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Here are How to Go for Wedding Dress Shopping: Things No One Tells You!

Here are How to Go for Wedding Dress Shopping

Her wedding attire is perhaps the most valuable belonging for every bride-to-be, which she chooses after endless research, brainstorming, and bridal boutique visits. Therefore, she deserves to look no less than the glam Goddess herself on her D-day. And thus, one should invest in her wedding gown with lots of caution and care. 

There are multiple factors that every bride-to-be needs to consider to make a perfect choice. The wedding theme, venue, season, fabric, and body type of a bride determine her ideal wedding attire

You will get an array of options when it comes to bridal gowns. Making the right choice, therefore, can get quite overwhelming at times. Of course, you can take the help of a professional wedding dress consultant, or you may follow the advice of your experienced mother and friends. 

This blog focuses on the intricacies of wedding dress selection based on multiple factors. If you keep these few points in mind, you will turn out to be one of the most brilliant brides ever. Let us understand the various factors which will enable you to make a well-informed decision.

Know Your Body Type

No matter how well you have planned about the weather, designs, patterns, wedding venue, and themes, if your wedding dress does not compliment your body type, you will end up looking like a disaster on your most special day. We will help you identify your body type and choose your dreamy wedding attire accordingly. Let’s start!

  • The triangle shape: Is your upper body bigger than the lower one? Are the shoulders well-defined and broad? Then, my dear, you have a triangle body shape. Such a body type always has smaller hips and a slim waist.

A V-neck or symmetrical wedding gown looks splendid for all those would-be brides who have a triangle body shape. In addition, you can try fuller straps and sleeves to give your shoulders a subtle look. Also, wedding dresses with embellishments or laces will make you appear balanced, broader, and graceful. 

Avoid halter necks, strapless and off-the-shoulder designs. These will otherwise garner attention towards your broad shoulders.

Unconventional Wedding Dress
  • The pear shape: If your hips are bigger and broader than your bust and waist, then you have a pear-shaped body. Such a lady often flaunts her feminine neck and shoulders. Your petite body shape demands well-fitted wedding gowns that will make you look ravishingly beautiful. Go for full-sleeves, as these will create the right balance between your wide hips and narrow upper body. 

Please do not go for empire wedding dresses, as they will make you appear much more significant than your original body type. 

  • The oval shape: Are you blessed with a well-endowed bust? Do you have a full torso area? Are your hips narrower than your upper body? Then know that your body shape is known as oval shape or apple shape

To compliment your slender arms and legs, you can opt for A-line or empire wedding gowns. When you adorn a flared wedding skirt, it will create an illusion of a balanced and curvier body shape. Make sure the neckline of the wedding gown is fancy enough to draw the guests’ attention. You can even go bold with plunging necklines on your wedding day.

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Never choose high neck wedding gowns. Also, avoid pleat patterns as they will unnecessarily attract attention towards your narrow lower body. 

  • The hourglass shape: If you have a well-defined waist, bigger bust, and wide hips, then you have an hourglass body type. You are lucky enough to have the most desirable body shape in the entire world. Flaunt your diva-like body shape with mermaid-style wedding dresses. You can even try a plunging or sweetheart neckline. Try to avoid ball gowns or princess-style wedding attires
  • The rectangle shape: A rectangle body shape is also known as the banana body type. Ladies who have rectangle body types usually have a straight body shape. Their waists, hips, and shoulders are almost the same size. 

You should go for empire, ball-gowns, A-line, or princess-style wedding dresses without any confusion. They will help you appear curvier and accentuate your best features. 

Wedding gowns with high necklines or mermaid-style wedding gowns should be avoided at all costs. 

mermaid style wedding dress

Wedding Shopping Entourage

We know how much this wedding shopping means to you. Maybe you are planning to take along your whole family, relatives, and friends to bridal boutiques. But you should know that more people mean more opinions. No single person will agree upon the same wedding gown. This will further add to your confusion, and thus, we suggest you keep your wedding entourage size minimal. Just take along your mother, sister, and best friend, and you are sorted!

And if you are worried about your other friends and extended family getting offended or feeling left out, we have a brilliant solution. Get them the prettiest wedding party favours from famous sites like Best Price Favors. They will love this genuine token of appreciation.

Makeup or No Makeup?

It is advisable to go to any bridal boutique sans makeup. You will have to try multiple wedding gowns before saying “yes” to that perfect one. The last thing you want is to leave makeup stains on these ivory, white, or cashmere wedding dresses. 

But if you do not want to step out in zero makeup, we suggest you dab on your moisturizer, apply minimal foundation and extremely light blush to make those cheeks glow. Then, use a tint-less lip balm to moisten your lips. 

Also, decide beforehand whether you want to keep your hair tied up on your D-day or keep them free. Your hair should resemble your wedding day hair-do to some extent so that you get an accurate idea of how the wedding dress compliments your overall appearance. 

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wedding makeup

What to Wear During Shopping?

You must bring along the lingerie that you plan to wear under your wedding gown. When you try different wedding gowns, make sure you wear those undergarments. This will give you the exact idea of fitting and comfort. Depending on the fitting of your undergarments, you may want to make some alterations to your wedding dress. You should also wear heels of the same length that you would like to wear on your special day. 

Decide Upon Your Budget

You must have heard of this multiple times by now. But the budget is often the most ignored aspect while going wedding shopping. We understand your never-ending love for those fancy, luxurious, stone-studded wedding gowns. But before you walk into a luxury wedding boutique, ask yourself if your budget allows you to adorn that wedding attire. Set a realistic budget and adhere to it in all circumstances. You will get numerous options that fall so well within your budget. 

Also, be mindful of the extras, such as expenses of veils, shoes, accessories, multiple alterations, shipping of your wedding gown, and so on. 

Wedding finance

Go for Shopping on a Full Stomach

Trust us when we say that wedding gown shopping can be an exhausting experience. You will be visiting multiple wedding boutiques. Also, trying so many wedding gowns one after another can soon get on your nerves. It is, therefore, better to head out for wedding dress shopping on a full stomach. 

Eat whatever you feel like, such as a bowl full of whipped curd and fresh fruits, or a granola bar, maybe. Even a plateful of the pancake will do! Then, when you are complete, it is less likely that you will feel tired or irritated. 

Also, carry a bottle of water and keep sipping now and then to avoid dehydration. 

It is also necessary to check the number of appointments to bridal boutiques every day. We recommend you to go for at the max of three appointments in one day. Do not forget to arrange some free time between the appointments for lunch. 

Also, avoid heavy meals to not feel bloated throughout the day. 

Listen to Your Wedding Consultant

Every bridal boutique offers you the service and guidance of professional wedding consultants. Their job is to help you choose the ideal wedding dress depending on your expectations and other factors. 

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Be frank with your wedding consultant and share your ideas, expectations, and budget. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Enquire about fabric, pattern, price, and so on. Then, listen to what your wedding consultant says when you are in total confusion.

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Wrapping Up

Wedding dress shopping can be one of the most memorable experiences in your entire life. You can either enjoy the process thoroughly or feel irked out the whole time. This blog spills the beans about some wedding shopping secrets. Try these tips and hacks, and you can genuinely enjoy them while shopping for your perfect wedding gown. 

Remember, the more you go prepared, the better your chances of getting the ideal wedding dress for your D-day.

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  1. My favorite part of your blog is when you said that there will be numerous options that will fall within your budget, so you must set it first. In December, I am going to marry my long-time partner, so I am planning to find a reliable wedding dress shop next week. Certainly, I do not want to fall in love with wedding dresses that are outside of what I can afford, so I will definitely do your tips.

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