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Top Wedding Gown Trends You Should Know About This Season

Top Wedding Gown Trends You Should Know About This Season

Now that the pandemic is mostly over, several brides might still be wondering if they will get to experience their princess moment at their upcoming nuptials or not! This is because Covid-19 affected so many weddings. As a result, several couples postponed their wedding because they couldn’t have grand events.

According to a report by CNN, the event management industry will see a massive boom, with 2.6 billion weddings expected this year. Now, this is the highest number of weddings the world has seen since 1984.

One of the essential parts of a wedding day, especially for a bride, is to find her perfect fairytale outfit. Finally, after two years of intimate weddings, the wedding gown trends have some real princessy feels with long terrains and statement gowns.

This article will review some of the top wedding gown trends you can explore this wedding season.

As for grooms, the most hassling thing is finding the perfect engagement ring that would please their partner beyond imagination. In this respect, a diamond ring is considered the best. It suits almost all kinds of bridal dresses, hence popular among brides. 

For brides, it is to come across that dream wedding gown that will leave everyone in the ballroom awestruck.

Choosing what to wear at a wedding event can be a style problem, even for guests. So, you can imagine the pressure and anxiety the bride must feel. It can be overwhelming for a bride to pick her dream outfit. Lots of things must cross her mind.

So, if you’re a bride-to-be searching for a wedding gown that will turn heads, let us help ease your anxiety. These are the top wedding dress trends you need to consider this wedding season.

empire wedding dress silhouette

Bridal Suites Are Back

The time of the pandemic gave birth to the concept of intimate wedding affairs. From bridal separates to bridal suites, many brides went gaga over this trend, and now it is back with a bang.

Bridal suites have reconstructed the entire idea of bridal wear. Women who anticipated adorning long terrain gowns are now more eager to carry themselves in a Givenchy or Kaviar Gauche bridal suite. The concept of a suit for a bride indicates more self-confidence and breaks stereotypes. It’s a non-traditional outfit that looks stunning and makes a bold statement.

Many designers like the ones we mentioned above embraced this trend completely. You will see how Rita Vinieris and Katherine Polk have incorporated their mould motifs and signature style into this timeless bridal fashion.

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Corset Wedding Gowns

Outerwear corset wedding gowns became a top fashion trend in 2010. But, this somewhat forgotten fashion trend is here to stay and will be in full bloom during the fall. We saw corset wedding gowns make a dramatic comeback at various ramps this year.

The top bridal wear designer Kate Halfpenny has come up with a wide array of corset wedding gowns that are perfect for a bride who wants to combine vintage with modernism. Corset wedding gowns are a stunning bespoke outfit. You will find a combination of tulle fabric for designing the corset paired with flowy organza and chiffon to complete the attire.

These gowns look more spartan than those glittery and shimmer embellished wedding gowns you see on the internet. But, of course, to complete the look, you can always compliment your simple yet bold wedding corset gown with big diamond studs or signature wedding jewelry.


Time for a Party Dress

While princess wedding gowns will always be in trend for a grandeur vibe, what’s more interesting is the trend of classy party dresses for wedding dresses.

This bridal wear might be short on the hemline but goes a long way for their personality. Since the concept of intimate wedding affairs is still with us and many people love having small gatherings, this bridal wear can be your ultimate style statement.

Whether you’re going to elope, planning a small intimate gathering at home, or want to show off those killer pair of shoes, go for a white party dress with blowout hair to make for a comfy yet elegant bridal look.

These party dresses are in trend for this fall. You can opt for a short wedding dress for all your events, including the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and reception.

Bold Cutouts

One trend on the rise throughout the Paris Bridal Fashion Week was bold and sexy cutouts. Today, brides and designers both want to make a bold style statement. So what better way to do it than by making traditional wedding gowns look chic and sexy by incorporating cutout patterns?

High-end brands such as PatBO, Scorcese, and Lili Hod have embodied this bold silhouette with contemporary pieces. Brides enjoy exploring new ideas and patterns when it comes to bridal dresses. So what better way to do it than adding this tasteful style to the outfit for your big day?

And since we are talking about cutouts, how can we forget the scintillating thigh-high slit? Ever since Angelina Jolie wore her divine black outfit to the Oscars in 2012, thigh-high slits have become a statement style.

You can add a slit to your wedding gown and make it look a little sexier without veering too much away. Many designers ensure maximum comfort for the bride when choosing the length of the thigh-high slit. You can decide for yourself how much you’d like to reveal.

One added perk of a bridal outfit like this is that you can flaunt your sexy designer heels to the world.

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Floral Patterns

Since we saw the trend of floral organza, we knew it would make it to the bridal catwalks, so it did. Apart from bold floral patterns on organza, designers are also incorporating 3D threadwork for floral detailing that looks ethereal.

Floral has always looked chic. So brides afraid of experimenting with colours are now safe to do it. High-end designer Kobus Dippenaar believes that floral can never go out of trend.

And you don’t have to stick to printed patterns. You can always choose 3D floral detailing to let your dress bloom and ensure the accessories are kept to a minimum. Let the flowers on your stunning bridal outfit do the talking.

If you are a bride who loves a countryside wedding with an outdoor aisle, trust us when we say you never go wrong with flowers.

wedding dress with flowers

Bigger and Puffier Sleeves

To all the Bridgerton lovers out there, this one’s for you. Since the series came out, it gave birth to some new phenomenally put fashion trends. One of these fashion trends includes oversized sleeves for wedding gowns.

On the Bridal Fashion Week 2022, we saw several models flaunt voluminous and puffier, either balloon or bell sleeves. These sleeves add more dimension to your perfect-fit wedding gown. Plus, if you’re a bit afraid of showing off your arms, you have the perfect alibi without compromising your style statement.

This styling trend is the perfect way to add the wow factor to your otherwise elegant wedding gown. You can perhaps go off-shoulder with puffier sleeves and compliment your entire look with a bold diamond necklace. It will highlight your neckline without taking too much away from the dress.

Princess Ballgowns

As mentioned, brides are ready to go big after two years of intimate wedding events. But unfortunately, Covid-19 caused hiccups to several wedding plans for so many couples. So, now that SOPs is finally said and done with, it is time to have your dream wedding with an enormous ball gown you can lay your eyes on.

Designer Elbeth Gills have launched her latest collection of the most stunningly beautiful wedding ballgowns that will take you back to the grandeur of the 40s and 50s. These bridal gowns are perfect for that dreamier wedding shoot you’ve saved on your Pinterest.

One twist that designers incorporated with this fashion trend were that chic bridal gowns were made of layers and layers of lace or tulle and voluminous skirts instead of Disney-style princess gowns. The dresses have grown bigger and bigger but have kept the gown’s bodice as minimal as possible not to take too much away from the entire look.

You will find some attractive options by Oscar De La Renta and Galia Lahav. Use intricate bows and diamond jewelry to compliment your attire and live your fairytale dreams.

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Brighter Hues

Lastly, don’t be afraid to explore new colours for your big day. Blue was widely praised on the bridal catwalk this year and looked stunning as a statement outfit.

Many brands have begun exploring the idea of new and vibrant colours for wedding gowns instead of signature white. The fashion experts received different but pale shades of blue very well, and we think it will steal the show this fall.

Final Verdict

So, whether you choose wedding suits or a traditional wedding ball gown for your big day, what matters is how comfortably and willfully you carry it. So, keep your comfort, style, and desire in perspective when choosing an outfit for the biggest day of your life.

This was our take on the top wedding gown trends of this season. Do leave us with your ideas below.

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