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Brides are Ditching Fancy Shoes for Converse Sneakers – Find Out Why!

Brides are Ditching Fancy Shoes for Converse Sneakers – Find Out Why!

Every year we see plenty of wedding trends, and the world never seems to get enough of them. For example, finding the perfect wedding dress is a whole ordeal, but the dress is not the only factor the bride needs to worry about – there are the shoes too. Previously, brides almost always went with stilettos or some form of heels, but in recent years, brides are now choosing comfort over anything else, and can you blame them? Hence, the Converse shoes. In this article, we will take a closer look at why this change has occurred and what factors have prompted brides to make this decision. 


The first and foremost factor is comfort. The best sneakers offer you a high level of comfort, and you can wear them all day through tiring events. Moreover, Converse sneakers are known for their optimal comfort, and any sneaker buying guide will tell you that comfort is something you should never compromise on. The sneakers by this brand are easy to glide in and out of, and even if you want to switch shoes for some occasion, you can easily do it without any hassle. Irrespective of the terrain of your wedding, the Converse sneakers can handle it all.

converse bridal shoes

Room for Customisation

There’s nothing a bride loves more than a good customization option. This gives them a choice to style their shoes their way. Customization can be in various forms – it can be embellishments in the form of pearls or jewelry, or it can be embroidery work. Whatever it is, brides often choose to match the customization to their wedding dress. Another widespread trend among bridal outfits is opting for monogrammed sneakers. This can be the bride and groom’s initials or the wedding date – something to make it unique. 

Limited Pieces

Brides are always trying to get their hands on limited editions and sneakers that are not just designer wear but are pure works of art. This can be made to suit the particular tastes of the bride – if they are into K-pop, they can choose the art of that niche, or if they are into abstract, they can choose something in that style. 

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Matching Kicks

Another common reason brides go for sneakers instead of heels these days is that they want to match them to the groom. This looks cute in photos! It also adds a lot of fun and creativity to the overall ensemble of the bride and groom. They can choose to wear shoes that are complementary in colour, have opposite colours, or are simply of the same colour. 


Your wedding day is all about you and how you choose to express yourself. Every bride tries to bring out their personality through their attire. That is why no one likes to be limited by style options. However, with Converse, you can choose from the endless possibilities they have, from shiny sparkles to classic whites. So express just the vibe you want without compromising on anything. 

Now that you know the top reasons for brides choosing Converse sneakers over anything else for their wedding shoes, let me give you a few tips on how you should select your bridal shoes in the first place – 

  • Define your style – This is the most crucial step. Every bride has her style. It would be best if you let that style ooze out of everything you wear on your special day. It’s doubtful for any bride to shop for their dress and shoes from the same store, making it difficult for them to maintain consistency. For example, if you have chosen to follow a vintage look at your wedding, your dress and even your shoes should match the vibe of that era. In addition, you should also keep in mind any embellishment or additional detailing on your gown that you think could be added to your footwear to resonate with the same vibe. The same applies to any material, for example, tulle, satin, lace, and so on. 
  • Buy your dress first – Many brides make the mistake of buying their footwear right away, but do not do that. Even if you have found the shoe of your dreams, hold down your urge to buy the shoes and search for your wedding dress first. Your bridal footwear must be something that should complement your dress and not be something completely unrelated. Even if you are buying Converse sneakers, there must be some element to them that matches the dress
Lace Wedding Dress
  • Start researching the shoe options you have – Even though you should prioritize your wedding dress, it doesn’t mean you will not research your shoe options. Visit the Converse website and look through the choices they have. If you have any specific customization in mind, note it down for later. If you have narrowed your search before your wedding day, it will help you shop for the right pair of shoes in the minimum possible time. 
  • Never commit to shoes without trying them on – This is another crucial factor that brides must keep in mind. Shoes are something that must never be bought until and unless you have tried them on yourself. No matter how lovely a pair of sneakers look on the website, you will never really know their quality until you get the feel of it. Remember that your wedding shoes are something you will have to wear for hours and go through all those hectic events keeping a smile on your face. You have to feel comfortable in them. So, before you swipe your card and buy a pair, make sure you wear them. There is no harm in trying out a couple of shoes first. 
  • You can go for colour – Some brides are afraid to choose something of colour – but remember it’s your day, and you can practically go for anything you like. Of course, what you wear will depend on your choice. Traditional brides often want to go for ivory or white or anything with a nude tone. But, simultaneously, you can go outside the box and choose something that stands out, like metallic – a bit of glitter that will catch the eye. 
  • Keep the venue in mind – While choosing your pair of shoes, a very important factor you cannot afford to forget is the venue – it determines many things. Most importantly, if you have opted for an outdoor setting, for example, by the beach or on the lawn, your shoes must be comfortable and appropriate for the setting, and Converse shoes fit right in. In addition, you should be able to walk gracefully wearing whatever you choose.
ocean themed wedding venue
  • Always prioritize comfort – Brides often focus so much on the style that they overlook comfort, but that should never be your motto. To enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, you need to be comfortable. There are plenty of attractive options in sneakers that are just as good as high heels. 
  • Don’t keep things for the last moment – Lastly, even though it’s advisable to choose the shoe after the dress, that doesn’t mean you will keep things for the last hour. Remember, the height of the sole of your shoes will play a role in the length of your dress; hence, alterations will have to be made, and you will need time for that. Make sure you count all of that in during the planning process


Modern-day brides tend to sway away from traditional styles; honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. It is all about what makes them feel special, so if wearing a pair of Converse sneakers fulfills their wish, so be it. The trend has become so popular that if you open Instagram and click on the #sneakerwedding hashtag, you will get thousands of posts in front of you. From glitz and glamour to classics, everything will be right in front of your eyes, and you can even take inspiration from the pictures. 

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Some people have this notion that if they are not choosing white as their colour, they would have difficulty finding an appropriate pair of shoes – absolutely not! Because with sneakers, you can get as many colour variations as you want. If your dress has a lot of laceworks, you can also choose to get your sneakers customized the same way to match your outfit. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure – you surely won’t trip on grass if you are going to wear sneakers.

FAQ – Bridal Shoes 

Which shoes are ideal for a wedding?

If you’re having a beach or garden wedding, choose sand- and grass-friendly footwear like espadrilles, block heel sandals, or flats. Closed-toe heels or embellished sandals are always a classic choice for traditional ballroom weddings.

Do you go to a wedding in high heels?

There is no rule stating that you must wear heels to a wedding! If you like flats, try for a bejewelled pair that sparkles while still looking sophisticated and dressed up for a night out.

Is it necessary to wear white wedding shoes?

Wedding shoes don’t have to be white or ivory all the time. More and more brides are choosing brighter, more unusual shoes that will complement their style even after their wedding day is over.

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Do you shop for wedding shoes before the gown?

You must bring your shoes to your final fitting at the bridal shop so that the seamstress may change the length of your gown correctly. If you don’t, your dress may finish being just a smidgeon too long or too short, neither of which is desirable.

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