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A Unique Bridal Look: A Guide To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress with an Asymmetrical Neckline

A Guide To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress with an Asymmetrical Neckline

Every bride wants to look their best during their wedding. While putting on makeup, styling your hair, and wearing a bridal gown are easy, finding the best look can be challenging. First, you need to determine the most flattering look and style. Going the extra mile may not be necessary when blending in is acceptable on a typical day. However, you can’t just take the risk when it’s your big day. You have to be the most beautiful one walking down the aisle.                      

Finding the perfect wedding dress may seem like an easy task. Some think it’s as easy as browsing wedding ring care tips or tips to find the best wedding planner. Yes, it’s not impossible, but a lot goes into this process. One of the most crucial details is the gown’s neckline. This tiny detail can highlight your face and also impact your overall look. 

Rule of Thumb

When choosing a bridal gown, you must consider your body type, how you’ll wear your hair, accessories, the season, and the venue. Don’t rely on mirrors when figuring out your body size. They can be deceiving. Get a measuring tape instead. The more accurate the measurements, the better you’ll look. 

Petite brides should consider gowns with plunging necklines. Tall brides should choose gowns with high necklines. If you’re pushing for the minimalist look, look for dresses that brush your collarbone

These are proven and tested rules that still resonate with modern-day brides. But a new trend cuts across body types, accessories, venues, and other considerations. This wedding dress design is none other than gowns with asymmetrical necklines. 

What does a wedding dress with an asymmetrical neckline look like?

This kind of wedding dress has two contrasting silhouettes on each shoulder. This look is a slight diversion from the infamous one-shoulder look and aims to showcase a unique design.  

The best thing about this design is its versatility — you can use it as a formal ballgown or a mini after-party dress. In addition, the design meshes well with all bridal styles. 

Even better, runway designers are not the only people raving about this trend. Well-known brands like Zara and Lulus also revealed their take on this style. This means you can look for the best asymmetrical dress that fits your budget and bridal aesthetic.                                             

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Neckline

There are plenty of design ideas for wedding dresses. Unfortunately, most brides find choosing from the sea of wedding design ideas more challenging. If you’re eager to try the asymmetrical neckline for your wedding dress, you must make the most of it. Consider the following tips if you need help picking and utilizing this design for your wedding dresses. 

Go for an asymmetrical neckline if you’re planning a summer wedding

You can still wear a dress with this kind of neckline in any season, but it’s best to wear at summer weddings. You won’t need to add shrugs or stoles to perfect your outfit during this time. 

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Then again, before you go all in with this design, consider its distinctive element. With this dress, you must leave your shoulders, arms, and back uncovered. If you’re comfortable showing off these body parts, go ahead. 

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Choose slipped fabrics and geometric cuts if you want classy and sensual

Simple and fluid wedding gowns will always be in style. A single-shoulder dress with clean lines is perfect for going down this design route. Use this style with slipped fabrics and geometric cuts to look classy and elegant. This simple mix and match will effortlessly make you look stylish and sophisticated. 

In numerous Bridal Fashion Week events, designers featured one-shoulder gowns. They added refined, laced embroideries to make their pieces even more stunning. You can make the look even more well-put together by adorning the bodice with decorations stretching out on your shoulder. These strap-like add-ons add a dash of playfulness to the dress. With these design elements, you can effortlessly give off a distinctive and sensual vibe. 

Spice the design up with a captivating twist

What’s exciting about wedding dresses with asymmetrical necklines is the opportunity to spice it up. The design resembles an empty canvas. You can mix and match design elements. This fact is made possible by the design’s basic cut and clean lines. By itself, it’s already a symbol of luxury and inspiration in a refined and utterly original manner. 

If you’re a bride who wants more than just mermaid wedding gowns, go for asymmetrical necklines. Then, give the dress a captivating and gritty twist by adding accessories like haute couture hats, organza rouches, or even an eccentric bow. 

You can be as liberal as you can in interpreting the shoulder element of the dress. Your taste will be the best guide in finding the style that suits you best. 

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Tease your groom with a mini wedding dress

You don’t get married daily, so you must choose a wedding dress you love. Not a fan of long, dreamy wedding gowns? In that case, your best choice is to wear a miniskirt. 

Tease your groom with a little bit of skin. Then, add another dimension with an asymmetrical neckline and eccentric, cutting-edge features. You can use tulle or chiffon for your unconventional and innovative wedding dress

Emphasize your assets 

Ultramodern lines and geometric cuts can emphasize strong and toned shoulders while accentuating the waist. This optical effect can also help make you look slimmer if that concerns you. 

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If you want to showcase your graceful collarbone, shoulders, and neck, a dress with an asymmetrical neckline is the way to go. If you want to fill out your chest area, you can still make asymmetrical neckline dresses work by adding accents and ruffles. 

This design can also work with a large bust and broader shoulders. However, you must take extra caution since it can widen these areas and make you look bulky or broad-shouldered.

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This runway trend fits the current minimalist wedding gowns that are in vogue. Like wedding dresses with halter necklines, the asymmetrical neckline design also perfectly frames sculpted and broad collarbones and shoulders. It can also transform large décolletés and make you look less busty. 

If you want the contemporary bride look, go for sharply minimalist asymmetrical necklines that end at a certain point. This specific design lends a geometric and precise accent to a dress’s mermaid silhouette. This look is also best for brides who are going for a romantic and ethereal look. A classic example of this design would be a Grecian-style wedding dress with a single-shoulder neckline, draped bodice, and feather-light chiffon. 

Know what accessories to add

While the asymmetrical neckline design is flexible, there are still limitations to this unorthodox cut. If your neckline is already crowded or busy, there’s no need to accessorize. The neckline is an ornament by itself. Then again, you can continue if you want to add more flair.

You can pick a statement piece with geometric shapes. You can also add beads of different sizes and let them hang a bit under your neckline if they’re too large or close to your neck if they’re small. Through these, you can keep the ornaments from overcrowding your neckline. 

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Challenge the traditional silhouette with a feathered skirt

You will never go wrong with a long, flowing, feathered skirt and a body-hugging top with an asymmetrical neckline. Look for a floor-length gown made of feathers and crepe. If you want a bridal gown to make a statement, this dress is for you.

The gown’s asymmetrical neckline complements its long sleeves and feathered skirt. This design is the brand’s romantic and modern take on traditional wedding gown silhouettes. 

Stay simple and sleek with a sash accent

Whether you have a straight or curvy figure, you’ll never go wrong with a mid-calf satin gown with an asymmetrical neckline. The dress’ sash accent adds a touch of refined elegance to this simple and sleek design, while the bias is flattering for brides of any body type. 

Try a midi-dress for a beach wedding

If you’re planning a casual wedding, opt for a linen midi dress with an asymmetrical neckline. Also, wear gowns with bare backs and flared skirts, perfect for beachside weddings. 

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To add more fun to the event, encourage your guests to look for dresses with a beach wedding feel, look, and vibe. Let them check out brands that offer something light, trendy, and fun to wear for summer weddings or shore-side ceremonies.

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Your Wedding, Your Rules: Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

The best advice any designer, wedding planner, family member, or friend can give a soon-to-be bride is to go all out when looking for a wedding dress. Yes, some guides can help you look your best. However, it’s your big day. It’s your wedding, and you have every right to decide what’s best for you, including what wedding dress to wear. 

You don’t get to walk down that aisle daily, so do what you want. Don’t box yourself with traditional wedding dress ideas you’re uncomfortable with. Instead, explore your options and pick what your heart desires. Enjoy your wedding dress hunt and best wishes!

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