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Wedding Party Fashion: Stand Out in Something Special

Wedding Party Fashion: Stand Out in Something Special

Weddings have become increasingly elaborate affairs over the years. Engagement parties and bridal showers are fancier events than they used to be. If you are a member of the wedding, you will have to attend a rehearsal dinner. There will likely be parties for both the best man and the maid of honour. That’s a lot of dressing up. However, there are a few different ways you can stand out at your next wedding party.

Dress Codes for Men

Google “best wedding party fashion for men,” and you’ll find no shortage of multi-pronged guidelines trying to decipher – in frighteningly-distinctive detail – the inscrutability of men’s dress code. Some may suggest you go for a creative black tie, while others might boast about a quirky cocktail chic option.

But there’s one thing that’s certain – the lack of consensus will be warranted, no matter what you look for.

The good news is that these ludicrously vague terms tend to fall under an umbrella of specific categories. And, most of them have one thing in common – it doesn’t matter what you’re trying, your tired combination of grey suit and a vibrant tie won’t cut it anymore.

You have to try something new, and we can help in this regard. However, before we get started – remember – all of these options can be worn by both the matron of honour and bridesmen.

So, be sure to choose your poison carefully. After all, you wouldn’t want to be called a ‘bog standard’ at a wedding party, would you? 

Pocket Squares suit groom

The Unorthodox Formal

A formal wedding ceremony will always call for a suit – generally a tailcoat with a subtle combination of studs and cufflinks. But we are trying to be a little eccentric here, right?

So, we’ll ditch the tailcoat (too dapper-y if you ask) and go for a modern tuxedo. It’s best to wear a black one, as it doesn’t risk ruining an impromptu photo op. 

However, if you are a… well, nonconformist – go for a cream-coloured suit with a black tie. Of course, it might get you some judgmental glances from an elderly couple – but the bridesmaids will surely be interested in you. That’s our promise! 

The Semi-Formal Sensation

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term – semi-formal wedding? Does it seem like a headache of meaningless semantics? Or maybe it’s too quirky for your charisma?

We mean, yes, you could always opt for a sport coat and slacks – but what’s the fun in that? Instead, why don’t you try proclaiming your presence in a crushed velvet blazer with a pair of Cuban-heeled boots?

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Or… maybe you could pair your old tuxedo with a neck full of pearls and a slinky button-up? No matter what you do, no one’s going to look more fantastic than you – that’s confirmed!

father of the bride should not outdress the groom

The Boisterous Beach Formal

If your bud’s getting married on a beach, opting for a black tie is a no-go. Well, imagine yourself wearing black attire amid a sandy beach while the deep blue sea is swaying at the back.

How would it look?

Unimaginative and out of place.

So, when going to a beach wedding, always try something lighter made with linen or any other summer-ready fabric. Yes, wearing a tie is a must – go for a darker option to create a striking contrast.

And before you even think about it, you must avoid wearing sandals. No matter the location, it’s a formal event, after all. So, if you are worried about sand, going sockless can be a good option.

beach wedding

The Curious Cocktail Attire

For a sartorially adrift individual, the term ‘cocktail attire’ usually refers to a bizarro mishmash of a floppy or ill-fitting suit separate. However, that’s not how you should view it.

Cocktail attire showcases the statement-making boxy blazer or double-breasted joint that you simply can’t wear on other formal occasions.

Thinking about wearing a tie? Sure, include it in your repertoire too – but be sure to make it count. 

And do leave your pocket square at your house. You’re already on thin ice, so it’s best not to shower the manifestation of your sparkling personality too much during a wedding ceremony.

The Captivating Casual

When it comes to casual dressing – most of us tend to describe it as something more exclusive, unexampled, and classy. But how do you bring out the sui generis fashion personality thriving inside you?

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When it comes to wearing casual during a wedding, it will vastly depend on the event’s location. For example, if you are going to a destination wedding, wearing a polo or a t-shirt and coupling it with crisp and warm-coloured khakis can do the trick.

Your footwear has to be pretty refined, though. Break out the streamlined sneakers – or, if you feel a little more adventurous – go for a pair of nice loafers.

wedding gift for groom

Style Suggestions for Women

Long gone are the days when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle in curiously-matching dresses. Now, no matter what wedding dress you choose, you must ensure that it matches the theme of the wedding. Or, you can try out some of our suggestions – your choice.

Make a Bridesmaids T-shirt

It has become a trend to make clothing for members of the wedding party. Souvenir t-shirts for bridesmaids and groomsmen are trendy nowadays. If you are the maid of honour, you will likely be in charge of favours for the bridesmaids. Make a shirt for your girl squad saying, “bride or die” or “bride pride.” Get a unique wool hat for the maid of honour or a hat for yourself with your title embroidered across the front.

The best man should have a souvenir shirt as well. If there are groomsmen at the wedding, the best man will be in charge of shirts that say “mediocre man” or “the other friends.”

Bridesmaid Crew

Add a Little Bling to Your Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids’ dresses have evolved a lot in the last decade or so. It used to be that all of the bridesmaids in the wedding would simply wear the same clothing in their respective sizes. Nowadays, you can have bridesmaids who get the same style of dress in different colours or all wear one colour of different dresses. It is not considered wrong to add your personal touch to a dress.

If you are a bridesmaid, you can add a broach to the collar of your dress to make a subtle difference. Design the broach yourself with a jewelry-making kit or find something in a second-hand store. A simple engraved necklace with a heart is also a cute touch for a wedding. You can add a belt or scarf to your bridesmaid’s dress and wear it to the reception.

Add an Accessory to Your Outfit

Adding a homemade lace scarf or handkerchief to an outfit is a good idea. You can also wear a hand-embroidered blouse and a skirt to the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. If you are not much good with needle and thread, on-demand printers also allow you to create embroidered designs on shirts and blouses. 

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Hair Styles

It is always a good idea to get your hair done if you are going to a wedding. A silver or gold barrette can add a touch of class to an outfit if you wear your hair up. If you wear it down, add a few curls here and there for a more dramatic effect. Flowers are a nice touch if the wedding is more casual, such as on a beach or in a garden. 

Matching the Theme

Many weddings today have themes. You may find yourself attending a wedding that is themed around a love of Harry Potter or simply themed around the season when the wedding is taking place. It may also celebrate the season when the couple met. 

Find something to wear that goes along with the theme of the event. If it is a vintage wedding, wear a flapper-style dress to the rehearsal dinner. If it is a beach-themed wedding, wear a sundress to the party. The better on-demand printers will let your custom design flip flops that look great with a sun dress. If the wedding is themed around a cartoon, strategy a necklace with a pendant of a character from that cartoon.

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wedding party

A Word of Caution: Men Should Not Dress Identically to The Groom

The groom should always distinguish himself from the other men at the wedding party. You could have the groom wear a bow tie and have the groomsmen wear long ties or vice versa. You can have the groomsmen wear a different colour vest than the groom, or you can have the groomsmen wear hankies.

A small detail can make a big difference in wedding fashion. This is the bride and groom’s big day, and most of the focus should be on them. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a little flair to your outfit so you stand out in all those wedding pictures.

Wrapping It Up in Style!

So, yeah, that’ll be all for our suggestions. What do you think about it? How do you want to rock your bud’s wedding party? Do you want to go or have a careless, casual attitude? 

Or does the fluent formal roll your boat the best? Don’t forget to inform us about it in the comment section below.

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