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10 Romantic Wallpaper Mural Ideas For Your Wedding Room (With Examples!)

10 Romantic Wallpaper Mural Ideas For Your Wedding Room

Weddings are one of the most romantic moments for both men and women. It is when they steal each other’s souls and brand themselves as their own. And of course, All couples deserve to have the best and perfect wedding they have dreamed of. Hence, this article will help you achieve the best wedding through the wedding room wall decor ideas.

First of all, wedding rooms are the spaces where the newlyweds will stay after the wedding. Since it is their first night of being official partners, it should be flawless and romantic. Love should be in the air, especially with new couples.

The Importance of Wallpaper Selection for Wedding Room for Newlyweds

If you’re wondering how much wallpaper mural selection matters in the wedding room, we will give you more than enough reasons. 

It Supports the Romantic Ambiance 

For newlyweds, weddings are the most magical time – like the only thing that matters is each other. And when they enter their room with a romantic wallpaper, romance should be present. Through the amazing wallpapers, the newlywed will instantly feel the special treatment. They will think, “It’s happening.” and fall in love with each other once again.

It Makes the Wedding Complete 

Weddings without a romantic wedding room are unenough and disappointing. It is like eating a meal without dessert; Taking a bath and forgetting the towel; Doing chores without music. Romantic wedding rooms are in charge of making the newlywed romantically comfortable in the room and each other. And to achieve the best wedding room, romantic wall decors are needed.

vortex purple river wallpaper mural room

Why Romantic Style Wallpaper is Recommended for Couples

Romantic Styled Wallpaper is always recommended for couples because it has been the tradition. For some couples, it is the way to show their affection towards each other. On the other hand, some may feel like it reminds them of their magical wedding. There is no specific reason why Romantic Style is needed because it depends on the couple’s perspectives. 

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Love is not something all about giving solid facts to prove affection. Sometimes it could be through the action that speaks more. And just like love, wall decors do not need any proving to do. Wedding Room wallpapers always depend only and mainly on the couple’s preferences. One thing is for sure. The wallpapers always complete the wedding program. 

Tips in Choosing the Right Wallpaper for the Newlyweds

Whether you are the wedding planner or you are the main character, you should consider these tips in choosing the suitable wallpaper for the wedding room

Balance the preferences of the couple. 

There are some instances when even a perfect couple may seem to have different preferences. As the planner, you should converse with them thoroughly regarding their likes and dislikes and decorations. With that as the basis, you will know what wallpaper is the best fit. 

Consider the interior design 

Since it is already an existing room, you may need to consider the current interior design. First, take note of the colour palette used in the room and the theme that was used. And then, from that, you should pick the suitable wallpaper that will complement the interior’s colour, furniture, and decorations. 

geometric marble pattern wallpaper mural room

Browse our well-researched ideas of romantic wallpapers 

Since we do not want to make anyone exhausted from planning the wedding, we tried to help by researching the 10 Romantic Wallpaper Mural Ideas For Your Wedding Room Wall Decoration. As you may know, there are probably thousands of designs, but we shrunk it to the top ten to make things easier and faster for you. All of the wallpaper ideas are from a popular website called “Ever Wallpaper” They are listed below, so feel free to browse.


First up is a wallpaper design entitled “Flowers.” The combination of elegant and classic is seen in this floral-themed wallpaper. It has pastel green leaves that combine perfectly with the dark navy tone background. The design was topped off with pink flowers that enhanced the vibe of vintage. It will immediately captivate the attention of the newlywed in the Wedding room. It has an overall sense of the arrival of spring which symbolizes new love. Combine the wallpaper with your choice of modern or traditional furnishings, and the space will be perfect. 

flower and leaves wallpaper mural bedroom

Pink Rose 

This Pink Rose wallpaper screams a genuine type of love. It features a pink rose marble wallpaper mural that is both elegant and romantic to the eyes. It has a variety of colours available, from purple to pink, and it focuses on the beauty of pink rose petals. The wallpaper clusters and creates a fragrant and lovely ambiance in a sophisticated way. Using this in the wedding room, the graceful wallpaper will refresh the romance within the couple.

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pink rose marble wall mural

Leaves Shadow 

While pink rose has refreshing vibes, this wallpaper is more stimulating – to the point that it is chilly. Leaves Shadow is a wallpaper mural designed to look like frozen leaves with a blue backdrop. It has large white leaves that add refreshment like a picture out of a novel. It also has soft to bold strokes of leaves that will be suitable in any Wedding Room. Let’s say the newlywed finds a romantic ambiance in cold places. This fresh dominant, and clean-cut wallpaper will make it all real.

leaves shadow wallpaper mural bathroom

Pink Abstract 

The Pink Abstract is a splendid and luxury-looking mural for wallpapers. It has an agate cross kind of section that makes beautiful art. The colour palette is composed of pink hues, white, and gold – the complimentary colours. Looking at the wallpaper can mesmerize anyone and alleviate creative concentration. For newlyweds, this type of wallpaper can make them feel memorable and comfortable. This is also printed with inks that are safe for children, so that it might be a perfect choice.

pink abstract marble wallpaper mural room

Dreamy Blocks 

Pastel colours have never been this beautiful together! Splicing Blocks is a masterpiece that promotes a dreamy space in your Wedding Room through its blocks and geometrical designs. The pastel colours are well thought and can mix well in every type of interior design. The wallpaper is very vibrant and positive to look like. It is peaceful yet happy and complimentary. For newlyweds that like arts, this will make them feel inspired and motivated. It can also promote the relationship of partners since it has a positive vibe surrounding it.

splicing blocks wallpaper mural room

Ombre Rose With Pearl

This almost realistic and three-dimensional mural wallpaper art is made 100% from elegance. It has the colours of gray flowers and bluish hues intensified in saturation. For couples who have an undeniable love for flowers, this will be the perfect wallpaper choice. Aside from its sophisticated ombre ambiance, it also has a peaceful and comfortable vibe. Newlyweds will feel relaxed in the soothing sensation offered by this wallpaper. So make sure not to miss this out.

ombre rose with pearl wallpaper mural dining room

Purple Marble 

Purple marble may be a simple name, but this mural wallpaper exceeds simplicity. It has enhanced gold lines with veins and cracks effects which adds elegance and fulfillment to a minimalist Wedding room wall decoration. If you want to balance the minimal interior designs with a great wallpaper, this will do the work. This is more than just an upgrade to home space because it makes the plain room complete. So, if the couple is more of the creative type, purple marble wallpaper will surely make them captivated.

purple marble wall paper mural living room

Ombre Moonlight 

Solace. Peaceful. Elegant. These are some words that you will first utter upon seeing this beautiful mural wallpaper. But Ombre Moonlight is more than just wallpaper. It is a look at the peaceful kind of romantic transition of the day and night. With pink and blue embracing each other, the moon becomes apparent, and the design turns elegant. It is genuinely dreamy to look at and evokes relaxation in anyone. So, this should be one of your options for partners when choosing a great wedding room wall decoration.

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ombre and moon wallpaper mural living room


Talk about romance, this mural wallpaper for your wedding room has taken the cake. It is both romantic and gorgeous to look at because of its creative details and colour mash-ups. The lovebirds are embracing each other in a natural green backdrop. You can say that it is suitable for both vintage and modern because of its complementary features. It is refreshing to look at and will be great for weddings. Lovers will be sure to love this type of wallpaper, especially if they are the clingy type.

lovebirds forest green wallpaper mural room

Morandi Doodles 

Last but not least, in our top ten is this Morandi Block mural wallpaper. It has leaf shapes, creative patterns, and abstract doodles but still evokes simplicity. For the modern type of interiors, this could be the best type of Wedding room wallpaper. It has a colour palette of dusty blue, pastel pink, white, orange, and more. Morandi Block is excellent with minimal decorations and furniture, so make sure to consider it. All in all, it is a perfect choice for lovers to have a nostalgic day.

morandi colour block wallpaper mural dining room

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