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10 Things To Do Before You Put On Your Wedding Gown [Tips For A Stress-Free Experience]

10 Things To Do Before You Put On Your Wedding Gown

Once you wear your wedding gown on your wedding day, your transformation into a bride is almost complete. There are few things left to do now, before you walk down the aisle. But before you step into your dream wedding dress, there are a couple of things you should first complete. This is what we will look at today. Here is a list of must-do’s before you finally wear your bridal dress, and are ready to walk down the aisle.

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Eat And Drink Something

While you should have something light to snack on, even after you change into your dress to keep the hunger pangs at bay, you should fill yourself up prior to wearing your dress. Once you are in it, you should be very careful not to soil your dress. So, make sure that you snack on something nutritious and filling before you change into your wedding dress. Don’t skip this step as you need your nutrients to keep going through the hectic evening. All the excitement can also make you feel light-headed, and an empty stomach will only make it worse. So, even if you have a hearty meal early in the day, carry a few non-colored snacks to chomp on, should you feel hungry later. Check out this post on the Bridal Guide blog for some great food suggestions. Also don’t forget to have enough fluids, so you are fresh and your skin retains its freshness. Save the juices and other colored drinks for before you wear your wedding dress. Sip on clear liquids and water, once you change into your dress, so you minimize the chances of staining your wedding dress.

Take One Last Trip To The Bathroom

Your wedding dress is made from yards of fabric, and it isn’t easy to visit the bathroom once you are wearing it. Although you will have to do it at least once during the reception, you can try to delay it for as long as possible by making a visit prior to wearing your dress. In all the rush during the day, don’t forget to schedule in this last visit, just before you wear your dress. You can even ask your maid of honor to remind you, just in case you forget. While we are on this topic, it is also worth a reminder that you ask your maid of honor to learn how to bustle your dress, so you can comfortably maneuver it during your visit to the bathroom.

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Finish Your Hair And Makeup And Allow It Time To Set

Not only should you finish your hair and makeup prior to wearing your dress, you should also allow it enough time to sit. Even a small hint of makeup on the dress can form an unsightly mark, that will easily damage the beauty of your gown. To avoid this, make sure your makeup has enough time to set. After applying your makeup, dust it with translucent powder or use a setting spray, and wait till it sets, before wearing your dress. This will protect both your makeup and your dress.

Tip: While applying makeup, don’t forget to cover all the areas on your body that will be exposed. Blend each layer in very well, so that the makeup looks continuous and doesn’t end abruptly to expose patches of raw skin.

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Get All The Things You Need For Your Dressing Ready And In One Place

Once you are in your stark white wedding gown, you want to avoid any accidents that may cause a stain. Think of all the likely situations that can cause an accident, and then prevent it at all costs. You can do this when you plan your wedding schedule to the last detail, including what all you have to do after you wear your gown. Try to collect everything in one place, so you needn’t wander around in your gown and risk any accidents. Set up all the things you need, the day before itself, so you needn’t worry about it in the morning. Place everything, including your shoes and bouquets in low-traffic areas, so the chances of staining your dress are low. Don’t forget the ground either, as your dress will be trailing on the floor. Spread clean towels or sheets over the floor before you get into the dress. Similarly, have all the items you need to get dressed handy. We think this idea on the Knot is simply brilliant. The suggestion is to have a crochet hook on hand if your dress has a number of fabric buttons, and you can avoid handling them too much. Also keep a towel handy to cover up the front of your dress when you eat, drink or touch up your make-up.

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Take A Proper Look In The Mirror And Make Sure You Are All Set To Wear Your Dress

Once your hair and makeup is done, the only thing left to do is to get into your wedding dress. Don’t rush it. Spend a few minutes to get a proper look of yourself in the mirror, and make sure you are entirely happy with what you see. If you think your makeup is missing any detail, or your nails could do with one top coat of polish, this is the time to do it. Also check your hair and make sure that it is in place, like it ought to be. Mentally run through all that you should complete as part of your hair and makeup, and before stepping into your wedding dress. These few minutes could be valuable in reminding you of something you may have overlooked. Once you have completed everything that is to be done, there is nothing left to do but change into your dress.

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Finish Off Any Work That You Have To Do Yourself

If there are any DIY details or personal stuff that you have to handle yourself, make sure it is completed before you change into your wedding gown. Whether it is overseeing the centerpieces, arranging the wedding favors, feeding your pet or doing your flower girl’s hair, you should tackle it before you change into your wedding dress. However trivial a task may be, it is better to get it out of the way before you change into your dress. After all, the wedding dress is a detailed garment, and it may not be wise walking around in it and risking an accident. Once you are dressed in your wedding gown, all that should ideally be left to do, is wait to get married.

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Do A Quick Stain Check

Like we suggested earlier, you should have your dress pressed and on the hanger, the day before your wedding itself. The dress should still be wrapped in a transparent bag to ensure that there are no chances of getting stained. Place it inside the closet or in a spot that not many people will access, to avoid any risk. On your wedding day, just before you step into your dress, spend a brief minute or two checking it for any possible stains. If there is an unexpected mark, it is always better to tackle it before you put the dress on. Have your emergency bridal kit on hand, and you will have the solution to your problem there. Don’t be too worried if such a stain is indeed visible. Try to hide it, if not get rid of it. Just go for what looks like the most practical solution at that point of time. Once you are in your dress, be super careful about not adding any more stains to your white dress. While stepping into your dress, and moving about in it, ask for help from your bridesmaids so you can avoid brushing against anything that may cause it to catch color. Also, it is better to be safe than sorry. See to it that you put away makeup, food and anything that can cause an accident, and check any surfaces that you will be sitting on or leaning against so there are no chances of catching stains.

Have Your Wedding Dress Photographed And Getting Ready Pictures Clicked

Yes, you need to add a picture of your wedding dress on the hanger, into your wedding photo collection. Only then will the transformation after you wear it be evident. Make sure your wedding dress is on a pretty hanger, or placed neatly on a neat and pretty surface, so it looks good. It is also customary to have pictures of yourself and the bridal party getting ready for the big event. Work with your photographer to plan the timing of the shoot. Make sure you get this done with sufficient time to get fully dressed, so you won’t have to rush through everything. Also schedule this into bridesmaids time schedule, so they are all present on time. Discuss how much time this will take and other details with your photographer, so you won’t be late, nor should this clash with the rest of the wedding day activities.

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Put Your Garter On And Take That One Loving Glance At Your Dress

If you are a traditional bride who will be following the age old tradition of wearing a wedding garter, make sure that you wear it before you wear your gown. Well, you could always add this little accessory even after you are in your wedding dress, but it won’t be easy. Since you’ll be lifting up the skirt for this, you risk scrunching it up and spoiling the fresh look. So, save this task for before you are actually in your wedding dress. Once the garter is also in place, all that is left to do is dress yourself in the gown. Before this, we suggest you take a final look at your dress, as it awaits you. It’ll be a memory you’ll love to hold on to later.

Get Your Helpers In Position

It is very unlikely that you will be able to get into your wedding dress and have it zipped or buttoned up, all by yourself. Getting yourself strapped into your wedding dress is usually at least a two member task. So, have your assistants at their posts, before you set about getting into the dress. It would be wise to use a scarf over your face, so you do not smudge your makeup or stain the dress. Also remember that the right way to wear a wedding gown is not to pull it over your head, but to step into it. The only exception is if the gown is a sheath style dress or a high-neck design without a zipper or long button train at the back. So, have all that you need to assemble everything into place handy, and the bridesmaids who will assist you, in their positions. One of them should hold the dress open and stiff, so it doesn’t get crumpled. It would be a good idea to hold on to one of the other girls for support as you step into the gown. Finally, they can zip or button you up, and the job is complete.

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So, now you know all that you need to do prior to wearing your dream wedding dress. We hope this post has been useful for you. For more such wedding related advice, tips and tricks, keep visiting us at Best for Bride.

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Summary: 10 Things to Do Before You Put On Your Wedding Gown

  • Prepare for your wedding day by completing essential tasks before putting on your wedding gown.
  • Start by eating a light, healthy breakfast to fuel your body for the day ahead.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water to keep yourself refreshed.
  • Double-check your wedding day timeline and ensure you have allocated enough time for hair, makeup, and dressing.
  • Gather all the necessary accessories, including shoes, undergarments, and jewelry, and have them easily accessible.
  • Give yourself ample time to relax and destress before getting dressed to maintain a calm and peaceful mindset.
  • Use the restroom before putting on your wedding gown to avoid any inconveniences later on.
  • Have a trusted bridesmaid or family member assist you in getting dressed to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  • Take a moment to admire yourself in the mirror and appreciate the beauty of your wedding gown before heading out.
  • Finally, take a deep breath, relax, and embrace the excitement and joy of your wedding day as you step into your gown.

FAQ – Wedding Gown Prep

What’s the best way to get my wedding gown ready?

Dress carefully to prevent staining your gown. Put on your gown and have your bridesmaids help you with your shoes. Before applying any touch-up items, such as hair spray or lipstick, cover your gown with a cloth. At least a day before your wedding, polish your nails.

When should your wedding gown be pressed?

We recommend scheduling this service as soon as possible before your wedding day, leaving at least a week for your gown to be steamed and pressed.

Is it okay for me to try on wedding gowns in a thong?

Bring or wear a supportive nude strapless or convertible bra, seamless nude underwear (such as boyshorts, thongs, or high cut underwear), and any shapewear you’d want to wear underneath your dress.

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Before a dress fitting, what should I eat?

To stay in shape between fittings, eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, poultry, fish, avocados, oats, quinoa, and simple, low-fat dairy.

Do you apply makeup on your face when putting for bridal gowns?

We advocate wearing little makeup since you don’t want to be liable for paying for a dress you don’t like because your makeup got on it. You also don’t want to appear as if you simply rolled out of bed when you arrive for your appointment.

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