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Taking Your Time: 5 Unexpected Benefits of Opting for a Long Engagement!

This article on the Huff Post reveals that 40 percent of couples have a long engagement of anywhere between 13 to 18 months. We’ve witnessed very short engagements, very long ones and those just long enough to plan the perfect wedding day. A long engagement that lasts for a year, or slightly longer, is what we feel is the best choice. Here is why!

You have time to book your dream venue and book the best caterers

Since you aren’t pinched for time, it is easier to choose a date when your dream wedding venue is available. After all, getting married in the perfect place is a dream come true. Similarly, it is easier to work around vendor dates and get the best of everything from food to flowers. The bonus is that you have enough time first to do your research, shortlist the right vendors and finally book them after all the discussions are over.

You have time to get the perfect wedding dress

Let’s face it, wedding dress shopping is not a breeze. The thousands of attractive designs out there only make it more difficult to choose from. When you have plenty of time, you can scan through the options, consider what will look good and what will not, and finally choose a dress that is just right for you. If you begin at least six months before the big day, you will have plenty of time to get your dress altered to fit you like a glove, shop for the best accessories and bring your look together perfectly. And, the longer you are engaged, greater the chances for a sale coming up when you can bag your dream dress on a discount.

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More time can mean less stress

This is because it allows you to chalk out and organize every wedding detail, with sufficient time to work on your plans. A short engagement will have you rushing from one vendor to the other, and trying to make sense of the hundreds of arrangements that you have to take care of. Unlike this, a longer engagement gives you time to ponder over decision and go with those that you love most.

You can nail the guest list

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Just like you, your guests will also appreciate time to make their plans and confirm their attendance. You will have plenty of time to send out your wedding invitations, receive RSVPs, calculate the headcount and plan your wedding accordingly. There is less chance for last-minute cancellations when your guests have marked your wedding on their calendars well ahead of the actual day, and have time to adjust their schedules to fit it.

You can enjoy the engagement and plan your honeymoon at leisure

Let’s face it, your engagement will be a whirlwind of activities. Many couples realize that they have no time for each other, once wedding planning begins. You can escape from this stressful approach if you have a long engagement. There is plenty of time for date nights, honeymoon plans and time to be a couple in love, when you have a long engagement. It also gives you enough time to sort out your future plans and get started on the best foot.

What do you say, are you a fan of long engagements or do you prefer short and sweet ones?

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2 thoughts on “Taking Your Time: 5 Unexpected Benefits of Opting for a Long Engagement!

  1. I think it is the smartest. You commit to each other and prove that you are able to live with each other in your life all the time. The planning part is a little easier when you have been together so long as well.

  2. These are real tips. Thank you for posting.

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