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The 6 Different Styles Of Wedding Photography For Brides: Complete Overview

The 6 Different Styles Of Wedding Photography For Brides

Long after your wedding, your wedding photos will serve as precious reminders of this lifetime event. So, it is wise to invest time and effort in choosing the right type of photography to document the big event.    

To make the best photography investment, you should know that there are different wedding photography styles, and each of them produces different results. 

For instance, some styles involve prior planning and posing. Others are more casual and creative.

Once you understand the different wedding photography styles and what they involve, it becomes easier to identify the style that matches your vision.

Read on to learn about the different wedding photography styles and find one that meets your expectations.    

Different Types of Wedding Photography Styles 

  1. Classic
  2. Editorial
  3. Documentary
  4. Artistic
  5. Portrait
  6. Contemporary

Wedding Photography Styles for Brides 

When it comes to wedding photography, one type does not fit all!

Every couple has a different notion of how they want their wedding day to be remembered. Some couples prefer to dwell on casual, candid moments, while others enjoy classic takes. You may even choose a mix of styles to capture the different aspects of your wedding day.  

So, how do you choose? 

We suggest creating mood boards of images you like. Collect pictures from magazines, Instagram, and Pinterest that you want. Then, look for a pattern to identify the photography style that speaks to you.  Here are your options.


classic wedding

Classic photography is the time-tested, conventional style of photography. You must have seen this style of traditional photography in the wedding albums of your parents and perhaps, even grandparents. 

Wedding photographers who specialize in classic wedding photography usually work with a list. It will include personal photos of the bride and groom, the wedding parties, accessories like rings and bouquets, and group photos. Most shots are planned and posed. The photographer will ensure that everyone in your wedding is covered in these photos. 

Here the photographer plays an active role. Their experience and expertise will decide the outcome of the shots. 

The classic style never goes out of style. Hence, it is your safest bet if you do not want to miss any key moments. However, since this style of wedding photography works with a setlist, it may not capture the emotional aspects of the day. Nevertheless, traditional wedding photography will deliver captivating, classic photos with timeless appeal. 

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Classic and timeless wedding


  • Classic photography documents all the key moments of the wedding
  • You will get exactly what you expect. There will be no surprises
  • It is safe, reliable, and has timeless appeal



editorial wedding photography

Editorial wedding photography is the type of photography that you see in fashion magazines. The photographers pay close attention to lighting and posing. They look for exciting lighting angles that produce magazine-quality photos. 

If the idea of looking like a professional model excites you, you will love this style. Like traditional wedding photography, editorial photography also involves a lot of posing. Your photographer will closely monitor and guide you with the poses and positions for each photograph

This type of wedding photography focuses on creating fantastic visual imagery with the proper lighting. The result will be stunning. However, it does not dwell much on the emotional aspects of the day, and rather would require mastery in a good image editor. Hence, it may not feel entirely personal. 


  • Your wedding photographs will be breathtaking and glamorous
  • Depending on the lighting the photographer can pose you in creative ways to capture fantastic photos
  • The play with lighting produces dramatic photographs
  • The focus is on dramatizing shots to make them unique and memorable 


  • In the effort to get the perfect poses and right lighting angles, you may lose out on the emotions of the day


Documentary-style wedding photography is also called photojournalistic photography. It is all about capturing the genuine emotions and the action of the day. It is the stark opposite of traditional and editorial photography.

Documentary wedding photography is more heartfelt because it focuses on personal elements and memorable moments. The photographer has an unobtrusive presence. They wait in the background for the events to naturally unfold while capturing the significant moments with their lens. 

The shots are spontaneous and natural. This form of wedding photography is beautiful as it captures raw emotions, intimate moments, and subtle action from the background. Since it depends on how the day unfurls, documentary photography is unpredictable. Nonetheless, documentary wedding photography by an expert can yield touching photos that you will treasure throughout your life. 

For couples who cherish storytelling in their wedding photos, creating a collage can also be a phenomenal way to encapsulate the wedding journey. A collage allows you to weave together various moments, from the nuanced glances exchanged to the exuberant dance floor moves. By using a collage maker online, you can easily combine images that capture different emotions and events of your big day into a single, cohesive narrative. This creative approach not only visually narrates the day’s story but also serves as a unique piece of art that celebrates your union.


  • Captures genuine emotions and valuable moments of the wedding day
  • The photos are a beautiful narrative of how the wedding day unfurled
  • Documentary wedding photos are stunning and candid


  • Since the photos are not staged, you cannot predict how they will look
  • Does not include traditional shots. However, you can opt for a mix of classic and documentary styles to ensure all the people and special moments come in the wedding photos.


artistic wedding photography

Artistic photography is a unique style of photography, where you grant the photographer complete freedom to exercise his creativity. A talented photographer can use this opportunity to come up with fantastic, breathtakingly beautiful images. They use fine art techniques, cutting-edge camera equipment, creative framing, and exciting lighting effects to capture stunning photos. The work, however, continues after the wedding shoot as they use various post-production effects to enhance the results. 

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Artistic wedding photographers use bold themes, bright colours, and impressive lighting effects to deliver exquisite compositions. Each image qualifies as a work of art, with high aesthetic quality and dreamy products.  


  • Stunning photos with exclusive visual appeal 
  • Captures the emotions of the day in dreamy, romantic, and unexpected ways
  • Focuses on the couple and captures the important aspects of the wedding day in the most beautiful way possible


  • You will not be getting any traditional or classic shots


portrait wedding photography

As the name suggests, portrait photography focuses on capturing people and their emotions on your wedding day. Portrait photographers attempt to document the wedding day in terms of emotions and expressions. This style of photography will have various close-up shots that capture the most powerful emotions of the day. It will cover not only the couple but also the onlookers. This style beautifully captures the excitement of the first look, feelings of the parents, and the joy on the couples’ faces when they are wed.      

The quality of the images will depend on the type of lenses the photographer uses. However, even novices and photography enthusiasts can deliver excellent portrait photographs when armed with their DSLR cameras and prepared to use the best lens for portraits. 

Portrait wedding photography can be either posed or spontaneous. This style of photography also gives you the flexibility to use beautiful backdrops that will elevate your wedding photos to a whole other level.

backdrop wedding photography

For more ideas on how to use this brilliant idea of exciting backdrops, visit Katebackdrop blogs. 


  • Portrait images perfectly depict pure sentiments 
  • It captures the happiness and excitement of the wedding day up close


  • The right equipment plays a big role in deciding the outcome


contemporary wedding photography

Contemporary photography is relaxed and does not follow a rigid set of guidelines. It allows the wedding photographer to use his creativity to capture exciting, innovatively styled photographs. It can include both posed and candid shots. 

Contemporary wedding photography is constantly evolving. The photographer will borrow from modern techniques and trends. This type of photography uses trending poses, settings, special effects, and styling. In addition, the photographers use modern editing tools to make the images more flattering and attractive. 


  • Photos will be current, relevant, and guaranteed to make heads turn
  • This method uses a mix of candid and posed shots to document the entire wedding day
  • You can experiment and explore different ideas with contemporary wedding photography


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  • There are no hard-and-fast rules about how this technique works
  • The photographs may look outdated when trends change


In the hands of the right photographer, a camera can transform the exciting moments of your wedding day into a magical story, one that captures and stores the emotions of your wedding day for years to come. However, to find the right photographer for the task, you should first know what wedding photography speaks to you. 

We hope this guide will help you understand the available options and determine which type of photography suits you and your wedding theme.  

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