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10 Ideas for Digital Wedding Invitations: The Benefits of Using Graphic Design Apps

10 Ideas for Digital Wedding Invitations: The Benefits of Using Graphic Design Apps

We bet you are with us on this one: The wedding planning is super exciting yet challenging. With so many factors to consider, it may happen you don’t know where to start, how to organize time, delegate some tasks, and not forget anything.

Wedding invitations are among those tiny but essential elements. After all, they let your guests make the first impression about your future ceremony and the overall tone of your special day. More than that, these cards provide all the essential information for your friends and family to know so your big day runs smoothly.

With so many card designs available, another challenge comes: How to decide which would fit your couple and mood best? Below you’ll find ten evergreen ideas for digital wedding invitations. Why digital? They are fast and easy to design together with your fiancé, bridesmaid, or mom via graphic apps!

Ready to try?

Why Use Graphic Design Apps for Wedding Invitations

First and foremost, let’s see what makes digital wedding invitations more attractive than traditional paper ones for a modern bride:

  • They save you time

Let’s face it: Brides are super busy during the process of wedding planning. You have to deal with everything and manage tons of preparations. Why spend hours shopping all around in search of ideal wedding invitation cards? Moreover, once found, you’ll need to spend more hours signing those cards and then going to a post office to send them!

With free graphic design apps, you can craft a wedding card and customize it as you want. Plus, it’s fast to send digital invitations to guests’ emails or messengers, so they get them as soon as possible.

  • They save you money

When you choose traditional, so-called old-school wedding invitations, you’ll need to pay for both paper (to print them) and postage (to deliver them to you first and to mail them to your guests afterward). According to wedding experts, couples spend from a few hundred to thousands of dollars on that.

Online invitations are less expensive. More than that, they can be free of charge, depending on which graphic design app you’ll choose.

As a clever bride, you’ll find where to invest the money you would have spent on paper invitations, won’t you?

  • They are eco-friendly

As you may guess, far from all your guests will keep the wedding invitation they get from you. Paper invitations get tossed in trash bins or, in better cases, go to recycling. Yet, wedding invitations often have multiple pieces or layers that might appear non-recycling. Plus, it’s tons of paper (think of trees) and fuel to transport it.

With digital wedding invitations sent via email, there’s no physical footprint! You save paper on cards and envelopes, which is an eco-friendlier option to help our planet.

  • They make RSVPs more comfortable

Not only is your wedding card about inviting guests to share this big day with you, but it’s also about tracking who will come. While paper invitations may delay or even get lost (your dear aunt Jenny won’t hear from you and get upset about not being invited), digital cards sent via email are fast and more comfortable for guests to mail back their RSVPs.


10 Ideas for Your Digital Wedding Invitations

And now, to business:

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The below ten ideas for your digital wedding invitations will help you decide on the most suitable style and design it for your big day. Corresponding apps offer dozens of customizable templates to craft an original card that will impress guests and convey the vibes of your lovely couple.

Elegant & Simplistic

Less is more, as they say. Why not pay tribute to traditions and design classy digital wedding invitations?

Flowers, waves, stars – these elements never get out of fashion; they symbolize love, tenderness, and beauty of two hearts union. Try a navy blue background with floral motifs, or design a sky full of stars. Pastel flowers also look gorgeous on wedding cards: You can choose templates of your favourite flowers or those particular for your couple and include them in the card’s composition.

What about pink roses on a white background? Beautiful and graceful, agree? Simple yet stunning, elegant designs are perfect for the invitation to the most romantic day of your life.

invitation wedding


Design a wedding invitation with your couple illustrated in it. It will add a personal touch to the digital card: Illustrations are fun and playful, and such cards will make your guests smile.

If you can work with an illustrator who will help you draw yourself and your spouse, perfect! Then you can take those pics and place them on the wedding card, making it super original. Or, maybe you are an artist and can draw it yourself?

But even with no illustrators at hand, make the most out of tech tools: Many websites can make you a cartoon character today. They will turn your faces into anime, Disney-style characters, or caricatures within a few seconds.

Movie Posters

If you and your sweetheart are movie maniacs, what about designing your digital wedding invitation as a movie poster? It will give your family and friends a hint about your wedding style and overall mood.

Lift the curtain of your personal life (a little) for guests to understand what to expect from your wedding party. Will it be a crazy spy adventure like Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Or, maybe you decide to invite them to a romantic ceremony like in Mamma Mia? What about giving the Ticket to Paradise to your dearest and nearest ones?

Choose any movie and poster you like. Remember to mention all the essential details like the date, place, dress code, etc. Also, you can incorporate some dialogue from the movie in the wedding invitation’s text if applicable.

Best for Bride


You have two options: design a map demonstrating the long way your couple has come for love or place a map to your invitation if you plan a destination wedding.

There are no boundaries for your creativity here. Graphic design apps and their templates will help you craft and customize all the details: circles, tags, arrows, road signs, etc., to showcase places and destinations on your map. Consider a colour palette that would communicate your wedding theme, and add a pitch of a personal touch by placing cute stickers on it.

Wedding invitations with maps look extraordinary and may surprise those guests expecting traditional flowers or stars from you.

Black and White

You can never get the black-and-white combination wrong. Classy, magnificent, and exceptional are the best words to describe it. Even if you decide to place no pictures but just text information to your wedding invitation, it will look splendid.

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Use the photo of your couple for the design, write it on behalf of your parents, or try an abstract picture or composition to make it look stylish. And consider fonts: They do matter for black-and-white wedding invitations, especially those with no images but words. Decide on the beautiful font to write your invitation text: It will make your card stand out.

stripes invite

Animated Cartoons or Caricatures

Do you know another benefit of digital wedding invitations that makes them better than paper ones? You can bring them to life with animation! Graphic design apps do wonders:

Think of a small animated cartoon that will let your guest know they’re going to an unforgettable wedding. You can animate your wedding program, add a short video and music to your invitation, or make it simplistic: place a few sparkling elements on a static card. Or, take a step further:

If you and your fiancé are big fans of fun, design your digital wedding invitation as a lively pose or action of your colourful caricatures. Yes, it takes a bit more effort and skills, but it’s worth trying.

One more idea here:

Create a video card! Shoot yourself inviting the guests or ask the whole family to join you and announce the good news.

Calligraphy-Style Invitations

Calligraphy is an art that looks super stylish and beautiful at all times. Designing your wedding invitations with a calligraphic-style text adds a wow effect your guests will appreciate.

When hand-calligraphed, your invitation looks uniquely yours, which adds a personal touch. It’s a simple yet elegant detail that always works. But how to make your digital wedding invitation calligraphic?

First, you can write a text by hand and then scan it to add to your invitation via the graphic design app. Or, discover calligraphy fonts and choose the one you like most to write and sign your card with it via calligraphy font generators like Lettering, FSymbols, or others.

wedding invites

Your Love Story

Do you know that storytelling rules? Yes, we all love stories, especially when it comes to love stories! (Tautology, sorry.) So why not place your story on a digital wedding invitation for the guests to aww and start counting the days before they come and see your ceremony?

You can make guests a part of your journey! Let them know how you and your spouse met and fell in love, how your friends helped you two overcome challenges on your way to the whole life together, etc. Choose details that go with your wedding theme — and go for it!

Funny Wedding Invitations

Is it humour or even sarcasm that represents your couple best? A wedding invitation is a great chance to reveal it because your families and friends know: It won’t be you if you don’t do something edgy in the most traditional and romantic moment ever.

Think of a witty phrase to write in your invitation, add funny pictures, or design a weird animation — your creativity has no boundaries here. Make your guests smile! If not your memorable wedding ceremony, then what can help them relax and have some fun? That’s the idea!

Wedding planning invitations

Save the Date

Did you organize (or maybe you plan to do that?) a save-the-date photoshoot with your sweetheart? Why not incorporate those photos in your digital wedding invitation? You can design it as a card or a calendar for guests to admire your lovely couple and remember to save your big date.

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Keep it simple or go funky; make it look super romantic or decide on a naughtier style; allow yourself to be different — it’s your day, after all. Go to Pinterest for inspiration, or you can always rely on your photographer’s suggestions.

Ready to Try Designing Your Wedding Invitation Right Now?

The traditional wedding industry gets open to more modern solutions today, and things that seemed crazy a decade ago are now natural for celebrations. Digital wedding invitations turn out to be a great alternative to paper ones:

They save a bride’s time, budget, and nerves. They are more eco-friendly and comfortable to send and track and are super fast to design with online graphic tools, so prevalent today.

In this article, we’ve shared ten ideas for designing your digital wedding invitation. All are creative and able to satisfy even the most capricious bride: You can choose the one that suits your couple’s mood and wedding style and design it accordingly. Why not do that together with your future husband?

After all, it’s also a moment of wedding preparations, bringing memories of being together. So make it special and design a wedding invitation you both will love! One day you’ll look back and be happy to know you were together, even in seemingly unimportant but magic moments.

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