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[2024] What Kind of Bride You Will Be, According to Your Astrological Sign – No One Will Tell you

What Kind of Bride You Will Be, According to Your Astrological Sign – No One Will Tell you

Everyone is born in their own unique way. But even the simplest, totally fuss-free ladies could transform into the most beautiful, and glamorous brides you’ve ever seen! Zodiac signs personality is one of the best ways to understand our role in this world.

Curious what kind of bride you’re gonna be, what wedding dress would fit you to a tea, and what type of wedding would ring too good to be true? Read on and find out!

Zodiac Dresses


Having a traditional wedding ceremony is a big no-no. These brides are ruled by Uranus and Saturn, which makes them defy conventions altogether! Thus, expect the unexpected!

An Aquarius will think outside the box, foregoing the classic white wedding gowns brides dream of. She’ll either go for a bold, bright color, but may also consider a softer, more subtle cream tone.

The Aquarius bride would most likely go for a whimsical type of wedding. These individuals always connect with others with empathy. Thus, they’d rather ask their guests to make donations to their favorite charity rather than bring expensive gifts.

Zodiac Hairstyles


Found on top of the zodiac wheel, Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house. So it’s no surprise if she chooses the tallest imaginable structure in her city as the venue! This bride is dazzling with her simple but elegant style!

Efficiency and strategy remain her most famous traits- even when choosing a wedding dress! She’d still look sharp but glamorous. Choosing to highlight her fine points like her long legs or full hips.

Capricorns are known to be practical. They don’t need to have a fancy, frenzied wedding to feel loved and special. These workaholics just want to have a blast with their close family and friends on this unforgettable day!


Sagittarius brides have always been famous for their wandering feet! Thus, nobody will be surprised if they forego their wedding altogether and elope! After all, this zodiac is one of the mutable signs, so spontaneity is indeed a big possibility!

Sagittarius individuals are naturally attracted to hybrids. So she’ll most likely be mixing and matching her style, to get the most flattering body shape and structure! These may include drop-waist ball gowns or voluminous skirts!

A wedding in the Alps, gowns, tux and all, would come as no surprise! But so does a city wedding buzzing with possibilities! It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it fulfills her fun and an adventurous spirit!



Virgos are what many would call the ‘perfect bride’. Everything they do needs to be carefully planned to achieve nothing less than outstanding results! Rarely do they need a wedding planner. But once they hire one, they expect nothing but perfection- zero room for glitches!

This bride is obsessed with attention to detail. They love intricate thread work, pleating, and embroidery. Something that’s very unique and appealing, a timeless classic.

This practical Earth sign likes her wedding small and simple. Too much detail will only mean more distraction for what truly matters on this special day- you and your spouse!

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Zodiac sign


This majestic bride will expect to have her picture-perfect look readily captured while walking down the aisle! Regardless of how she looks, people will naturally be drawn to her and her effortless charm. A photo booth is a must because every guest would want to have their pic taken with you!

Leo brides are sure to take your breath away! Not only because she looks glam and stunning, but because of the bright, positive aura that radiates from within. This bride will likely wear something sparkling, with lots of volume and intricate details.

These ladies love making their mark to make their powerful presence felt. So a nice island getaway wedding would be perfect for your fire sign. Choose a place that is nothing less than breathtaking.

Dresses For Each Zodiac Sign


These brides don’t necessarily love the spotlight, but they would definitely appreciate this on their wedding day! She wants the focus to be solemnity and intimacy with her spouse. They take their vows seriously, so expect nothing but original lines that will tug at your heartstrings!

This sign is definitely oozing with sex appeal. You love curves and silhouettes. Something that will make you look sultry but mysterious at the same time. One thing is for you, whatever dress you choose, you will look stunning!

Scorpios are deeply emotional beings. This water sign would most likely go for a romantic, secret elopement. Making this special day, more intimate and memorable for you and your partner.


Long engagements are quite common with Taurus brides. They hate being rushed. They like to take things nice and slow, making sure everything is ready and perfect. They also tend to be very traditional. So they would appreciate a wedding planner who is patient and kind who will give them ample time to think and decide what they really want.

You cannot just look good, you also need to feel good. They love luxury but are not after lavish looks. They want to look nice and simple in the most comfortable silks and fabrics. They might opt to collaborate with their fave designer to get that perfect look.

This earth sign would go for a lovely wedding in the mountains. Topped with amazing scenery and an intimate reception in the woods, this would truly take her breath away!


Libras are known to be deeply romantic. The mere signing of her marriage certificate would bring her to tears. This will be the most poignant moment of the day. Not the reception, not the cheers and merry-making- but this.

Libra also loves stunning, high-quality pieces. This air sign would go for something very stylish and feminine. However, she would also take into consideration what her partner would like her to wear. She wants something fashion-forward, but something that’s also socially acceptable.

This sign is the most social among all the zodiacs. They love to mingle and getting to know other people really makes them happy. Thus, your wedding could also double as one of the most unforgettable parties of the year (New Year, perhaps?). Big or small reception, it’s the memories that she will treasure for as long as she lives.


The planet of communications- Mercury, rules Gemini. So these brides will most likely pay attention to the communication aspects of the wedding. She’ll fuss over the details of her invitations, a truly inspiring guest speaker, or who will be making a toast at her wedding. Everything has to be well thought of and practiced.

This will take an entire day (maybe even more) for her fittings. She will not go for the dress unless it looks and feels perfect! You’re all about versatility, so wardrobe changes are expected throughout the affair.

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Geminis have awesome personalities and an infectious sense of humor. They are on an endless quest for learning. Thus, a vintage-inspired wedding would be the ideal choice. Something that will trigger her interest and endless creativity.

All Zodiac Sign


This cardinal fire sign is known for its bold and adventurous personality. So brides getting married underwater or saying their vows before skydiving is actually quite common. You can forget a traditional ceremony and prepare to be surprised!

These brides are pioneers and trendsetters. Thus, they’re most likely to wear dresses and designs that have never been seen before. They really are sporty in nature, so they will most likely choose something they could easily get on and off without much effort.

This fire sign would go for something very lively and vibrant. They love getting together with their community doing endless bonding! So expect a loud, colorful wedding with infinite dancing and singing afterward!


Cancerian brides like things nice and simple. Nothing weird or complicated. So a backyard wedding would suit them just fine. An intimate gathering of close family and friends, with a simple ceremony and a hearty meal after.

This sign is inherently maternal, nurturing, and feminine. Somebody who is drawn to vintage pieces or classic styles. This bride might even have her mother or grandmother’s dress restructured to fit her taste. Incorporating precious elements from their past to match your own unique style.

This bride would go crazy for a wonderful beach wedding! She is a water sign so she’s naturally connected to the pull of the ocean. Her wedding is a symbol of everything she loves. Personalized decor, intricate giveaways, hearty and delicious food.


This sign rules the dream and mythic imagining states. It is a water sign who possesses a cinematic flair. She loves an empathic wedding planner who is willing to provide that much-needed emotional space to plan that perfect wedding.

You are definitely an old soul, spiritual by nature. So you would go for something very ethereal. You love timeless beauty, and anything feminine and goddess-like. So mermaid silhouettes, soft blue and green tones with fluttering finishes will definitely suit you!

Aside from a beach wedding, a rustic barn wedding would also make them very happy. This water sign is deeply intuitive and very much in touch with their feelings. Yet, they are very generous in nature. This kind of location would be the perfect venue to aim for.


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Summary: What Kind of Bride You Will Be According to Your Astrological Sign

  • Discover your astrological sign and explore the characteristics that may influence your bridal style and approach.
  • Aries: You may be an adventurous and energetic bride, embracing unique and bold wedding ideas.
  • Taurus: You are likely to be a traditional and elegant bride, seeking timeless and classic wedding elements.
  • Gemini: As a Gemini bride, you may have a fun and whimsical wedding style, incorporating playful and creative details.
  • Cancer: You may embody a romantic and sentimental bride, cherishing meaningful and intimate moments on your special day.
  • Leo: With your confident and bold nature, you are likely to be a glamorous and attention-grabbing bride.
  • Virgo: You may approach your wedding with a meticulous and organized mindset, focusing on the finer details.
  • Libra: As a Libra bride, you may value harmony and balance, creating a stylish and tasteful wedding celebration.
  • Scorpio: With your intense and passionate nature, you may opt for a mysterious and alluring wedding style.
  • Sagittarius: You may be an adventurous and free-spirited bride, incorporating travel-inspired elements into your wedding.
  • Capricorn: As a practical and ambitious bride, you are likely to plan a sophisticated and elegant wedding.
  • Aquarius: With your unique and unconventional personality, you may embrace a non-traditional and eclectic wedding style.
  • Pisces: You may be a dreamy and romantic bride, creating a wedding filled with enchanting and ethereal elements.

FAQ – Astrological Wedding

Is it possible to predict your wedding date using astrology?

Marriage astrology predictions can also tell you when you are most likely to marry. Jupiter remains in one zodiac sign for 13 months before moving on to the next. Your marriage year might be predicted based on Jupiter’s location in your horoscope.

According to astrology, when should I get married?

If you’re unsure about when to marry, pick a date that is within six weeks of your birthday. Because the sun is returning to where it was when you were born, this is a fortunate moment for you.

What is the astrology of my soulmate?

Look for a companion with the same Mars and Venus degrees as you. The closer the degrees in your horoscope are to each other, the more likely you are to fall in love with this individual. Request to examine their natal chart while looking for a date, and then compare your Mars and Venus degrees.

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