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Turning Your Inquiries into Inspiration: 7 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas that Never Get Out of Style

7 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas that Never Get Out of Style

Are you and your partner planning the wedding of your dreams? Then you need THE perfect theme

Picking a theme is an excellent opportunity to show off your unique personalities and styles as individuals and couples. It’s the ideal way of putting your stamp on your big day.

Your theme will guide your choices regarding your venue, décor, menu options, and even your music playlist. It’s one of the most critical considerations of the whole planning process, and we’re here to help!

The classic white-dress wedding will naturally always be a firm favourite among couples. But there are plenty of other themes available to choose from too. 

Opting for a unique and unexpected theme will make your wedding even more memorable for you and your guests—and could even inspire other couples in the future! 

These seven unique wedding theme ideas are sophisticated, timeless, and will never go out of style. So please give them your creative spin, and you’re sure to have the matrimonial ceremony of your dreams!

Let’s look…

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Do You Want A Nighttime Wedding? Here Is How To Get It Right [2024]

Do You Want A Nighttime Wedding

Does your idea of the perfect wedding theme involve drama, glamour and unparalleled romance? If yes, you will love the idea of a night wedding.

Night weddings may be a relatively new thing, but it is certainly gaining popularity. After all, a ceremony under a starry moonlit sky is simply lovely. Not only is it an intimate affair, but it is also a whole new experience that your guests will not easily forget.

Not yet convinced? Here are some factors that are exclusive to nighttime affairs.

The Sunset And Night Hours Create A Magnificent Backdrop

Imagine how beautiful it would be if you had purple skies speckled with scatterings of sparkle from twinkling stars as your backdrop. The beautiful colours of the setting sun and magical sounds will be your background. Need I say more about how dramatic nature is at this time of day?

wedding sunset
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Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

The wedding photos do not have to be the same joyless shots of the bridal party arranged like a class picture. People are getting creative with the wedding photos. These fun wedding photo ideas can be used to create keepsakes that will be treasured forever.

One bride had a modest heart cutout of the back of each of her bridesmaids’ dresses. For one great photo, the bride and bridesmaids faced away from the camera with the bride in the center. Having their arms around each other or holding hands would be a sentimental touch.

The newlyweds can take have a photo taken of them holding their parents’ wedding photos. Couples can create a special moment to be part of the wedding photos by placing a word made with large white letters in the grass within the photo. “Love” or “forever” are some good options for the word.

Involve your guests. Have an outline of a heart drawn on the pavement and have guests stand on the outline with the bride and groom standing inside the heart. With everyone facing the photographer, the photo is an excellent way to remember all the friends and family that were at the wedding. Also, it helps the guests feel more involved rather than being sent off to the reception and wait for the photos to be finished.

Creative bride and groom photos can be wonderful keepsakes to be framed and cherished for years to come. One romantic pose is of the bride facing away from the camera with the groom’s arms around her waist. With his hands, he can make a heart shape by having the thumb and index finger of one hand touching the thumb and index finger of the other hand.

Due to the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the big day, many couples miss out on touching photo opportunities before the ceremony. Some people have found ways to keep the tradition and still have a wedding photograph of the couple before the wedding. A common strategy is to keep a door between the bride and groom. A partially open door serves as a partition between the couple. A sentimental twist to this wedding photo pose is for the couple to exchange love letters and read them while the photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom’s reactions to the letters.

Sparklers can be great props for a fun wedding photo. The couple could be inside a heart made from sparklers. Some couples get the bridal party and guests involved in holding sparklers for fun wedding photos. If planning to use sparklers, the couple should check to be sure the use of sparklers won’t break the rules of the venue. An alternative location could be used for some sparkler photos or other fun props can be planned if the sparkers aren’t acceptable for the chosen venue.

For more great tips about adding fun to your special day, browse the Best for Bride blog. From planning to the reception, the bride and groom can have an enjoyable experience.


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Unforgettable I Do’s: Creative and Fun Wedding Themes to Make Your Day Stand Out!


When you choose a theme for your wedding, this decision will likely affect many of the others that you make for the remainder of your wedding day. Themes can be as simple as selecting particular colors to include in the décor and wardrobe or as complicated as the wedding party dressing up in costumes or specific clothing styles.

By choosing a unique theme for your wedding, you can create a wedding that your guests will remember for a long time. Plus, you will be creating a special experience for you and your new spouse as well. Below are some fun ideas that you can choose depending on the specific time of year that you are getting married.



A lot of the themes that are typically used this time of year revolve around certain pastel colors as well as particular flowers. It is also a great time of year to have an outdoor wedding or a garden wedding as well. By arranging the color scheme around your bridal party’s dresses, you can create a beautiful wedding that flows nicely.



Summer is a great time to have a beach-themed wedding. Even if you can’t escape to the beach for your wedding, you will find that having a beach-themed wedding during the summer is perfect. This is also a great time of year to have an outdoor wedding, just be prepared to deal with the heat. Typical colours chosen during this time are royal blues and purples as well as coral colours.



You can add several fun themes to your wedding design during the fall. For example, since it is near Halloween, you may decide to have a costume wedding instead of a traditional one. While this would be fun, it is not for everyone. Having a country or a fall-themed wedding is also popular during this time of the year. Burgundy, red, brown and orange are some of the most popular colours to choose from during the fall.



Even though many people choose to avoid winter when it comes to planning, it is a fantastic time to have one. There are many winter themes to choose from, or you can have your wedding around Valentine’s Day and incorporate that into the theme. Snowflakes and Christmas are also some great themes to include as well. Some popular colours chosen during the winter are white, black, silver and blue.


Regardless of the time of year you choose, there are always other themes you can choose as well. From vintage to medieval to 50’s rock and roll, any theme is possible with a bit of creativity. If you want to add a theme to your wedding, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create a completely unique experience for you and your guests.

Best for Bride

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