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5 Must Haves for a Vintage Wedding

There are five things every vintage wedding needs, regardless if there are hundreds of attendees or if it’s a small family-oriented affair. The vintage wedding is very popular nowadays, with the decor and dress bringing a very elegant and romantic feel to your special day.

The Look

For a great vintage feel, make sure you’ve got some soft pink blush, a cateye for your eyeliner, and a deep red lip. If you’d like to make your eyes look a little more dramatic than just the eyeliner, you can also add false lashes. This will make your eyes stand out in your photos even more. Make sure you use an invisible lip pencil before applying your red lipstick to prevent feathering.

A Headpiece

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Most brides opt for crystal headbands but in a vintage wedding, popular headpieces include birdcage veils or larger headbands that go across the forehead and are usually adorned with a flower or some crystals.


These can fit into ‘something old’, ‘something new’ or even ‘something borrowed’. Every vintage bride will look even more elegant with pearl earrings and a matching necklace. These can of course be found at a jeweller, but for a more authentic vintage feel, don’t forget to check antique stores as well.


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Looking for the perfect flower for your perfect day? Look no further than roses! Red and white roses pair well with the vintage look, and you can even opt to getting some crystals inside the roses for a little extra ‘bling’.

A Reception Location With History

There are many old buildings including landmarks and even barns (for a rustic vintage wedding) so make sure you shop around to find a reception location with a little bit of history to it. If you can’t use a certain location for the full reception, be sure to add it to your list of where you’d like to take photos with your photographer.

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  2. thanks to share cute cute tips for makeup

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