, you should play with different shoe textures to add depth to your look. Whether you like satin, lace, texture, or sequins, play with different styles until you find one that makes you feel stunning and confident. 

wedding shoes high heels

Colourful makeup

Working with your makeup artist to create a colourful bridal look can add your desired pop of colour. First, choose a colour palette that compliments your skin tone, hair, and eye colour. For example, warm colours like reds and peaches look well on warmer skin tones, while cool colours like pink, purple, and blues tend to make cooler skin tones pop. 

When working with a makeup artist, focus on one facial feature to avoid overdoing it with makeup. Choose your favourite part to focus on, like your eyes, lips, or cheeks, and go for a neutral look for the rest of your face. In addition, it would help to consider your wedding lighting when selecting your bridal makeup. Different lighting can affect how the makeup looks on camera, so make sure you test how your makeup looks in different lighting settings. 

Variety in bridesmaid dresses

Adding colour and variety to your bridesmaid’s look can make your wedding look pop and create a visually stunning atmosphere. Consider mixing and matching dresses in variations of the same colour to add variety while remaining cohesive. In addition, you can choose different shades or patterns in complementary colours to make each bridesmaid stand out while still making your bridal party look put-together. 

Your bridesmaids likely aren’t a one-size-fits-all group of people. Because of this, not everyone will look good in the same dress style. If you want your bridesmaids to look and feel confident, opt for variability in your bridesmaid dress styles. For example, you can choose dresses with different necklines, hemlines, or sleeve lengths to create a diverse but cohesive look.

bridesmaids bachelorette party

Do an outfit change

Most weddings start during the day and end at night, leaving a lot of variability in temperature. If you want to impress your guests and stay comfortable throughout your wedding, do a bridal change to add excitement and variety to your wedding day. Make your outfit more colourful for your second look than your wedding gown. For example, if you want to wear white on your wedding day, consider finding a more comfortable white dress to change into and dance in during your reception.

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If you want to ditch the dress and not have to worry about ruining your dress:

  1. Try changing it up with a different silhouette. You can change into a jumpsuit, blouse, and pants to comfortably dance the night away during your reception.
  2. If you’re worried about getting cold, add a chic sweater to keep you warm and still look put together.
  3. If you’re doing an outfit change for your wedding, don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with different looks to feel your best on your wedding day. 

Making your wedding look pop

While your wedding day may be one of the most important days of your life, it shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice personality in your wedding look. On the contrary, adding vibrant hues to your outfit is a great way to create a visually-stunning look and make your special day even more memorable. From colourful bridal makeup to personalized bridesmaid dresses, there are many ways to incorporate colour into your wedding. We hope these tips have inspired you to add colour to your wedding look so you can fondly look back on it for decades. 

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