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The Perfect Wedding Dress and Tuxedo for Each Zodiac Sign [In-Depth Guide for Wedding Dress Shopping]

The Perfect Wedding Dress and Tuxedo for Each Zodiac Sign

Wedding dressing is an art. Thus it would be best for each bride to go to a personal tailor and get her own best fit for that memorable day in every woman’s life. 

That would be the case if we all lived in a fairytale; alas, there are things to consider, such as budget and revenue and all other non-fairytale details that go into planning a perfect wedding. 

Depending on your location (in the world), a proper (and affordable) tailor should not be difficult to come by. Since every woman is unique, like a snowflake, it’s only natural that every dress should be unique

In today’s wedding dress guide, we will present you with some creative ideas for wedding dresses for each of the zodiac signs. 

Each sign is unique and has an affinity to specific colours, hues, designs and fabrics, of course. This guide is meant to nudge you in the right direction based on your Sun sign. 

Aside from choosing the perfect hue, fabric and design, ladies want to choose a perfect fit for their body type, too. 

Taurus woman is voluptuous with many curves, whereas Gemini woman is slender, tall and has athletic build. 

This is why we’ll go through some of the common body types, and best wedding fits for them through each of the signs. 

But, a small tip for you ladies – when looking at body types, focus on your rising (Ascendant) sign rather than your Sun sign for better accuracy. 

All of this applies to tuxedos, too. 

Finding a personal tailor and getting your measures done is the best choice for an “event.” Alas, Capricorn, Taurus, Libra and Gemini man will do just that, but Sagittarius, Pisces and Aquarius man might show up in their Hawaiian shirt and sandals – it’s all in the spur of the moment for some signs; the devil lies in details for others. 

What’s most important is to follow your intuition, heart’s desire and what makes you feel good. For example, a wedding is the happiest day of one’s life, and there’s no room for discomfort or pretence for such an event.

Aries Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Aries woman is a trailblazer, and not just that, she is bold! Thus, it’s only natural that her wedding gown is something that makes heads turn and ignites the fiery awe in others. 

So in plain terms: something simple, something bold and eye-catching. The dress should be easy to get in and out of, but the headpiece (the tiara, crown or veil) will be the winner. 

Eyes’ makeup, hair and headpiece are the most important for an Aries woman. Thus the focus should be on these aspects rather than the overcomplicated dress itself. 

Red Aries Wedding Gown

As for the tuxedo version – Mars is the ruler of Aries; he is the god of war, and as such, the colour red is a significant and vital theme for an Aries man’s tuxedo. Also, having a ‘weapon’ (like a cane) and a cylinder is essential for this Martian. 

Combine it with elegant black and golden embroidery in the form of armour, and you’ve got a winner! 

Taurus Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Taurus woman is the epitome of Venusian qualities. She is the synonym for true luxury and elegance. This is why the best option for a Taurus wedding dress is a designer. 

She needs to be wrapped in the most delicate fabrics, and silk for her dress to perfectly fit her form and for it to be endowed with her favourite gemstones and crystals. Taurus woman also wants to express her uniqueness and elegance through style, so making her wedding dress will be a process (almost the same as wearing it).

wedding gown

What’s more, a Taurus woman loves to expose her neck and upper back, so a tasteful necklace with just the right hue of the precious stones set in it to match the dress will be a total winner for her wedding experience. 

As for the Taurus man, the tuxedo should be made of the finest materials, tailor-made, with tasteful details (such as royal cuff links) and rich hues (royal blue, robin egg blue or teal). Finishing off the look with a beautiful watch and an elegant bow/tie

Gemini Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Mercury rules Gemini woman; she wants a dress that can shapeshift and transform according to her needs. But, of course, it’s a given that she changes her mind a lot during the process, and she’s most likely to have a last-minute fix/change of the dress. 

She needs a dress that will allow her to move, dance, breathe, and have fun at her wedding and remain the talk of the town for years to come with her appearance. 

As Gemini rules hands, the dress should have something special on the sleeves; they will be the catalyst of the elegance of her dress. Also, she’ll want to put as much accent on her wrists and fingers. Thus her jewelry should match the dress. 

Gemini man’s tuxedo will be one of the most intricate and unique designs the walking aisle has ever seen. The preferred colour for his tuxedo is rich purple or light blue, and the design is tailored to emphasize the shoulders and arms. 

It could be that beneath the jacket, he opts to go with bare hands or short sleeves so that he may have the full range of motion on the dance floor and dazzle the guests with his arms while he’s having fun.

Cancer Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

This woman is the epitome of the maternal archetype – emotional, nurturing, caring. Plus, Moon rules the chest area, so she’ll want a dress whose upper part is heart-shaped with a strong waistline. 

With Cancers, emotions are the factor that matters the most, so she should choose a dress that brings out happy emotions and comfort. It could very well be an heirloom from her mother or grandma. 

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Incorporating parts of her inherited wedding dress into her own can be a unique and good idea for a Cancer woman. She’ll most likely choose a traditional style that withstands the test of time, like a timeless classic. 

She feels the connection to the sea, so choosing pearls and other shells as ornaments for her dress and jewelry will match perfectly with the traditional white she’s inclined to choose. 

wedding bride and groom

Speaking of the Cancer man’s tuxedo – it should be traditional, black and white, no-nonsense. 

With white details (such as a single rose on the upper left chest pocket) to match the vibe of the bride’s dress. 

Leo Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Leo woman needs and wants warm colours (golden, orange, yellow or champagne), open back (or plunging neckline), diamonds and sparkles! She is born to be the star of every show!

She should think about layers, glistening details and jewelry that would shine like a thousand diamonds. But, of course, diamonds themselves, too. She should have a broad walking aisle for her greatness to pass unobstructed in its entirety. 

artistic wedding photography

Leo woman should go all out – have fun, play like a child and come like royalty to her wedding. Either way, she will be the talk of the town, and all the girls will want to be in her crystal shoes

The Tuxedo version of a Leo performance is something so classy it borders with sassy. Think in terms of – crimson, dark red, or orange hues with a golden chain (golden detail is a must). 

Where other men opt for a tame flower, Leo man will opt for something that will dazzle and get everybody’s attention. 

Golden watch and mighty shoes as a match are a must, too. The tuxedo should be tailored-made, of course. 

Virgo Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Virgo is the sign of elegance and intelligence. So Virgo woman is most likely going to opt for something intricate but elegant. But, for her immaculate eye, the devil is in the details. 

She will look amazing in something that reveals her waist and draw attention to her waistline. She should enjoy a lot of see-through materials and lace. Her dress should look like it’s from a fairytale, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be entirely “buttoned-up.” 

Her dress will have that one detail (or one part of it) that will reveal and mix her pure nature with sensuality. The dress shouldn’t look entirely seducing, but it should elegantly deliver her sensual nature. 

As for the Virgo tuxedo version, the make should be tailored perfectly for the contour of his body. 

wedding bride with groom holding hands

The intricate details should adorn the, otherwise, very traditional-looking tuxedo, such as a unique waist button, as well as cuffs that match well with the shoes. 

The colour of the tuxedo should be primarily black, but the jacket can stand out in some way; it can be of different colour, or the pants can be of a shorter design. 

Virgo’s look to feel complete, something that annunciates his boyish charm, should be represented in the tuxedo.

Libra Wedding Dress and Tuxedo  

Libra struggles with pleasing everyone, but in this aspect, she should focus on pleasing herself (and in matching with her partner). 

Since Libra woman is under the rule of Venus – goddess of love and beauty, the focus should be on what makes her feel beautiful and sensual when choosing her dress

Something that reveals her skin and accentuates her curves is a good choice for Libra’s dress. But the fabric should be taken into account, too. Libra woman should wear something that makes her calm and comfortable just by being in touch with her skin. 

As for the model of the dress – something artistic and unusual, Libra woman is a born artisan, so choosing the dress that appeases her artistic appeal and matches with her partner’s tuxedo is the way to go. 

Libra man’s tuxedo can be associated with fine wine, beginning with the colour of it to the silky fabric. 

The entire look should be topped off with a mesmerizing perfume. He should match the whole look to go hand-in-hand with the sensual arousal of his scent. The smell is the secret shared only with his bride, and she will be the one who’ll enjoy it the most at the altar.  

Blending colours will be a must for this man’s tuxedo, as well as a stylish bowtie and tight pants that have a high waist. Libra man is the modern gentleman who wears Victorian fashion like a king of the ball. 

Scorpio Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Pluto rules Scorpio. Thus Scorpio woman is all about power, dominance and seduction. She is not flashy and ‘all lights on me’ as a Leo woman, but she is entirely eyes on me. 

This sensual woman wants people to wonder what she is hiding beneath that sultry design that accentuates her curves so nicely. This is why she should opt for a wedding dress that oozes power. 

Scorpio woman is the rightful queen of passion and the Underworld, and her wedding dress will show it; she should find a way to expose her sex appeal in an exquisite and tasty way.

wedding grand entrance

When having a look at the Scorpio star sign you can see that a woman with this sign is unpredictable and it is impossible to guess what kind of dress they’ll appear in. Besides, they are loyal to everything and everyone they like or love. When they make a decision, no one can change it back, even them. Anyways, a Scorpio woman should choose the dress that will emphasize her personality and will be stamped on everyone’s memory.

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As for the tuxedo for a Plutonic man – he needs the same thing – something that oozes the power and dominance he asserts over others. For his wedding day, he will want to look the part. Thus bold choices are the right choices for him. 

As far as the fabric goes, Scorpio man can opt for a hide of a powerful creature – snake or crocodile. As for the design and colour – something dark but elegant, something that screams authority and power from the shadows. 

Accessories are a must, too; a cane, a cylinder, a monocle or a chained watch – all come as fair game for Scorpio man’s tuxedo. But, of course, he should choose the one that best accentuates his style and dominance.  

Sagittarius Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius women. She is wild, free-spirited and adventurous. So a hybrid dress is most likely how she’ll show up to her wedding. She could even come in two dresses – one for the ceremony and the other for the crazy night after. 

The ceremony dress can be something that mixes styles or colours, or even high and low cuts. Since she is proud of her thighs, buttocks and legs, she will most likely want to show that off with both dresses. To complete the look, she’ll add very chic and sexy high heels.

So the perfect wedding dress for her makes her feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Something that is free-spirited and worthy of her adventurous nature. 

As for the Sagittarius version of a tuxedo, well, here we have a free-spirited man who likes to do things his way. This is why he’ll feel comfortable in his favourite shirt and sneakers, but he can throw over a “fancy” jacket and pants, just for good measure. 

Sagittarius man will undoubtedly impress with his appearance; he’s just built that way, but he will want to top it all off with some sexy sunglasses that will bring out the eternal “stud” hiding in him. 

Capricorn Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Capricorn rules bones, and it’s tied with money. Capricorn woman is a businesswoman, and she wants things done in a professional and no-nonsense manner. 

She is inclined to wear angular designs and tuxedos. So she’ll want her wedding dress to be something that is tried and proven. Capricorn women will most likely go for a brand name. 

A collared dress with long sleeves that oozes authority is most appealing to a Capricorn woman if she gives up on wearing a women’s tuxedo, of course. 

Capricorn man is not any different. He is all business (as usual), and his wedding tuxedo will prove that. 

Since Saturn and its preferred colour rule, Capricorn, is black; the tuxedo will gravitate towards the pitch black with a single white or light detail. 

The design should be such that it supports the spine (via waist) and gives him a sharp look as ever. But, a firm air of authority around him is a must. The suit should be tailor-made, of course.

Aquarius Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Here we have a very unique and special outlook on all things human and life. Aquarius woman is and remains entirely her person, and a wedding dress won’t change that; it’s she who will change the wedding dress industry

Her approach will be bold colours with a fluffy design or a pastel approach with a provocative style. High heels are a must either way, for she wants to show off her perfect legs, of course. 

Aquarius man is above all mainstream trends, social norms and products, so if he shows up in any formal attire – everyone else should bow down and be happy. 

floral gown dress

If he opts to come to his wedding in a tuxedo, he will most likely wear a unique, one-of-a-kind designer’s creation. 

Or he will make up something of his design. Bright colours, unique designs and bold statements will be the trademark of Aquarius man’s wedding attire. 

And jewelry – let’s not forget about the jewelry! His accessories will be something that has withstood the test of time and brings warm memories to his heart. Like an heirloom, and it doesn’t have to match the rest of his look. It’s the emotional value that’s important to him.  

Pisces Wedding Dress and Tuxedo 

Pisces is a born dreamer, ruled by Neptune – the lord of the sea. This woman believes in a happy ever after and true love and emotional output. She also has beautiful feet and would like to express their beauty

Pastel sea hues are the best fit for Pisces women, as for the design of the dress – something fluffy, dreamy and soft. The most intricate thing on her should be her heels – something spectacular and infused with her faith and sea magic. 

As for the male Neptunian counterpart should go for soft, pastel colours that remind him of the happy stories told by the sea and reassuring bonfire that used to put him to sleep. 

Pisces man is very nostalgic and full of bittersweet memories. This is something that should be expressed through his tuxedo.

The tuxedo can be a cross between a White Knight and a Sailor. The mix of his idealistic values, big heart and the sea. This is why silk fabrics, soothing colours and style that resembles the men of the sea is a good call for Pisces man’s design. 

Final Word 

This Astrological guide for wedding dresses and tuxedos is a passionate attempt to inspire readers’ light and imagination when it comes to the perfect attire. 

Weddings are, above all else, about happiness and sharing with your loved ones, so make sure to enjoy this magical time of the unification of your spirits into one union, and may many blessings find you in good health and fortune. 

Author bio:

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Mary Aragon is the tarot reader behind AbcTarot. Her mission is to make tarot and astrology understandable for everyone as a tool for reflecting and understanding our life.

Summary: Wedding Dress and Tuxedo for Zodiac Signs

  • The Aries section emphasizes simplicity, boldness, and eye-catching headpieces.
  • The Taurus section focuses on luxury, elegance, delicate fabrics, and unique jewelry.
  • The Gemini section suggests dresses that allow movement and accentuate the wrists, along with intricate tuxedo designs.
  • The Cancer section mentions emotional connections, traditional styles, and pearl ornaments.
  • The Leo section suggests warm colours, glistening details, extravagant designs for the dress, and bold tuxedo choices.
  • The Virgo section recommends intricate, elegant, fairytale-like dresses and traditional-looking tuxedos with unique details.
  • The Libra section highlights the importance of pleasing oneself, choosing sensual, comfortable dresses and artistic tuxedos.
  • The Scorpio section emphasizes power, dominance, seduction, and bold choices for dresses and tuxedos.
  • The Sagittarius section suggests hybrid dresses, free-spirited styles, and comfortable yet glamorous outfits for ceremonies and parties.
  • The Capricorn section focuses on professional and no-nonsense styles, with angular designs and brand-name choices for dresses and tuxedos.

FAQ – Wedding Dress Guide by Zodiac Signs

Why is it recommended for brides to go to a personal tailor for their wedding dress?

Going to a personal tailor ensures the bride gets the best fit for her special day. Since every woman is unique, getting a dress tailored to her specific measurements can provide the perfect fit and make her feel confident and comfortable.

What factors should be considered when choosing a wedding dress?

Apart from personal preferences, budget, location, and body type should be considered when choosing a wedding dress. Each zodiac sign may have specific preferences for colours, designs, and fabrics, which can also be considered.

Should brides focus on their rising or sun signs when considering body types?

Focusing on the rising (Ascendant) sign rather than the Sun sign is recommended when considering body types for better accuracy. The rising sign is believed to have a more substantial influence on physical appearance and characteristics.

Are there specific recommendations for tuxedos based on zodiac signs?

Yes, tuxedo recommendations are provided for each zodiac sign. Some signs prefer traditional and elegant designs, while others opt for more unique and unconventional styles. The tuxedo choices also consider the personality and preferences associated with each sign.

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