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Style Matching For Your Amazing Wedding Day: 8 Simple Do’s And Don’ts

Style Matching For Your Amazing Wedding Day: 8 Simple Do's And Don'ts

Planning for your wedding can be an incredibly stressful and hectic experience. You want everything to be perfect, from the venue to the flowers to the minor details. Not a hair can be out of place. 

When most people think of weddings, they think of the ceremony, dancing, and the bride’s big beautiful dress. But the groom’s attire is also key to the look of the wedding. Everyone’s eyes will be on both of you as you stand next. So here are a few simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to your wedding attire. 


Match the Formality of the Wedding 

Your suit should match the formality of the wedding. Though a wedding is typically a formal event, you’re probably aware that not all marriages carry the same degree of civility. 

For example, a black-tie wedding style and a casual wedding style are vastly different. For the first one, everyone will be wearing a tuxedo, but for the second, it’s normal for people to show up in colourful printed shirts. Similarly, if the bride wears a gown, the groom should wear a tuxedo. 

Wear Complementary Colors  

Matching the bride doesn’t mean exactly matching her. Instead, think “complementary.” The colours of both the bride’s gown and the groom’s attire should coordinate well with each other. Complementary colours bring harmony to both of your looks. This also means you’ll photograph well! 

Try the squinting technique. You’re blurring the outfit’s details by squinting, leaving only the dominating colours. This helps you look at how the colours work together rather than getting stuck on the details. With a little bit of coordination, you’ll look like a unit. 

Grooms typically have more colours since the bride’s wedding dress is traditionally white. But, of course, if you want to keep it traditional, the groom can choose between blues, grays, browns, and beiges. But after all, every colour goes with white. 

happy wedding couple

Match with Your Attendants

Even if you’re not planning on having the groomsmen wear the same suit, they traditionally wear attire similar to that of the groom. There is a range of tuxedos and suits to choose from. You don’t have to put a ton of thought into it. The simplest match is having the groom and groomsmen wear the same colours, the only variation being in the colour of the ties. 

Colour variations and small differences in details are normal. Nevertheless, there should be some level of coordination and planning here. 

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Your wedding party should have a cohesive style for stylish and practical reasons. It’s much easier to flag down someone in your wedding party that you might need for something if you know what they’re wearing. 

In short, the style of your groomsmen should also somewhat match the bridesmaids’ style. This, in turn, will work wonderfully if your attire fits your bride’s.

Communicate to Get the Details 

How can you match the bride if you two have decided to wait until the wedding for the big reveal? Many brides aim to prevent their grooms from seeing the dresses before they walk down the aisle. If you’ve decided to participate in this tradition, it can be tough to coordinate your attire. Communication is vital, as it is in most aspects of a relationship. The bride can give the groom pointers about the dress’s colour and materials, how intricate it is, how big it is, etc. 

Another tactic is to talk to a friend present when the bride tries on her dress or visit the same shop as the bride and ask the employees to help match the two of you. This way, you’ll be able to maintain the element of surprise while being confident that you’ll both look great together on your big day. 

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Match Metals

Accessories are how the groom adds his personal touch to the outfit and lets his personality shine. While this might seem like a small detail, matching metals will pull the look together. 

Whatever metal accessories you’ll both be wearing, you can wear the same type of metal to breathe some harmony into your looks. This can be done through tie clips, cufflinks, watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, and any other type of jewelry. Find out your undertones and try to find metals that suit you both. It’s subtle but effective. 

Be In Sync with the Event Colors 

To bring together the look of the entire wedding, pick colours that match your event decor. Choose accent colours that are slightly lighter or darker than the decor colours to have your surroundings compliment your look. 

Match the Flowers 

The groom traditionally wears a boutonniere, and the bride carries a bouquet. You can match the bouquet and boutonniere by incorporating the same type of flower. The flowers can add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic colour scheme and make the couple look better coordinated. 

dried flower bouquet

Think about the More Subtle Details 

Coordinating small details to match the bride’s dress can change your attire. For example, your tie can match her dress’s colour or flowers. 

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Exactly Match the Bride 

An exact match, while sweet, might make both of you look cheesy rather than well-coordinated. Those “his and hers” looks are best suited for other occasions. However, a few couples can pull this off, so it’s no longer a hard rule. 

Wear the Exact Same Colors 

This depends on what you’ve agreed on with the bride beforehand, but it’s generally encouraged to wear complementary colours rather than exactly match each other. This makes you both stand out as unique people but still look like part of a unit. 

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Have Your Wedding Party Not Stand Out at All 

The bridal party matching the decor and somewhat matching the happy couple is an essential part of making sure everyone stands out accordingly. The groom somewhat matches the groomsmen, who somewhat match the bridesmaids, who somewhat match the bride. It all comes full circle. 

Disregard the Formality of the Wedding 

To each their own, it might look a little disrespectful if the bride walks out in a full gown and the groom is wearing khakis and a blazer. If you’re worried about being comfortable, ensure your attire is the right fit. 

That’s how you ensure you both look and feel comfortable in your suit or tuxedo. You want to stand out at your wedding, not look out of place.

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Accessorize at Random 

Accessories are how the groom can most show off his sense of style and personality. But you shouldn’t assume that having different accents from the bride is the goal. Instead, the goal is to add personal touches to your attire while coordinating with the bride. Isn’t it also an apt metaphor for marriage? 

Have the Exact Same Color Scheme as the Decoration 

Exactly matching the decoration isn’t as good of an idea as you think. If you must, pick a darker or lighter shade than the decor, but never the exact one. Wearing those matching colours makes you blend into the background too much, and you won’t photograph well. 

wedding decor

Forego Communicating with the Bride 

Even if the bride wants to keep you from seeing her dress until the grand reveal at the wedding, you should still communicate with her and have her give you pointers about what she’ll wear or what she wants you to wear. She’s sure to appreciate the effort you’ve put into being on the same page as her, and it’ll be in her best interest for you two to look like an item. 

Handle It All by Yourself 

It’s easy to tell someone not to overthink things, but this is your big day. It’s natural to stress about every detail, even things only you might notice. So instead of shouldering all the stress of putting together the outfit for your big day, ask for help. Ask professionals, friends, and family. They’re sure to be more than happy to help you look your best!  

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There are no absolute rules when it comes to the artistic aspects of a wedding. Your wedding should be centred around the happy couple, not the attendants. Only your opinion matters. If both of you think you look good, even if your attire falls into some of the “don’ts,” that’s the wedding attire you should wear. 

Still, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to play it safe. Some people don’t want to take risks. They want to look back on their wedding photos without being embarrassed by their outfit choices. That’s completely understandable. 

There are options for whatever camp you’re in. Whatever the case, make sure you’re happy and confident in your choice as you stand next to each other. Other than that, you don’t need to lose sleep over the details. 

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