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For Quirky Couples: Incorporating Fun Elements To Personalise Your Wedding

For Quirky Couples: Incorporating Fun Elements To Personalise Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, most couples don’t want their big day to be a copycat of other wedding ceremonies. This is why many people hire professionals to ensure their wedding day is unique and tailored to their tastes and preference. The average wedding in Canada costs between $22,000 and $30,000, and while a huge chunk of that amount goes to the wedding venue and reception, most couples set aside some funds to make their wedding more fun. This is a non-negotiable expense, especially for couples with unconventional tastes.

If you’re a couple often described as unusual or quirky, finding ways to inject your combined personalities into your big day is a surefire way to make it more interesting. Quirky brides and grooms take note– here’s how to incorporate fun elements to personalize your wedding. 

Add Some Accessories and Props

Adding accessories and props that reflect your interests, personalities, or hobbies is one of the easiest ways to customize your big day. For instance, if you and your partner are Star Wars fans, why not have your wedding party hold lightsabers during the wedding procession? You can even have custom jewelry designed to match your theme– think about exchanging Darth Vader, R2-D2, or Jedi-inspired wedding rings at the ceremony. 

Meanwhile, if both of you are passionate about Studio Ghibli films, why not decorate your reception hall with prints from the movies? For the bridal bouquet toss, think about swapping out your bouquet for a plushy of a popular Ghibli character, like Catbus or Calcifer. Anyone who catches the plushy gets to keep it. You may also have your guests wear custom-made headgear or let them hold props, like paper pinwheels, at a specific part of your wedding. 

Make sure that the props and decorations extend to the reception hall. Think of customized banners and balloons, inflatable figures, and other decorative items that align with your chosen theme.

bachelor party theme

Tell Your Story

Your closest friends and family probably know how you met your partner, so why not remind everyone about your meet-cute moment? There are many fun ways to do this, and you can incorporate this romantic element in your wedding ceremony or reception, whichever works better. 

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For instance, if you met your partner at a bakery and ordered croissants simultaneously, make the pastry a significant part of your ceremony. In addition to having a flower girl and ring bearer, assign another child to the croissant bearer. Get a pretty wooden tray, put the croissant on it, then have the child carry it down the aisle. Your guests will love this since it’s a cute reminder of how you came into each other’s lives. 

Another way to share stories of your relationship is through an original song. You can hire a singer-songwriter to compose a song about your love story, then have them perform it at your wedding reception. If you want this part of the reception to be funny, hire a stand-up comedian to tell your story during their act. You should also consider creating an illustrated storybook or comic book about your relationship and print out multiple copies of it to give to your guests.

For something that will get your guests teary-eyed, hire a sand animation artist to tell your story in moving sand. You can also hire shadow artists to act out your love story in a non-cringy way. Since there’s no dialogue and the shadow performance is accompanied by music, it’s more moving, and your loved ones will remember it for a long time. 

Make the Reception Fun

If you don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding reception, think of ways to make it more fun. Start making a move from the wedding venue to the reception hall more exciting– perhaps you can have a bunch of scooters on hand, which your guests can ride to the hall. Got a few biker friends? Ask them if they will give your guests a ride to the reception. Imagine leather-clad bikers with sharply-dressed people riding at the back of their bikes– a sight worthy of an Instagram post. 

If you’d rather walk, think about having a Carnivale-style parade from the wedding venue to the reception hall. You’ll need a marching band, some costumed dancers and performers, and your guests and wedding party to join the parade. Ask the band to play some dance covers and samba your way to the party. Don’t forget the confetti and balloons!

Menu And Reception Ideas for Your Big Day

Want to make a grand entrance at your reception? Consider flying into your party on a zipline, James Bond style. Then, go to your table while shooting fake paper bills with a money gun at your guests. If that’s more your style, you can hire a magician to make it look like you’ve suddenly appeared at the reception hall. If they do quick change magic, see if you and your partner can practice with them a few weeks before your wedding so you can perform that trick at your reception. Going from your wedding attire to something more fun in a snap can set the tone for an entertaining wedding reception

Keep Them Entertained

As for entertainment, instead of hiring a regular band, why not go for a cover band? It’s even better to find a band that covers your favourite band or artist– your guests will surely be delighted to hear Coldplay, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, or Foo Fighters songs throughout the night. Meanwhile, your emcee can be a celebrity impersonator– imagine an Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, or a Liza Minelli lookalike running the show! 

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Don’t stop there; ensure all your guests are entertained beyond the reception program. If the venue has a pool, consider hiring mermaid performers to spread magic at your wedding. They can take pictures with your guests, do water dances, and chat with everyone. It’s a surefire way to impress the kids at your celebration. 

Meanwhile, artsy couples can hire caricature artists, henna tattoo artists, and face painters for the reception. Please encourage your guests to get temporary tattoos or have their caricatures done. You can also have a sticker photo booth in the reception hall so your guests can take turns taking silly pictures, which they can stick on their fridges. 

photobooth wedding photos

Serve Some Fun Food

In addition to your wedding menu, consider serving some fun food at the reception. People like to graze, especially when drinking, so think about having a grazing cart or table where guests can help themselves with crackers, cheeses, nuts, cut fruits, thinly-sliced meats, and other hors d’oeuvres. If you’d rather splurge on dessert, though, then have a dessert table with fun sweets like donuts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cake pops, and freshly-baked cookies. Don’t forget to keep the coffee and tea flowing. 

As for your cake, have it customized to suit your theme? For instance, consider having an amusement park-themed cake instead of a regular tiered cake with a tiny merry-go-round topper. You can also have an Eiffel Tower-themed cake or a Disney-themed cake if you and your partner would rather have that. You can also have small cakes made in the shape of something significant to your relationship. Think about mini cakes made to look like coffee cups, flowers, musical instruments, and the like. 

restaurant wedding reception table

Keep the Fun Going

Keep the fun going if you want to leave a lasting memory of your wedding. Ask your guests to bring roller skates and a 70s-inspired outfit so you can have a disco roller skate afterparty. Consider having a bouncy castle at the venue and invite some mascots to join the party so you and your guests can have a fun time revisiting your childhood. You can also have a karaoke sing-off until the early morning hours, then head to a diner in your fancy clothes for breakfast. 

For a relaxing afterparty, think about having a screening of your favourite film. It’s even better if you can make this an outdoor event. All you’ll need is a screen, a projector, a couple of bean bag chairs or picnic mats, some blankets, and snacks and drinks. Or, gather everyone and make your way to the beach. You can have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and exchange amusing stories about your wedding.

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Meanwhile, if you and your guests still have energy after your big day, consider going to the club while wearing your wedding attire. You can also go to a stand-up comedy bar or a food truck park to eat tasty treats.

Incorporating fun and unusual elements into your big day is the best way to make your wedding more exciting. Quirky couples should take note of these ideas for a wedding that their guests will never forget.

Summary: Incorporating Fun Elements to Your Wedding

  • Couples seeking a unique and personalized wedding can incorporate fun elements to make their big day more exciting.
  • Adding accessories and props that reflect their interests, such as Star Wars or Studio Ghibli themes, can customize the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Sharing the couple’s love story through creative means, such as involving croissants, original songs, illustrated storybooks, or sand animation, adds a romantic touch.
  • Making the reception fun can be achieved through unconventional transportation options like scooters, a Carnivale-style parade, and grand entrance ideas like ziplining or quick change magic.
  • Entertainment can be enhanced by hiring a cover band or celebrity impersonator and incorporating mermaid performers, caricature artists, and sticker photo booths.
  • Serving fun food options like grazing carts, dessert tables with sweets, and customized theme cakes add a delightful culinary experience.
  • Extending the fun beyond the reception program can include activities like disco roller skating, bouncy castles, karaoke sing-offs, outdoor film screenings, or beach bonfires.
  • For those with energy after the wedding, continuing the celebration at a club, stand-up comedy bar, or food truck park while wearing wedding attire can create lasting memories.
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