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Want To Plan Your Wedding? Here Comes The Guide

Want To Plan Your Wedding? Here Comes The Guide

Wedding organization in recent years represents many things on the “to do” list, i.e., the list of mandatory things that must be done to make that day a fairytale day. From designing the guest list and wedding invitations, choosing the best restaurant, ballroom, or a more romantic place to say yes, to a professional photographer, music, menu, choosing a place for a civil wedding, and choosing a religious institution for the wedding ceremony. 

The most important things for the bride are choosing the most beautiful wedding dress, makeup, hairstyle, and comfortable and beautiful shoes. The groom must also choose the best formal suit. There are also flower arrangements and restaurant decorations. 

There are a million details, each of which must be perfect so that your wedding will be perfect. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you, with which everything will be more accessible. Keep reading, and with our help, you won’t forget a single detail.

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What Are Your Priorities in Wedding Organization?

It is essential to set priorities for your wedding because, based on them, you will make other decisions more easily. And more importantly, it’s the first way to spend as little energy (and nerves) as possible on the organization. But the priorities must be shared. You must not think your wedding dress and hairstyle are more critical than the groom’s suit.

Determining the wedding budget is undoubtedly the first of those priority steps. Based on that and the list of importance of everything related to the wedding, it will be easier for you to reject some little things that may not be necessary or important to you.

Finding a Perfect Wedding Venue

A wedding restaurant has to meet several criteria. Some couples pay attention primarily to the restaurant’s appearance, while others consider it very important that the guests are comfortable. Some choose a large wedding hall and a “tucked away” more intimate space. But the first rule of thumb with wedding restaurants is to start looking for them early because, for example, if you live in Maryland, once you start asking around, you won’t believe how many wedding venues in Maryland or elsewhere on your wish list are already booked. It is a prerequisite for everything else.

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There are no universal criteria, but there are still some guidelines you should follow if you want to choose a restaurant for your wedding that you will enjoy and where your guests will feel great.

Consider the number of guests so as not to create a big crowd in which no one will feel comfortable. It will also not be good if you choose too big a restaurant. Remember how you imagined your perfect wedding when you were little, talk to your partner about their wishes, then try to find such or a similar space. When choosing a restaurant, it is essential to consider the price and what is included in it – what is the offer of food and drinks? Does the price include the restaurant’s decoration, or is it a separate item?

Music, we all know, can ruin even the best-organized wedding, and no one needs that, while it can also bring out the best in everyone involved. And an experienced wedding photographer can make that day seem like a fairy tale and perfect even after many years.

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Planing the Costs of Wedding Organization

For the wedding organization to bring the newlyweds as little stress as possible and as much joy as possible, it is necessary to define a list of essential things – from the most important to the least important details. And to do as many items on the list as possible, you need to calculate the approximate budget for the wedding. You can make a cost calculator only when you put everything you need for your wedding “on paper.” And that’s a lot. That’s why at the top of the list of priorities you have to put what you have to pay for and without which the wedding would be unthinkable, and at the bottom of this long list, write down the things that are not necessary for you, no matter how much you want them.

When to Notify Guests About the Wedding?

Under “normal” conditions and circumstances, wedding invitations should be sent 4 to 12 months before the big day. If, on the other hand, you decide to deliver the invitations personally, it is recommended that you do it a month to a month and a half before the wedding. Whether you’re sending or hand-delivering the invitations in person, keep in mind that three weeks before the date is the maximum you can extend delivery to, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. If you are sending by regular mail, count a couple of days before the shipment arrives. You will receive a return receipt with the registered shipment, and in this way, you will be sure that your invitation has been delivered.

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Wedding Decoration

Do you want your wedding to exude luxury, elegance, romance, uniqueness, or style? Whatever note you choose, the decoration will make your wedding the way you want it to be. Wedding decoration is just as important as the wedding ceremony itself.

From the flower arrangements on the tables and a unique bouquet for the wedding table to the Biedermeier, the decoration of the entire wedding table and tables for guests, to the complete decoration of the space, it is something that gives the entire ceremony an important stamp and leaves a trace of your wedding. That is why it is essential to plan it according to your and your partner’s wishes or simply let the professionals decorate the entire space for that particular day.

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Hairstyle and Makeup

A wedding is a day when only the best is good enough. Make-up and hairstyle are certainly the most essential items for every bride, in addition to choosing a wedding dress.

Therefore, be very careful when choosing your hairstyle and type of makeup. Of course, you will entrust everything to the skilled hands of professionals, but even they, without “cooperation” with you, will not be able to help you to make your style fit entirely into your personality. And that’s a winning combination when you think about what your hair and makeup will be that day.

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Take Care About Necessary Documents

For everything related to a mandatory civil wedding, check at least twice because it is not a rare case that you forget about the documents required for your wedding in addition to choosing a restaurant, music, wedding dress, and hairstyle. Go through all the details with your partner, when the municipal wedding should be booked, what documents you need for it, and what documents the godparents need. To avoid making a mistake, ask if the registrar from the given municipality where the restaurant is located goes “in the field” because maybe in planning your perfect day, you want to say your fateful “YES” in front of all the guests.

Religious Wedding

The Pledge of fidelity and love before God is one of the most sacred acts in every religion. Unlike a municipal wedding, a religious wedding is by law a matter of choice, that is, of the newlyweds’ faith. Marriage is a religious obligation, which implies a serious approach to the sanctity of the marriage union, which is the family’s foundation.

In the past, a religious wedding could only be performed when the newlyweds entered a civil marriage. However, modern times have relaxed the strict religious regulations, so now it is possible to say YES in most religious institutions rather than in the municipality.

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Gifts for Guests

The newlyweds have long since realized that happiness lies in giving, and for the past few years, they have been paying particular attention to what they will present to the guests at their wedding. It is a special sign of attention for the guests when they find a beautifully wrapped detail on the plate or next to it. Not because of the gift itself but because of the feeling of appreciation.

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Printed, edible, handmade, and unusual, the only important thing is that the gift represents you. You can make them yourself if you do not have a large number of guests at the wedding and if it “calms your nerves” before the wedding, and you can also order them because the choice of gifts for your guests is enormous. From unique chocolates and gingerbread to witty ones that will bring a smile to your guests’ faces and make your wedding a special memory for them.

There are a million things you should think about when planning your wedding, but there’s no need to do it all yourself. Give the list of your wishes to the professional wedding organization team, and you will be in the best possible shape that day, with a beautiful and sincere smile devoid of all the stress that comes with a long list of obligations for every wedding. Let yours be special!

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