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Is Your Bridal Dress High-Quality? What Are The Key Elements To Check Quality And Style + Checklist

Is Your Bridal Dress High-Quality? What Are The Key Elements To Check Quality And Style + Checklist

A wedding, without any doubt, is the most important decision and event in life. No one would want any mishap or scarcity when it comes to arrangements for a particular day. From the menu to the venue, we want everything well organized and properly managed. This is the reason people spend many days planning for the big day and prioritize quality over price.

Among everything, the most important thing that matters is your personal appearance being a bride or a groom. Especially brides, who do not compromise on their dresses, neither should they. After all, it is the most important day of their life when they are the center of attraction for all.

It also creates an opportunity for business persons and designers to invest their time and money in one of the biggest industries in the world based on market size.

The market size of bridal gowns worldwide in 2022 is nearly $44 billion and has shown significant growth in the past years.

Being a bride, you will never want any issues with your dress. With the guide in this article, you can check the quality of your wedding dress on your own.

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Key Elements To Check The Quality Of Bridal Dress

There are so many factors that make up a quality gown. You should check them before your wedding event. It is important to get your dress ready almost a week or two before your event day. Let’s have a look at some key elements to check the quality of your bridal dress

Structure & Support

The structure is the most paramount element that women look for in almost every dress they buy. Obviously, brides have high expectations for the construction and structural support of their dresses.

  • Starting from the beginning, choose a suitable design that can look good on your body type.
  • Check for the patterns and discuss with the tailor/designer how it will model to fit your body.
  • Try the dress and have a detailed analysis of each and every part.

I will recommend you to have someone with you from your friends with a keen eye on the structure of dresses. 


No matter how good your dress is, if the size is not according to your shape, it will ruin the look. Check for the length of your dress, and you should have a prior idea about the trend. Analyze other elements that impact size like waist, shoulders, neck, chest, sleeves, and the bottom.

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Have clarity in your mind about your size. Changing the size or asking the designer to alter your dress after it is being tailored can affect the overall charm of your dress. Do not rely on the same size, it will never be a perfect fit. I believe that every woman has a unique size, and hence make sure to make yourself available for the sizing.

If a designer is using a padded form, it will be really good. It helps designers to drape and pattern the dress according to your size, irrespective of the body type you have. 

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When selecting a fabric for your bridal dress, it is very important to care for your comfort. You will see a lot of people advising to wear different types of fabrics, including Silk Mikado, Grace Satin, Stretch Crepe, Silk Georgette, Pure Silk Crepe, Silk Chiffon, Hail Spot Tulle, etc. However, the best selection for the fabric would that suit you and your skin the most. While taking your dress from your designer, check if they have correctly used the selected fabric or not.

Stitching & Tailoring

Do not forget to check for the stitching and tailoring. Check if the stitches are clean and clear throughout the dress. Tailoring is what gives your dress an adorable look and increases its value.

Moreover, look for the inside of the dress. A genuine designer will stitch the inside as clean as the outer part of the dress. Before hiring a designer or tailor, you can ask for their samples to see how they stitch.

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While buying a dress, it is very important to check for the minute details. Or, if you are hiring a designer or tailor, then check for the following points in their samples to have an idea of the importance they are giving to details.

  • Seams are pressed properly
  • Measurement should be taken precisely
  • Proper attention is given to clipped threads and seam allowance
  • Stitching should be very clean and clear
  • All the edges should be perfect
  • The inside of the dress is as clear as the outer one

Finishing Elements

Just like paying attention to the details, finishing touches are very important when it comes to a bridal dress. It can take the dress to the next level. The small touches of trim and some elegant handwork can make the dress more worthy. Hand sewn trims and details bring in a couture element that results in a high-quality gown

Finishing Elements wedding dress


Along with the style and beauty of the dress, the thing that matters most is how well you are feeling after wearing that dress. You should feel comfortable and easy. You should have support with your dress so that you can have a stunning day having photography and a blast at night dancing with your friends.

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A flexible and strong material should be used for bone corsets and support. Along with that, a built-in bra will make you feel very comfortable. Check if the dress has proper underwire as it will provide you with the comfort you are looking for. 

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Why You Should Inspect Your Wedding Dress

Unlike other products, wedding dresses are meant for special events. Because of this, it can be quite frustrating for customers to discover any faults in the dresses they’ve chosen. So it is very important to inspect the dress way before your wedding event.

There are many companies in China that are making bridal dresses. These companies are not B2C providers but only manufacturers. Most of the bigger brands hire these manufacturing companies and provide them with material and manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing process usually includes handwork. They cut the fabric according to the provided guide. Further sewing, lacing, and beading are done by the labour. 

After the dresses are ready, they are being exported to branded outlets that have ordered them. Although the bigger brands have a quality inspection team, there are some defaulted dresses that can go unnoticed.

So, if you are buying a dress from a branded store, then you will need to inspect the dress on your own for the elements I have discussed above in this post. And in case you have hired a designer to tailor a dress for you, then you can simultaneously have a keen eye upon these elements to get your bridal dress of the highest quality.

Moreover, when you are shopping online or in physical shopping, you will find many small companies and manufacturers who grew up and began making their own wedding dresses and are now competing with the big companies.

Although, some small manufacturers are producing great dresses when it comes to matching the latest fashion with unique styles. Moreover, you can have them at a very cheap price as compared to the bigger brands. However, the issue with these smaller companies is their quality of products. Many of these companies are not even qualified. All they are doing is exporting and selling dresses at a lower price to be in the market.

You will need to be very careful while buying dresses from such companies. If you are able to inspect the dress properly, you can save a lot of money as not all the pieces produced at the smaller companies are defective.

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A Concluding Checklist For Wedding Dress Inspection

Here is a complete list of things you should check while inspecting your bridal dress.

  1. Fitting of the corset
  2. Corset is sitting firmly against the body with no rippling
  3. Stitching of the seams of the corset is done cleanly
  4. There is no extra fabric at CF at the corset
  5. Perfect boning with the same angle cut as the neckline
  6. There is no gap between vertical and underbust
  7. No excess bulk when the boning ends
  8. The zipping top is done perfectly
  9. Fitting of the waist is correct
  10. Check the fitting of the hip
  11. Smooth and rounded fit overbust
  12. The neckline is not too stretched
  13. The neckline is not gaping
  14. There is elastic at the neckline
  15. The neckline edge is correctly sewn
  16. Corset is attached properly to the inside
  17. Proper hand-stitching at the CB
  18. The corset is not visible after the gown is fastened
  19. Seas are neat and clean and are not fraying
  20. There is no puckering on the edge of the neckline
  21. If any corrections are done, the material of high quality is used
  22. Lining inside the body must be a good fit without bunching
  23. No pointing at the bust point due to excess depth
  24. The neckline is rolling out at no point
  25. Buttons, when close, do not expose the zip
  26. Corset at the inside is not pilling on elastic or boning
  27. Inside corset is not dirty
  28. The length of the hem is perfect
  29. There are no dirt marks, holes, or any other such flaws
  30. Construction is done perfectly
  31. The selected material is used
  32. No issues with the decided design
  33. Detailing is clear and compact
  34. No glue marks on the dress

With all these checks marked, you will have a beautiful high-quality dress that you will love to wear at your wedding ceremony, adored by the people.

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