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10 interesting invitation ideas for vintage wedding themes

Nostalgia is the strongest vibe at a well-executed vintage-inspired wedding! The past is a beautiful place, because it is what our fondest memories are made of. Celebrating the past, as you step into a new chapter in your future, is a wonderful feeling. This is why vintage themes are still so popular.

Borrowing ideas and inspiration from the past decades is easy, as all we have to do is turn the pages of our memories. There will be many things that stand out powerfully, and these are what should feature in our wedding plans, as these are the elements we hold dear to our hearts.

Everything at a wedding starts with the invitations. These little information notes offer a sneak peek into what guests can expect at a wedding. Hence, your vintage wedding should also showcase the most striking elements from the vintage era that have influenced your wedding planning, or base it around the style that you have chosen.

Here are some fantastic ideas for vintage theme wedding invitations, and we are sure that the bride who loves nostalgia will be smitten by most of them. Come, take a look!

1.Lace invitations

One thing that most vintage brides love is lace. Lace is a beautiful and delicate work of art, that has evolved over the various decades into various styles. Nevertheless, it is one element that has always been a favorite. Treated as a sign of royalty in the previous centuries, this pretty element has even inspired many weddings with its finesse and whimsical details. Lace can also combine with elements like beads, rhinestones and pearls to take on a sparkling and more festive look. Hence, this is a perfect factor to use on your wedding day, and why not start with your wedding invitation itself. Just like fabric, lace designs on paper are equally bewitching. Depending on your preferences, you can even choose the specific type of design to match the rest of the lace you will be using at your wedding. Whether you prefer the rustic Battenburg style lace, pearls and lace work or the designs on doilies, we have invitations that are just right for any of your tastes.

lace invitation

Featured here is a romantic vintage lace invitation taken from our vintage collection at Best for Bride.  Laser cut paper has been embellished with tiny sparkling details and lavish doses of shimmer to create a spellbinding beauty that your guests will certainly love. Other equally attractive options include a beautifully textured Battenberg lace invitation and the elegant pearls and lace invite.

2.Vintage monogram invitations

Monograms are a trending favorite, and this is the perfect design element for a vintage wedding invitation. Although monograms are usually considered contemporary, vintage monograms can be created without much difficulty with ornate calligraphy. The main reason we love the idea of vintage monograms as the defining element of an invitation, is that it can add a beautiful, personal touch without much complication. The same monogram design can also be used as the embellishment in your wedding décor. This is the easiest way to add an integrating element to wedding scene. Another factor to remember is that monogram invitations are the perfect way to make your invitation uniquely yours, as it is uncommon for two couples to share or choose the same design for their initials.

This vintage monogram invitation from the Best for Bride wedding stationery collection is an elegant and attractive choice for any vintage style wedding. Fashioned in the classic black and white combination, it features a translucent overlay with the monogram print lying over the actual invitation message. The two pieces of paper are tied together with a beautiful black satin ribbon, that adds the finishing touches to this beautiful invitation card.  You can find out all the details regarding this invitation as well as place your order for this design at this link.

3.Wispy floral detail invitation cards

Hand drawn florals were a beautiful attraction in the last century, and flowers done in pretty watercolor style with a touch of shimmer were always a favorite with the masses. This popular style was often seen on Christmas, birthday and aniversary cards, and reminds us of the paintings that adorned many homes in the last few decades. Although this form of art may have given way for newer, modern styles, the design continues to inspire and has an unbeatable vintage vibe. Simple yet beautiful, watercolor floral details on a white invitation card make a perfect addition for every vintage-inspired wedding, and we are sure this will be a pleasant choice for the bride who loves nostalgia, and the guests at her classic wedding.

This card from the Best for Bride Bat Mitzvah collection contains colorful flowers in a soft range of pastels adding a lovely touch to all four edges of the card. Further charm comes into the picture, through the addition of glowing rainbow foil frames and a sprinkling of shimmer all along the sides. Although the card is flat and full color printed, it has a touch of class and will be liked by many couples. Perfect for a garden wedding, or even an indoor wedding where the décor contains many floral elements, this printed invitation is paired with plain white envelopes. To find out more about ordering this invitation and customizing the details for your wedding day, check out this link.

4.Art deco wedding invitation

Art deco was the prominent decoration style that flourished in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The style is characterized by precise and perfect bold geometric shapes and designs. The patterns and colors used in this style are indulgent and rich. The luxurious details were done in bright and very stylish colors like gold, silver and bold shades like black, navy and red. This style heralded a whole design movement, and it appeals to one and all, because of it’s rigid lines and structures that are complex but attractive. Brides who love structured and organized designs with a flair of details that look interesting from various angles will love the charm of art deco invitations.

The invitation featured here is an example of very beautiful art deco work, and it belongs to our vintage invitation collection at Best for Bride. The lovely design is in black and white, but the colors can be changed to match your preferences. Notice how the simple repeated design is distinctly enchanting. It is not too cluttered, but the repetitive motifs add extra charm to it. You can place your order for this invitation by visiting this page on our wedding invitations website.

5.Vintage country style invitation

One of the best things about the vintage years was how life was slow and full of color and music. Unlike today’s hectic life, where nobody has the time or energy to enjoy the small pleasures of life, the yesteryears were jovial, exciting and filled with small joys. People leisurely noticed the chirping of birds, as they walked through gardens with blooms, enjoying and marveling everything that nature had to offer. Not many people have the luxury to enjoy the spellbinding beauty of the countryside today, like they could in the past. However, it is a facet that will always be associated with the fondest memories of the past. An invitation card that captures the essence of the joys and music of the vintage eras, will be a beautiful addition to your wedding.

A nature-related silhouette that features songbirds and butterflies amidst a lush scenery of flowers on branches, all beautiful countryside icons, makes this invitation a wonderful sight to behold. The silhouettes are embellished with beautiful prints and patterns that make it all the more attractive. The surface is textured on both sides. The little details and the designed edging makes this invitation a beautiful work of art. We are sure that your guests will almost feel that wisp of fresh country air brushing across them the minute they open the envelope to reveal these pretty details. Find out how you can order this online-exclusive card by visiting this link to our online store.

6.Rich red rose details on invitations

When we think of the past, don’t we always find roses richly populating the scenery? Roses are an iconic symbol of the past, and though they are still as popular as ever, they are more closely associated with bygone eras and romances from the past. So, weddings inspired by rose-studded details are vintage, and these beautiful flowers are a wonderful inspirational element for a range of celebrations. To make it really classic and striking, roses have to be in colors like peach, salmon and pink, and accented with just the right amount of blacks and greens to look like they belong to another time. The best way to achieve the effect is to have a card that has the wordings ornately arranged in a border or colored rosey details.

In this invitation card, we love the way the lettering is embedded in a rich and colorful salmon colored flourish of roses. Further enhancing the romantic feel of this card is the translucent folder that this is tucked into.This overlay may be customized with a monogrammed detail, that further ties to the vintage theme, and makes the card a mesmerizing beauty. The cover is equally attractive with pretty roses studding the side, and providing a sneak peek into what the card contains. We think this is the perfect card for a rose garden wedding. Find more about ordering this card at this link.

7.Cork wedding invitation for the perfect distressed look

With time and age, some things grow more beautiful. There are certain things that bring along a succession of memories and just one look at these will immediately set the mood for a vintage wedding. This is why it is sheer genius to add that unusual touch of whimsical details to your wedding with beautiful cork invitations. Cork has forever been associated with aged wines, lovely vineyards and many more stories and memories from an age we can hardly remember now.

Here is a cork invitation card that is entirely different from anything we’ve seen before. Aside from the material that is used for the purpose, this card is equally attractive for the reason that the typography is unique and very nostalgic. The scroll style lettering and the distressed coloring that is so uncommon in wedding invitations makes this card a work of art that is instantly captivating. It is also a card that will work well at a vineyard wedding or be loved by wine connoisseurs. If you like this invitation card and would love to use it at your wedding, check out this link to find out all you need to place your order for it.

Vintage weddings are a wonderful style of weddings, and one that not just the present generation, but the previous generations also love. While we cannot return to the fun and energetic times of the past, we can at least recreate the beauty of that time through a wedding centered around that theme. And, setting the stage for the celebration are invitation cards that feature one of these essential elements,  like the ones we discussed today.

This is only a sample of the hundreds of invitations you can choose from, in our extensive collection of wedding invitations and other wedding stationery at Best for Bride. There is enough for every theme and color, style and budget. So, head over to our invitation suite when you have time to spare, and you can start with the task of choosing your wedding invitations today. For more wedding tips, advice and any other wedding needs continue visiting us at Best for Bride—your unique destination for everything bridal.

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Valentine’s day Wedding Ideas

Valentines day

Valentine’s Day, the official day when love and lovers are celebrated worldwide, is almost here. Could there be a more romantic day for a couple in love to be married on?

This article on discusses the many legends about St. Valentine. One of them suggests that this day is celebrated in memory of a saint who defied Emperor Claudius’ rules that outlawed marriage of young soldiers. He took it upon himself to conduct the weddings of young lovers in secret, thus defying the law. So, you do understand that there is a tale that associates this day with weddings. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that this is one of the most romantic days ever, and you do not need a reason whatsoever, to get married on this special day.

If you are indeed planning, or even considering getting married on Valentine’s day, here are some ideas to perfect your special day. So, here we go.

Colors for your theme

red bouquet

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s day? Is it a red heart? Or perhaps it is red roses! Whether it is either or these, or anything else, there is a red hue associated with it, isn’t it?

Valentine’s day has and will forever be linked to the color red. So, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see red ruling your wedding color palette too. However, you can always change the style of things to bring your own unique element into your wedding day. I liked this idea on the Knot, that suggests you go with another color palette like black and white, and incorporate the red in subtlety. You can do this by simply using red as your accent color, and adding it in moderate quantities throughout your décor. You could perhaps accessorize your bridesmaids with red bouquets or waistbands with a different color for their dresses. Or, you could use red ribbons to bring your flower arrangements together. Either way, the idea is to not overpower with red and make it obvious, but to use it in moderation so the impact is subtle but still there.

Wedding invitations

Your guests will expect your wedding day to have motifs and symbols of love, when you announce your wedding on Valentine’s day. So, don’t try too hard to step away entirely from this idea, or it may seem disappointing to at least a few of them who are excited about the romantic aspect of getting married on this special day. Set the stage for a grand celebration with a wedding invitation that is romantic, but doesn’t go overboard with Valentine’s day details.

We have two stunning wedding invitations to suggest. Both these suggestions are entirely different from each other, but are equally perfect for the theme. Take a look.

The first card brings together the two essential symbols of this day—hearts and roses, in an enchanting design. The tri-fold invitation features the bride and groom’s names on the top, within an open heart with a rose slipping through. It seals the deal without too much red. Find more details about this card at this link.

Our second card is an extravagant expression of red, with white being the accent color that highlights the deep red heart symbol and makes it so special. A pocket invitation with beautiful cut-out details, it is a work of art in every way, with a satin ribbon in your preferred color adding a touch of luxury. Don’t you think it is beautiful? Find out more about ordering this card for your special celebration by visiting our website here.

Wedding Cake and Flavors

Did we hear someone whisper “Red Velvet?” The traditional Valentine choice, we think your guests will also expect the same. So, how about surprising them with an ombre cake that will also be a spectacle in pink and red, instead of a simple red design all over. You can also consider cakes decorated with rose petals for a romantic and definitely attractive effect. Now, if you aren’t a total fan of red, consider keeping the cake nice and pretty with pink instead and having a surprising flavor like strawberry that is appropriate, but unexpected.

We think it is a brilliant idea to keep the colors subtle, but focus on the shape instead. A heart shaped cake is a romantic icon like no other, and this is what we would love to see at a Valentine day wedding.

Take a look at this tiered beauty from our Natalya cake collection, which is simply elegant in its simplicity. A simple mixing of pink and white are used to create a classic cake that everyone is bound to love. To see this cake, and more designs from our cake vendors, visit this link on Best for Bride.

Bouquets and Flowers in the decor

Red roses are synonymous with Valentine’s day, and using them will add unparalleled charm to your wedding day décor. Make it a part of your wedding bouquet, and use roses and petals in the décor to create a romantic ambiance that everyone is bound to associate with the special day. Now, if you are to be married in a stark white wedding dress, your red rose bouquet will simply pop against the brilliant white, making you a mesmerizing beauty.

Now if you aren’t such a great fan of bright red, you can choose maroon, merlot or even pink flowers for your bouquet and décor. You could even mix up the deep dark red flowers with white or pink for a textured look. Here is a sample bouquet from our florist. Don’t you think it is great for a Valentine wedding.

Other flowers that are equally striking in their red hues are tulips and carnations. So, if you don’t want roses, these are the other options you can consider.

Wedding dress in red

You don’t have to think twice about wearing red lipstick on your wedding day. But, if you want to really max up on Valentine’s day in every way, how about choosing a wedding gown that is bright red and superbly stunning? Here is a wedding dress from our Alfred Angelo collection that is just perfect for the Valentine’s day look. A fairy tale ball gown in brilliant red, the sweetheart neckline and flower detail at the waist make it stunning and elegant.

Now, if you would rather prefer to go with our initial suggestion of working with a neutral palette with just the right hints of red as accents, we have the right gown for this too.

This beauty from the Alfred Angelo collection, is a unique statement gown with just a hint of red in the neckline in the front of the gown. The actual magic lies in the back, where the corset back leads to a wide band of red all the way down to the semi-cathedral train of the gown. The pretty detailing on the borders of the dress are what make it truly spectacular. Your guests will certainly make note of this unusually attractive design, as you stand with your back facing them during the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids in red

If there is one way a bride can make sure her bridesmaids will be happy, it is by choosing a dress that they can wear again. When you opt for a red bridesmaid dress, the chances of this happening are rather high. With another Valentine’s day to arrive in the very next year, they will definitely consider hauling this dress out of their closet for it, if not before this on another occasion.

If you visit our bridesmaid collections at Best for Bride, you can find any number of red bridesmaids dresses. This one-strap bridesmaid dress from the Mori Lee collection is a definite winner, since it is both flirty and fun.

The ruffle details on the side, as well as the neckline make it a dress that anyone is bound to love. We are sure that your bridesmaids will eagerly await your wedding day, when they can dress up like a Valentine in this beauty. Check out this dress as well as the other options we have in bridesmaids dresses from this collection here.

Wedding favors

There are plenty of options in wedding favors for a Valentines day wedding. You will not need red to make your chosen favor perfect for this day. Nevertheless, it doesn’t harm ifyou do so either. This article on the Candystore blog page suggests jam jar favors where red preserves and jams are arranged in transparent jars and covered with pretty cloth and bow tie decorations that feature hearts.

Now if you don’t want to make it all about the red, an option you may like is the Fused in Love double heart wine stopper from our wedding favors collection.

fused in love wine stopper

In a delightful twist to the traditional heart motif, this wedding favor features two hearts fused into one in a stunning silver finish crafted out of aluminum and alloy. It is a stylish and functional gift which your guests will enjoy using, and it will constantly remind them of the Valentines day they celebrated your wedding on. .

Another favor you may like to take a look at, especially if you have your heart set on a casual wedding style are these “Bet on Love”, heart shaped playing cards that are also very interesting.

playing cardsFind out more about ordering them by visiting this link to our Best for Bride wedding favors page.

Red shoes for the bold bride

red shoes

Here is an idea for the bold bride, who wants an air of mystery around her. Consider switching your traditional white wedding shoes for ones in red. Since it will be hidden under your wedding dress for greater part of the day, it will be that secret something that only you may know about. But once you are on the dance floor and twirling around to the notes of the music, we are sure your guests will quickly notice the bright red that occasionally peeps out when your dress slightly moves. Don’t you think it will be pretty exciting? Or the other idea is to simply use shoes with red soles or a red sticker on the sole for an equally intriguing and mysterious effect.

Wedding décor with rose petals

roses and candles

Here is a brilliant and equally romantic idea we spotted on the All women’s talk blog page  They suggest decorating the ceremony aisle with a rich bounty of rose petals. How romantic is the idea of marking the path towards your wedding altar with red petals that are the very symbol of love itself. When freshly strewn on a white aisle runner, we are sure they will create a spectacular effect and also that your wedding photos taken at this time will pop from the lavish dose of color.We think this is definitely one of our favorites, and an idea you should try for your big day.

Now, listen to this idea for your reception table decor—we think you should decorate the tables with beautiful centerpieces that have lovely scented candles resting among a scattering of rose petals. Choose dim lighting for your venue, and your guests will enjoy their own candle light dinner, and love the romantic ambiance that you conjure up with this arrangement.

We hope we’ve shared some practical and feasible ideas for your Valentine wedding. You can use these ideas even if you aren’t having a Valentine wedding, but are planning one on similar lines, any time of the year.

Visit us at Best for Bride for more inspiration on planning your dream wedding. Whether you want a red wedding dress or a white one, and for every one of your other wedding day needs, we have the solution you need. Check out the different services we offer by visiting the Best for Bride website, and get in touch with us for any assistance you may require.


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Wedding flowers: 5 sensational choices

Roses, petunias, daisies, lilies, tulips… the floral varieties have you in a tizzy?

Flowers are so beautiful, that it is often impossible for a bride to pick a favorite from the stunning variety available. Yet, some flowers are more popular than others.

This article is dedicated to those wedding favorites—flowers that have secured their place as the top choices in gracing bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. Let us look at what they are.

Ravishing roses


The flower that symbolizes romance, love and all the emotions that go with it—Roses;particularly red roses, are an all-time favorite. These charming blooms come in an astounding range of colors and sizes. They are versatile; the flowers can be the focus of the bridal bouquet or centerpiece, or used to add sophistication to a diversity of blooms. Tea roses are the common variety that you often see in florist shops. The other two varieties include large and fragrant garden roses, as well as spray roses which are smaller and come as a bunch on a stem.

Happy hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are a popular choice for centerpieces, as they easily fill a space and add a cheerful note to any setting. The colors range from pink to blues and whites, and it can be used as a bunch, or as sprigs. These bushy flowers remind us of spring and are a colorful addition to any space. Perfect for both casual and formal weddings alike, they have a surprising richness.

Tantalizing tulips


Tulips are flowers that spell romance and look exquisite when bunched together. All you need are a few tulips to create a beautiful bouquet. Since these spring flowers are available in various colors, tulips are an ideal choice for spectacular bouquets in a single color. They are usually used by themselves in bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, but can be mixed with other blooms like pieris or ranunculus to form interesting combinations.

Classic carnations


Strong flowers that add color and texture to any setting, carnations are available in a variety of shades and are super-affordable. While they are hardly ever used by themselves, they add the little details that complete a bouquet or centerpiece. Carnations are a popular choice when the venue decoration requires more flowers than usual, like when there are floral backdrops. These flowers work well in bouquets that have roses, orchids, petunias and daisies, and the ruffled petals add texture and charm to the bouquet.

Dainty daisies


The go-to choice for outdoor, spring and summer weddings, daisies are traditional wedding flowers that symbolize purity and innocence. They are even used as hair accessories in garden theme weddings. A simple flower that can lift the atmosphere and be creatively spun into any centerpiece, daisies are perfect for vintage theme weddings. While white daisies are an eternal favorite, daisies in various other colors are also used in bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces.

These are but, a mere introduction to the sensational world of wedding blooms. Turn to your florist for suggestions and go with seasonal flowers or those that are available all around the year, to stick to your budget. For more inspiration and wedding flower ideas, visit us on Best for Bride.

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A guide to the flowers for your summer wedding

There are a few advantages to planning your wedding with flowers that are available locally and are in season. Firstly, these will be budget-friendly choices. Secondly, since there is no shipping involved, you do not have to worry about not receiving the flowers or your bouquet ending up looking different from your idea. The third and final factor is that you make an environment-friendly choice when you opt for locally available and seasonal flowers, as the exotic varieties are usually grown in greenhouses.

If you are planning a summer wedding, here are a list of summer flowers and also few tips to help you choose from them.


Tips to choose the right flowers for summer

In summer, the temperatures are high. This means your flowers will wilt quickly. This is an important factor to consider if you have an outdoor wedding planned, as nothing ruins the ambiance of a wedding like wilted and tired looking blooms.

When you choose your flowers for your wedding, pay attention to the following:

  • Choose flowers that are locally available. These will be accustomed to the weather conditions and will stay fresh longer. Also, they can be cut just on time, and so will remain fresh longer.
  • When choosing flowers, look for those with a waxy texture. These flowers do not wilt easily.
  • Keep the flowers and bouquets out of the sun. If your ceremony is outdoors, make sure that the floral centerpieces and any other floral décor in the shade.
  • Handle the flowers with care. This is something you should follow all-year round, but flowers are more prone to getting crumpled and looking tired when the weather is hot and the moisture is low.
  • Keep a spray bottle at hand and spray your wedding bouquet every now and then, so it remains fresh throughout the day.
  • For centerpieces, consider potted plants or place cut flowers in water, so they look fresh throughout the function.

Flowers that are suitable for summer

There are two types of flowers that are best suited for your summer wedding: those that are available all-year round and those that bloom in summer. The benefits of choosing such varieties of flowers are that these flowers are used to the warm weather and so make the best choices.

Depending on your wedding venue, you may like to talk to your florist and find out which of these can be locally sourced and make your choice accordingly.

  • Garden roses: These are our summer favorites and are available in many colors including orange, rose and white.


  • Chamomile daisies: Cheery summer flowers that make spectacular fillers, you can use these anywhere.


  • Sunflowers: For a wedding palette that has yellow, sunflowers are the perfect choice that add big bright pops of tropical cheer.


  • Dahlias: Less is more when you go with dahlias. They add texture and quickly add bulk to a wedding bouquet without compromising on beauty.


For more floral inspiration and to look at some spectacular wedding bouquet designs, visit us at Best for Bride.