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Things to know when planning a backyard wedding

The intimacy of a wedding held in your own backyard is unbeatable. Not only is the environment homely, it is joyful.


Although backyard weddings were initially chosen for vow renewals, now more and more first-time marriages are also choosing this option, for various reasons. Some of these include

  • getting married on any day of the year.
  • not worrying about a venue being available, or battling other couples to get bookings for a particular day
  • saving the extra cash required for a wedding venue
  • Getting married at the place that is most dear to them

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled into believing that a backyard wedding is easier than one in another location. It isn’t! In fact, it requires more effort and lot of planning. Here are some details to take care of, so your backyard wedding is a hit.

Make sure home improvement work is completed well-ahead of schedule

Your guests will be in and out of your home, throughout the wedding day. So, it is necessary that your house is presentable. This takes time. So plan ahead to take care of any paint jobs, cleaning or repairs, so you are prepared to welcome your guests into your home on your big day.

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Prepare for every weather

Backyard weddings are usually done in spring and summer. If you live in an area that is prone to showers, make sure you have a Plan B for such a scenario. Will you have tents put up in any case, or can your house accommodate all the guests, should it rain? Similarly, if the temperature rises too high, do you have fans in the tents?

Take care of pesky little bugs

The last thing you want is your guests complaining of insects crawling over them. Unfortunately, this is a possibility, when you plan your wedding outdoors. Get set for it, by buying bug spray and clearing the area of any potential infestation sites.

Make arrangements for toilets, electricity and water

It is unlikely that the loos in your house will cater to the needs of all the guests at your party. You do not want them your guests to uncomfortably wait in line, all day. Make arrangements for portable toilets. Similarly, rent a generator and make sure your water tanks are full.

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Check the legalities

Before you go about planning the wedding at home, check if it is alright to do so. If you need permits or there are space restrictions in your locality, make sure these are taken care of. Also, inform your neighbors of the event. Nice neighbors may even lend their parking space, or offer help.

Consider Your Home Design

The exterior aesthetics of a home provide a visually appealing backdrop that complements the wedding theme and enhances the overall atmosphere. That’s why calculating exterior home design is a crucial aspect when planning a backyard wedding – it sets the tone for the entire event. Whether it’s a rustic countryside affair, a modern and sleek celebration, or a classic and elegant gathering, aligning the backyard wedding with the exterior design creates a harmonious and cohesive experience for guests.

Hire help for before and after

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You will need extra hands to get things done on time. The same goes for cleaning up after the wedding. So, plan accordingly and get your help on time. You don’t want to be over-stressed and running around in the chaos, while you should actually be relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Having a backyard wedding may seem fun, but it calls for plenty of organization and keeping cool. Whether you decide to have it, or go with another venue, visit us at Best for Bride for all your wedding shopping needs for the perfect wedding.

6 thoughts on “Things to know when planning a backyard wedding

  1. I never thought I would have to have a permit to have a wedding at my home, but that was the case. If I was having a party of more than 300 guests, one was needed. It is good to check into these things.

    1. Very good point, this is something that I would not have considered.

  2. Always make sure that you have enough of everything for everyone that might be coming. It might not be easy to make sure everyone has the best time, but you can only do the planning. The rest is up to them.

  3. When we moved into our home in the woods, we knew we wanted to be married there. It is the perfect location and friends and family are close.

  4. Good post. I want to have a wedding in our yard as well.

  5. I like the idea of saving the cash by doing it in your backyard. I never really thought about the legal aspect of it since it is your own property, however, you are right that local permits might be required.

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