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Wedding Accessories: How to Mix and Match With Examples

Wedding Accessories: How to Mix and Match With Examples

Many hire stylists for their weddings, but that’s not the case for all brides and grooms. Getting one takes a huge chunk off a couple’s budget, so others take the more practical route and leave the styling to themselves.

For those on the same train, no need to worry. This article will guide them on how to fashionably mix and match their wedding accessories without sacrificing their personal style.

For the Soon-to-Be Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding Bands

Wedding rings should be any engaged couple’s top priority when it comes to hunting for accessories. After all, wedding bands memorialize their love and devotion to each other. But before saying yes to the ring, there are a few things to consider.

Choosing bands they can see themselves wearing for a lifetime is best. Many wedding jewelry designs, like the diamond band Roberto coin rings, feature exquisite style without sacrificing comfort. These are perfect for couples who want unique wedding rings to match their personalities.

wedding rings engagement rings

Matching Jackets

Marrying in the cold months will require couples, especially the bride, to prepare jackets that complement their wedding outfits and theme. While grooms can stick to their suits and brides to their shawls or cardigans, they can always go the edgy route by getting matching jackets.

Denim or leather jackets are great pieces to break the traditional wedding suit and dress ensemble. Plus, they look fantastic in photos. Couples can even get their jackets personalized with their names in Mr. and Mrs. titles printed on the back. For brides, adding sequins or other embellishments to their jacket make for a daintier style.

Bouquet and Boutonniere

The bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere should complement each other for that cohesive look. Plus, both should match the wedding’s colour palette and entire floral arrangement. While any couple can get their florist’s help on this, they can always opt to pick these floral accessories themselves with the following steps:

  1. Choose a colour palette.
  2. Find out what’s in the season to get those fresh blooms.
  3. Pick the right bouquet size and shape.
  4. Structured or unstructured? Choose a bouquet style.

The most important tip when choosing bouquets and boutonnieres is to stay true to one’s style. Couples can always choose to add personal touches to make these accessories more meaningful. To save money, couples can check Coupon Blender or other similar sites for discounts.

dried flower bouquet

Celebratory Drinks

Having wine at the end of an eventful yet exhausting wedding is a great way to cap the night. Newlywed couples may order celebratory drinks to ensure everything’s ready on their first night as husband and wife.

Wine gift baskets for weddings are excellent choices since these packages already have everything they’ll need—snacks, chocolates, wine glasses, and a good bottle of wine. Before they know it, the new Mr. and Mrs. will be draining their glasses to the last drop.

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For the Groom

Neck or Bow Ties

There’s a necktie or bowtie for any type of wedding out there. Whether a traditional or modern wedding, the right tie will depend on the pattern, material, and knot used. Here are some tips grooms should consider when choosing the right neck or bow tie:

  • No need for the colour to match the bride’s entourage. Grooms can choose a darker shade or complementary colour instead.
  • Some of the safest colour options for neckties are black, gray, or silver-coloured.
  • When wearing a tie bar or clip, matching metals with the belt buckle or watch is a great way to wrap up the look.
  • Bowties are necessary for grooms wearing tuxedos or a more formal dress code.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares add oomph to a groom’s suit. They often match the colour or feature of the bride’s gown or entourage. For instance, the groom may opt for a satin pocket square to match the bride’s satin dress. Meanwhile, the groomsmen can cue by matching their pocket squares to the bridesmaids’ dresses.  

For a different approach, grooms can always try out different colours, such as a darker or lighter shade than the bride’s or the bridesmaids’ gowns.

Pocket Squares suit groom


Wedding cufflinks are a tiny fashion detail that can instantly elevate a groom’s overall look. While grooms—or brides, if they’re in on the matter—can go the minimalist route with gold-plated cufflinks or mother of pearl against silver, getting them personalized is much more meaningful.

An excellent option is to have their cufflinks engraved with their initials or the wedding date to celebrate their upcoming union. Or, they can go with something that describes them most—for instance, anchor-shaped cufflinks for seafaring spouses.

Belt and Suspenders

These are other items that can either make or break a groom’s look during the big day. While belts or suspenders are built for function, style is also crucial to consider to keep the groom’s visual seamless.

Keeping suspenders simple for a wedding is the most fail-safe choice. Grooms will still want to look sleek and polished when there’s a chance they will remove their dinner jacket. Besides, there’s little room to make a statement with suspenders.

For belts, the rule is to choose one that looks sophisticated, like a black belt to match black dress shoes. For a more casual look, grooms may consider pairing a brown belt with their navy suit.

wedding gift for groom


When choosing a watch for the groom, brides should look at how it complements their wedding suit and if it’s something they’ll be able to wear multiple times in the future. After all, good watches don’t come cheap, so it’s more cost-efficient to get one they will get the most.

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Consider the following tips when shopping for the groom’s watch:

  • Consider his personality and pick a style that suits it. Is he more sophisticated, minimalist, or casual?
  • Choose a watch he can use based on his interests. Is he an adventure junkie, a sportsman, or a professional?
  • Consider the budget. There’s no need to spend much on luxury brands if there are other pocket-friendly brands that match the quality.

For the Bride

Wedding Shoes

Picking wedding shoes can be tricky. Brides will want to splurge on an elegant style but also take comfort into consideration. After all, weddings can involve lots of walking, dancing, and partying.

The following tips help brides choose the right wedding shoes for them:

  • Make sure it matches the overall bridal style.
  • Pick the dress first before getting the shoes to match.
  • Scour the best wedding shoe retailers for more options.
  • Try them on first before saying yes—comfort is a top priority.
  • Don’t shy away from colour, especially if it fits your personality.
something blue wedding shoes

Hair Accessories

Choosing hair accessories will significantly depend on the hairstyle the bride is going for, which will also depend on the dress and the overall bridal look.

Many hairstylists prefer huge wedding headpieces and daintier accessories on thin hair. Brides can balance the look with more straightforward hair accessories if the wedding dress features many embellishments. Alternatively, they can enhance a minimalist look with a more detailed, intricate headpiece.  

Hair Accessories

Wedding Veil

The veil is a significant part of any bride’s wedding day look. The thing is, there are so many styles to choose from! The options do not end with simply a long or short veil.

For brides with heavily embellished gowns, the veil can only feature minimal matching beadwork to balance the outfit. Those with simple yet stunning gowns can take the drama to their veil by going for an angel-cut veil trimmed in organza or satin. Meanwhile, a gown with a long train can pretty much match it with any type of veil, but a cathedral style creates a stunning, ethereal look.

Bridal Jewelry

First, there are no strict rules to choosing bridal jewelry, but a common rule of thumb is choosing the ones that bring the most comfort to the wearer. For instance, brides that always wear stud earrings may opt for a more formal, elegant version during their wedding day. The key is to be intentional in their jewelry choices.

With this, adding sentimental pieces to the ensemble is also an excellent option to try. It’s also a “something borrowed” opportunity, their mother’s dangling earrings or gran’s pearl necklace.  

bridal wedding earring


What brides wear underneath is also important for the bridal look. Their underwear should flatter their body type, give off a smooth base, and bring out their confidence as they walk down the aisle.

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Brides with tighter style dresses may consider wearing shaping thongs to highlight their curves sans the panty lines. Meanwhile, a full shaper keeps the silhouette seamless, especially for those wearing ball gowns at their wedding.

mermaid style wedding dress


While brides often carry their bouquets, they may see the need to add a clutch to their overall look for the most critical essentials—like a lipstick tube for touchups, a mint, or their phone. There are many clutch options to choose from, but the safest one to pick is the one that complements their wedding outfit.   

Bonus Tip: You Do You

While the abovementioned items are some of the most common must-have accessories for any wedding, this doesn’t mean couples should strictly follow them. After all, their wedding is their own. It is entirely possible to break away from traditions, especially if it’s something that doesn’t reflect the couple’s personality. At the end of the day, what’s important is that the bride and groom enjoy and remember this terrific milestone in their lives. 

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